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  1. No, we tested it also by holding down the attack button with 3 different armors, all tests were at the same place. Seiryuu Uniform -> slowest attack speed Byakko Uniform -> a bit faster Wolf Belt -> at least two times faster than the others This huge difference leads to unequip the new armors, staying at Wolf Belt and knocking enemies like before And no, except of changing the armors we didn't do anything else.
  2. Hey, After buying a new armor for Kevin (D/D), I noticed that armor also seems to effect attack speed/delay. After wearing Wolf Belt for more than the half of the game and now switching to Genbu/Byakko Uniform, Kevins delay is extreme. Is this a bug or feature?
  3. Hey Guys / Girls, While Riesz wears the spear which inflicts chibikko on enemies, I noticed that enemies give less Exp after they were transformed. Now our question is: If enemies give less Exp, do they also give less Luc after beeing transformed? If it's true, it would be better to unequip chibikko weapons for farming Thanks in advance