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  1. I was having a hard time with the narshe part, after my 2nd game over I decided to make one really strong team and try to rush to the boss. I was able to make it to kefka without any of the guards reaching banon; though, they were probably pretty close.
  2. Oops, thanks!
  3. I am having trouble reading this correctly. How do I tell which rage is from set 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? Thank you in advance, I appreciate what you've done here.
  4. If one were to put a publisher name for this romhack to make it available to someone(s) somehow what should one put?
  5. Ah thanks for the tip, waiting for 1.8.5 then I'll learn to do the injection!
  6. Hey guys. I'm stuck playing an older version of the hack (probably) and I can't find the outdated reference files for 1.6.4 Does anyone know where I can find these? There's another possibility; however, only if someone can help me on a more technical level. I am using a n3ds with A9LHacks and a custom firmware, I found a .cia (a file format that installs things from ones 3ds (forgive my naivety)) for brave new world 1.6.4 injected to work in the n3ds virtual console. If someone knows what I am talking about and could upload a .cia for the current version I would love you forever. I do own several copies of the original game if that's a concern for you. Thank you for any help, time, and considerations anyone has to offer!
  7. I haven't even finished WoB yet so I'm not going to vote on the thing; but, Cyan is my favorite so far!
  8. Thank you very much for uploading this, good sir.
  9. Thanks! What's the anniversary date? I'm super happy to have found this romhack for my favorite childhood game!
  10. Is it worth waiting for 1.8.5 if it's super difficult for me to patch the files to reinstall them on my game medium? If it's days or a week and not months I'd rather just wait. <3