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  1. I gotta tell you guys, this is pretty terrific.
  2. So yes, I've read that there's apparently some special puzzle/trick to beating him, but I'll be darned if I can find out what it is. He basically just *obliterates* me with Spiral Moon, doing 999 on his second cast. I've tried using Counters but those seem to do nothing either. I just basically insta-lose the moment he gets to Spiral Moon #2. This...Isn't fun. This is frustrating.
  3. Dolan: What the actual crap.

    Oh I'm pretty sure I figured out Dolan's gimmick. I'm just wondering how rough it'll be with the others.
  4. Dolan: What the actual crap.

    Right, I think I figured out what Dolan's gimmick is based on what's been said. How much of a headache can I expect from the other God Beasts if I can get past him? And the remaining story bosses/end bosses? Because I'll confess I actually kinda ragequit live on Dolan after dying to him several times.
  5. Dolan: What the actual crap.

    I have to admit I'm kinda losing my desire to continue playing this hack because if it's just nonstop bosses with super secret tricks I have to figure out with no real context or conveyance to them, that's...Not fun for me.
  6. Separate Category-patches?

    You don't want a standalone "Fix" patch, trust me. It just breaks the game even worse than it already is. Crits result in excessive damage that's well beyond sane, both incoming and outgoing.
  7. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Just found out about this mod, and I'm loving it, but... ...I'm an idiot. Is there any way I can get more detailed hints or just the location of the secret shop? I assume I'm near or at the point I can access it based on the gear available (Just got to Elrand)