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  1. Thanks for compiling the locations! I've added the locations as plain text in case anyone finds it useful to have as a list.
  2. In addition to Charm and Rock Throw breaking the game in all sorts of situations (along with dual techs they're used in), the Sunken Desert sidequest seems to be broken. The hole in the desert doesn't appear on the world map so I'm not able to complete it. Also the description for Frog and Ayla's dual Tech Dropdown is "Inferno Toss" which seems wrong. All in all I liked the reduced speed on the characters. I didn't use any Speed Tabs or Haste on my playthrough and the Lavos Core was actually a pretty good challenge. Our damage output was so high with dual Techs that the Black Omen was trivial, but Lavos was certainly a challenge. I also remember Magus' Castle feeling pretty good as well (although Ice Water made the non-boss encounters there trivial as well). Thanks for the mod! Oh, one last thing. What happened to Crono, Frog, and Ayla's triple Tech?
  3. My playthrough notes

    Black Omen and Lavos notes I was certainly fatigued on this game by the time I got to Black Omen; enemy encounters just seem to have too much HP and everything takes a long time. The endgame sidequests felt very poorly balanced, but I suppose that's inevitable without overhauling the Magic Defense mechanics in this game. Balance was really good through the Black Omen. Bringing the right gear to each encounter made a big difference (and was often crucial to beating the encounter). The Black Omen itself is extremely long, so having some encounters take longer than they should contributed to my fatigue. All in all I think it was a strong finish to a mod that also started out very strong. Magus was definitely the high point of the game for me. Yakra and Dragon Tank taught me to expect very difficult boss encounters, and the game delivered on that in a few places (Magus and Giga Mutant notably), but the majority of the game didn't meet that high bar set at the beginning. I suppose the mechanics of Chrono Trigger only allow for so much challenge once you get to the endgame. Status effects are only relevant in that they remove Protect/Barrier. Healing is only relevant as to whether the spell affects a single target and the party, and whether it's a full heal or not. Magic Defense is only relevant as to whether you're maxed or not. I think that's why the start of the game (and Magus) felt so much more engaging than the end of the game; you don't yet have all your powerful Techs and gear. I think the base version of Chrono Trigger is in a pretty good place and I find it hard to imagine how I would improve the mechanics to make for a more engaging endgame. I wasn't wholly satisfied by the mod, but it kept me playing to the end. I appreciate all the work that went into it! Thank you, zombero.
  4. Oddly enough I observed the same behaviour using Twin Charm on Golem Boss. Combat doesn't advance at all but the game is not frozen. EDIT: Looks like Twin Charm hangs combat against everyone. I tested it against Golem Boss, Magus, and Spekkio at any rate. Falcon Hit worked normally against the Beasts before Mt. Woe and Giga Gaia's hands but hung the game against Giga Gaia's head.
  5. Hello, I've got a bug report for you. Using Falcon Hit on Giga Gaia's head results in combat hanging. The game's not frozen; if my third character's turn is up I can browse their menu.
  6. My playthrough notes

    Late game notes (Death Peak and sidequests) All in all, the endgame sidequests were largely tedious to complete. The monsters in the Northern Ruins, Rust Tyrano, and the Ozzie trio all were very easy but also had very high HP totals. I understand that some of this is due to how Magic Defense works and the non-linear nature of this part of the game, but things could be much improved by simply reducing HP totals. If the team can survive, say, five rounds of combat then increasing the fight to fifty rounds doesn't increase difficulty at all. It just makes me want to stop playing. I'm looking forward to the Black Omen for things to hit the sweet spot of difficulty again.
  7. My playthrough notes

    Mid game notes (Magus' castle through the Blackbird)
  8. Hello, I've greatly enjoyed playing this mod. I understand it's no longer in development (probably?) but thought I would leave my thoughts here as feedback and for anyone else looking to play. I know I enjoyed reading other accounts while deciding whether to play the mod. So here it is! I've played through all the endgame sidequests at this point but haven't started the Black Omen. I thought I'd get my ideas down before they fade any more. Except for a few levels at the start of the game I did no grinding at all and skipped a good number of encounters. Early game notes (up to acquiring the Masamune) That's all I've got time for right now but I will say that I LOVED the Magus fight. Great job balancing that one!
  9. Understandable. It was certainly memorable--Shadow was my plan for clearing the rats and I ended up getting to Ultros with 0:04 on the clock. I'm mostly shocked to learn something about the game after this many replays. I do think I'll bring Relm to the Floating Continent so we can teach Shadow a lesson in abandonment. EDIT: Also I believe he took his equipment and I can't release it using the NPC on the airship. At least he can't hold an esper at that point.
  10. Hello, First of all I want to say I love BNW. I've played FF6 every 2-4 years since release and BNW is such a great experience that I don't think I'll ever play the regular game again. On my current playthrough, I finished Zozo and decided to bring Shadow along to the Magitek Research Facility. I always forget he's available for Zozo when choosing my party in Narshe, and wanted to give him a try since he's one of my less used characters. As I now know (and I'm sure you all know), Shadow ducks out during the opera and you're left shorthanded all the way through the Magitek Research Facility. I understand this is just what FF6 does, but it certainly has me tempted to "forget" Shadow when his time comes on the Floating Continent. Taking Shadow to the opera would normally be a strange path through the game since he leaves after Zozo if you pick him up. But BNW incentivizes you to walk by Kohlingen after Zozo since Crazy Bob is up north with Golem. Especially since I never remember that Shadow is available after Narshe, I felt set up for disappointment by picking up Shadow when I did. Can anything be done about this hiccup in the game? I assume not. Possible adjustments would be 1) Allow Shadow to remain through the opera, 2) Remove Shadow from Kohlingen after Zozo, 3) Allow the player to fill the empty slot somehow (possibly an NPC in Vector?)