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  1. some of those changes u listed have also been already implimented and some that u listed have not most commonly due to either the enemy being replaced by others or mechanics being changed (i.e the bowyer fight not having command disabling mechanics to worry about and instead facing off against 4 flunkies whilst smultaneously fighting bowyer) magikoopa has also been renamed to kamek but only the spell not the NPC (i personally got him to do that a while ago btw) the big boo is no longer a spell nor an enemy so that change is irrelevant, as for zone name changes they havent been done for unknown reasons but i'd imagine either due to lack of space or just not feeling like implimenting them (never can tell with DK at times)
  2. there is no need for this patch as it has already been in effect for some time, it was in v8.5 and iirc it was also in the "closed alpha" of v9 this photo is a screenshot i personally took of v8.5 that shows said change to names already in effect
  3. some pokemon are hidden in areas you have already been thru or will go thru eventually....... be sure to look all over especially in seemingly pointless passages and in due time you will find them all
  4. yea i alrdy did his event
  5. great........ seeing at it appears to be in a cave i cant access in my current save (prep for the final dungeon basically) i'm gonna have to use the time egg to get it
  6. cant remember where to find the darned thing >.>