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    There’s something visual that always bugged me very lots when playing Seiken Densetsu 3 … maybe someone here knows why this is the case, and maybe this could even be fixed in Sin of Mana. And I’m not talking about the menu, don’t get me started … that’s probably the very worst part of Seiken Densetsu 3 though I fear this cannot be fixed as it would probably be a hell of a job. The second party member’s HP/MP/etc is aligned to the very right border of the screen. The third party member’s HP/MP/etc has some space (padding?) to the left border of the screen (which looks very much better). Do you think it would be possible to move that second player’s HP/MP/etc some bit to the left? EDIT: Same is true for the shop menu, the GP/money box on the left, and Buy/Sell/Back selection menu on the right, as well as some yes/no boxes on the left (“Sent to storage?”, “Purchase this armor/weapon a second time?”). I can think of other occurences of boxes aligned too far to the right border of the screen, e.g. the ship menu (which port, yes/no) … and probably there’s one or two more.
  2. Hello everyone! Having read lots about Sin of Mana, I would like to try it for myself. But, as Sin of Mana unfortunately is not compatible with the Trials of Mana rom (and I wholeheartedly wish it would be), and as the original Neil Cornett English translation patch is not compatible with the Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japan) no-intro rom, I wanted to ask if there’s maybe any no-intro compatible English translation patch available somewhere so that I could try out Sin of Mana … (I think to have read somewhere that it might be possible to un-header the patch, but I don’t know nothing about these things plus, if there’s any ready-to-download tools, I fear most tools won’t run on my non-Windows operating system.) Thank you for your help. — PS: Also, could anyone elaborate on two controls which are stated in the README? Maybe that’s something I might understand after testing Sin of Mana … for now I don’t quite get what Y does and why opening the menu requires Y+B? Y: use techs (in battle), invert ally/enemy targetting for selected spell (hold while selecting the spell before starting target selection) Y+B: open menu (out of battle)