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  1. I was under the impression I was really just getting a re-balanced game to "improve" things that were lacking. For example it was cool to read that the RNG system was replaced with proper pseudo RNG, and all the other decisions that were made in regard to creating a better set of decisions from the player. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, starting the game..... First thing I do is explore the nooks and crannies. Try to leave Narshe the way you came. "NO! BAD PLAYER!" Okay I get it....but it just pulled me out of the game's atmosphere. I'm expecting the script to keep it the same, not a bunch of touches to it for no other reason than because you could. Then you get to the game's first boss....whelp(Ymir) "Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTACK THE SHELL"------The boss no longer hides in his shell(and the HP was dropped dramatically). I get that the boss is just a tutorial in the OG version, and it kinda drags on with how long you have to wait. This fight however could have easily remained mechanically intact and just changed the boss hp so that you only had to sit through one "turtling". Or further make it so that the fast acting player can kill it before it turtles. (That is to use the menus fast and use the highest damage abilities[missile].....oh but all the other abilities were removed from the Magitek armor in this mod) So, I fear the rest of the game will rub me the wrong way as well.