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  1. Thank you!

    Thank you for creating this mod. Seriously. The staggering amount of time and work that went into perfecting this is evident every step of the way, from Terra's introduction to Kefka's demise. I played FFIII on the SNES in elementary school, and I was blown away. It's been one of my favorite games of all time. Over the years, I realized some of the shortcomings it had--lack of character identity, obscenely broken strategies, bugs all over the place, etc.--but I still adore it, and not simply out of nostalgia. FFIII truly holds up. But your work here fixes all of those shortcomings, and not in a slapdash kind of way. It's immensely creative. Every random encounter and boss battle--from getting annihilated against Repo Men and Sewer Rats to the immensely satisfying Kefka fight--feels painstakingly worked on. If you wanted to be a professional game designer (maybe you are), then you've already proven yourself. I almost never revisit old games just because of all the new and amazing titles constantly coming out. Who can keep up? Justifying playing an old game just doesn't happen, but my brother pushed BNW after playing it recently, and I relented. Thank you for improving on a gem in the best way possible. This is THE definitive way to play FFVI, and if/when I revisit the game, it'll be with your mod. When others talk about playing it again or for the first time, this is the way I'll recommend the game. The vanilla title just doesn't compare. Thank you!