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  1. crash of screen change

    some more information. this is through 7th heaven with some visual mods
  2. So after i installed this mod it has crashed three times. once directly after the opening fmv. second after the first fight with the shinra soildiers. and the third after moving from the first area. is this going to keep on happening?
  3. What does the Storm Belt do on Umaro? Edit: there is no definition for the Image status in the printme. From my own experience it's an evade and Mevade buff correct?
  4. For the Gold, Diamond, and Crystal sets do the resistance effects stack?
  5. Strago sp bug

    update: I am a retard. I just forgot to equip him with an esper.
  6. Hello, in WOR I just got Strago back and he any sp. the other members of my party get sp just fine so its not like I accidentally turned off exp or anything. any help would be appreciated.