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  1. Late to this party, but I had to chime in. The simple answer to this question is "because that's the original line in Japanese". In the SNES translation, the exchange goes: But this is a change from the original JP. The original exchange is (roughly) The SNES translation changed the exchange slightly for whatever reason. Conversely, the GBA translation reverts this change and brings it back closer to its original meaning: Personally, I'm a fan of the GBA translation of the game. I think it's the best compromise of localization while still staying true to the original meaning of the script. I understand why the re-translators made this change in BNW. In the original JP, Celes speech style is very firm and stern, fitting her image as a general. This is actually maintained in the SNES translation, too; lines like "Fine. Use your own eyes, then decide." during the march to the snowfield protect-the-Esper fight, for example. It's just not quite as obvious when it's shown in English. The turning point in her speech style actually comes at the opera, when she first puts on the opera dress. At this point in the original JP, her speech style becomes softer, and more feminine; her speech even becomes more casual in the SNES translation to reflect this. Ultimately, this jab is pretty close to the original Japanese, but I agree that it comes off as a bit more confrontational than the original writers intended. I didn't even blink when I saw it, knowing what I do about the game, and the fact that there are much more questionable translation choices in the BNW hack.