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  1. That was literally all the info I needed to figure this fight out, thank you.
  2. I didn't even learn what element he was on. He didn't use anything element-esque before dropping it, like, yo'. RIP.
  3. Made it to Kaiser, and I wouldn't say my Party 1 is ill-equipped or underleveled (pretty sure since I never turned off Exp gain, I'm slightly overleveled), but Kaiser decided to plop an Ultima pretty early, and only one of my party members had the defense/HP to survive. I can make minor changes to up their MDEF, but I don't think it'd be enough to take an Ultima to the face, as it did more damage to each character than their current Health Pools, minus one. And everyone has HP+ X% on, and two have Auto-Shell.
  4. Esper Location?

    Thanks! That's currently what I'm doing now, is cleaning up what I past my first pass through. Thought I missed something obvious. Glad I didn't.
  5. So, as title states where is the location for the following...
  6. Because it actually is kind of obscure. A lot of times, you are relying on magic to heal, so reflect is counter intuitive. Unless you are running Strago at this point its a good chance you ignore reflect, because other AoE healing options are either chance or...excludes the caster (Sabin). But I will remember this next time I play
  7. Yay! Is the fanatix tower available?
  8. As I am nearing an end to my first run through of this ROMHACK, I thought it would be fun to discuss everyone's go to party for the near end game, when you have most of the equipment/espers established and are ready to tackle Kefka's Tower, and why the character is there, what makes them tick. This could be good help for others attempting to tackle this ROMHACK as well. Celes - The Unkillable Goddess Seriously, Celes built as a FF Paladin is a beast like no other. Her ELs are shared between VIG/STM and HP/MP currently, though once i finally reset levels, she'll have more HP and less MP thanks to WoR espers. For the longest time, I ran her with Bloodsword/Shield (now Aegis for that Auto-Haste), Mystery/Oath Veil (more Drain procs), current best heavy armor (Genji) Black Belt/Hero Ring (now ?????/possibly Stat Stick) I still can't find a reason to unequip Bloodsword sans going against Undead. She covers the other members, and counters extremely consistently, and those Drain procs both help her DPS, and constantly keep her sitting at max health. It absolutely beautiful. If I can make any recommendations to anyone struggling with the game, Paladin Celes is definitely a beast worth taking. Gogo - One With The Magi Now, Gogo and the next two were chosen purely on the factor of being personal favorite characters , however, Gogo provides another layer of glue with Celes that leads him to being absolutely indispensable in my party. His unique ability to combine any three skills into his set gives him such varied combinations. I found comfort with him using Bushido, Blitz, and Magic. This has turned him into an absolutely amazing Support role. With Relm, Terra, and Celes, he gains access to a wide variety of support/healing magic. With Bushido, he gains access to balanced damage attacks, a small sect of other status ailments, and most importantly, Empowerer. I've noticed the chance of a boss fight not having MP is extremely slim, so Empowerer off of Bushido gives him near limitless MP despite his slim MP pool, allowing him to drop Reraise/Haste/Regen/Cures to his heart's content. Blitz gives him Chakra which helps Relm and Terra stay in the fight longer as well, making him the perpetual centerpiece of magic in my party. He doesn't necessarily have set equipment, but rather cycles his low pool and relics based on the needs of the battle. Sprint Shoes and Stat Stick are general all purpose goes to, but White Cape serves him extremely well. I would say my only complaint on Gogo is his inability to equip an Esper which gates him out of essentially a relic, though I don't know if it is possible to give access to espers while locking EL and spellpoints. Terra - The Glass Cannon Of course, best girl, and the entire reason I picked up this ROMHACK in knowing she could be constant Morph'd. Making it work has been difficult, to say the least. Her ELs are balanced to give her some HP, MP and MAG, as I felt specializing in MAG wasn't worth the pay-off of everything else. She runs Carbuncle for her Esper, for that auto-regen. For equipment, she uses Soul Saber/Scimitar (counters for Osmose procs so she can spend more time spell nuking) Best Veil/Best Dress (Sword Spellcast and best equip for Magic boosts) Stat Stick/White Cape (needed HP/MP boosts, plus she benefits from all stats, and Silence immunity) I try to keep her Morph'd as much as possible although its not usually the best play. Otherwise, she does what her job is, she's the main bringer of pain in most fights. Relm - Sketch Isn't Broken? Finally, Relm. Thematically, and personailty, I love Relm. I love her spunk. I'm not sure I entirely agree with her more aggressive dialogue in BNW script, but it still has her candid 'lets do this stuff' attitude. As far as what she brings to the party, she is easily the most replaceable. Sketch is fun, and when it works, Relm easily takes the crown in damage. But, when it doesn't (I love using elemental skills that the enemy is immune to!), she kind of sits. Her high magic lets her dish out damage with Fire. Her unique spell selection helps bolster Gogo's ability to support though, (RegenX and Osmose). Like Gogo, her equipment pool is small, so it varies based on the situation. Of course, she always uses a brush. Off-hand is either a Healing Shiv or an Element Shield (based on the situation). She really is the most disposable in this group, with other characters giving alternative magic options for Gogo and overall much better utility themselves. Now, lets hear your party set ups, whatever the reason you chose them.
  9. Celes Chere: Dog Of The Empire

    I was wondering what do with that item. Never thought to go back there with said item. thanks
  10. Wrexsoul Is The Worst

    Oh, I beat it, I was just lamenting on possible changes to make the fight still be the fight, but possibly...less strenuous or, imo, better balanced? I thought about Reflect, and in fact, ran reflect ring to begin with. But having some of my better defense relics outside of my reach was extremely painful. Also, the adds will counter their reflected spells with Doomy Doom. My patience was not having it.
  11. Wrexsoul Is The Worst

    Terra 28/19 (I actually started playing this ROMHACK just because I missed my waifu in her game Celes 30/20 (I am in love with Celes in this version) and GoGo 27 I also have every character recruited minus Mog, Umaro, and Strago at this point. I thought about doing Strago first. But changed my mind. I also do not remember where some of the WoR espers are. I know of two for sure I have yet to get, but the rest are lost on my currently.
  12. Seeking any and all Atma tips

    Dispel is definitely a must. I found that if you didn't buy the necessary items for Shadow, running double healing daggers makes him an extremely viable healer for the fight. I couldn't make Shadow work with all of the counters on Floating Continent in general (along with his non-existent esper choices at that point for spells), and decided his speed works well for all the ally shank
  13. Wrexsoul Is The Worst

    Hm? I may have also been under-leveled, though really (but again, this is one of the only places you *can't leave* once you enter)...some of my better equipment for this fight was on other people when I went through Locke cave. What's the recommended level for WrexSoul? Because I can't imagine doing it with any other party at the moment than the one I did it with. Just, no way. It would have ended painfully every time.
  14. As the title says, I think Wrexsoul was absolutely awful, and with no real way to escape DreamWorld before going through him...he is really a hardgate. I think the most frustrating part of him is just how fast his adds are. They already hit hard, and it can be mitigated decently, but their speed is insane. I really believe that needs to be toned down a bit. Hell, trade speed for more damage (since Wrexsoul gimmick is someone dying anyway). It would at least give some breathing room. Instead, a bombardment of AoE is just hard to keep on top of with only three characters. Though, one thing (unless it's hiding somewhere), is adding another ghost (or changing item shop ghost since he sells nothing worthwhile anyway) to remove party member equips instead. Having access to my full equipment pool would have helped immensely in properly prepping for the fight since party re-arrangement after entering is completely out of the question. I will definitely say that this is the first fight I've thoroughly hated. side note, Bushido GoGo with the right party is MVP. EMPOWERER.
  15. So I am enjoying the mod for 2.0 and recording every bit of play through to eventually edit and share. However, I heard of the Tower of Fanatixs hack that worked with 1.9 that I really wanted to try out. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work with 2.0 at all and I have found nothing in the forums relating to this. I was wondering if there was a location in which one could still download 1.9.x so I could give the Tower of Fanatix a try?