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  1. That's a patch that raise difficulty of Brave New World. Apply it over a Final Fantasy III (USA) unheadered rom patched with BNW 2.1-b14 or later only In Brave New Hell compared to "vanilla" Brave New World you'll find: random parties 2x enemy speed capped levels/ELs nerfed HP ELs limited GP income impossibility to run away Continue to read for details on patches used ------------------------------------ BRAVE NEW WORLD Draconian Settings That's the set of patches to raise difficulty of Brave New World and part of BraveNewHell.ips if you are interested on some effect but not the full experience. Apply them over a Final Fantasy III (USA) unheadered rom patched with BNW 2.1-b14 or later only. I've included NoweaContent and a ThriftRun patch compatible with it, if you want to try a different flavor from official BNW. 1 Party randomizer You can select a party leader. The other 3 chars will be randomly selected. Leave the party leader box empty if you want to recruit Shadow in Kohlingen or Gau in WOR. 2 LvlTweaks apply both LevelCaps and ELtweak patches. LevelCaps The max level for party members will be 30, for Esper levels 20. ELtweak change the HP and MP from all esper levels that grant HP or MP to grant +20 of the stat (if accompanied by another stat) or +40 of the stat (if alone). 3 DoubleSpeedEnemies makes enemy ATB fill twice as fast. 4 No cowardice It's not possible to run away or warp out from a fight. 5 Thrift Run GP from chest only. The only item suitable for selling is Scrap. (Enemies that drops Scrap or have Ninja Star as rare steal now gives you Smoke Bomb). * NoweaContent Gaze into the maw of madness as Nowea take BNW and add arbitrary stuff to it, both weird items and weird enemy gimmicks (barely tested)! NC ThriftRun is the patch to use if you want to play a Thrift Run with Nowea's Content. All the other patches are compatible with NoweaContent (just patch it before the others) Credits "PartyRandomizer" and "LevelCaps" to Bropedio "DoubleSpeedEnemies", "ELtweak" and "NoweaContent" to Nowea "NoCowardice" and "ThriftRun" to Sir Newton Fig & Gens You can find the zip to download on NgPlus Discord Server