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  1. Since you're up against an army of bosses, it's bound to be tough, but I'm questioning why Zombero made it so all of them take 1 damage from anything I hit them with (other than Tarot Cards). Dragons, Krakens in water, Liches, it hardly matters what I use. Everything just gets soaked like crazy by Luvalon, Hikash, Gares, etc. My units are around levels 27-29. Is this too low?
  2. EDIT: This is talking about Hardtype, not Lap of Gods. I'm sure Zombero has his own plans there. One thing I find rather annoying in this hack is that you still watch so many attacks miss their mark. This makes things quite reliant on invisible dice rolls, and over-incentivizes players to use area attacks due to them not missing (or at least not nearly as much). If it's at all possible, I think one thing you could do for this hack is make all attacks much more accurate (with some exceptions, including Petrify, Pumpkin Head, Stun, etc), and adjust either damage output, HP or resistances to compensate. This would greatly improve consistency so that the player can make smarter decisions rather than just hoping for the best in a fight. High AGI would still be useful for getting off your attacks first; it just wouldn't lead to so many attacks being a miss. I realize Zombero may not be working on this anymore, but if he or someone else decides to update the Hardtype hack, I'd love to see this consistency change. If this change would break the game, then at least give an accuracy boost to Dragons and other low AGI units, but perhaps find some way to make them easier to hit as well. Dragons and Golems have such terrible accuracy when in the front row compared to Cerberi, Wyverns and Giants. Yes, Dragons are strong in the back row once you reach Brass/Gold/Zombie Dragons, but putting them in the back defeats the purpose of their tanking power.