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  1. Blind appears to be affecting the accuracy of Aurabolt and Dragon: (This has always been the case. It's intentional.) I wouldn't be surprised if Blind is affecting all Blitz and Bushido abilities, so I'm going to try testing some others like Mindblow and Empowerer. EDIT: Mindblow and Empowerer don't seem to be affected, neither does Fire Dance or Mantra. Can't test the other Blitzes/Bushidos since I don't have them yet. (It's just the two single-target stamina-based ones. Mindblow and Empowerer are not affected - even though Empowerer really SHOULD be.)
  2. Went through all the permutations of the tombstone puzzle, got some funky results. Notably X followed by N brings up a blank text box. There's also a consistent pattern where a permutation that starts with N always returns a result ending with I, a permutation starting with I always returns a result ending with N, a permutation starting with E always returns a result ending with X, and a permutation starting with X always returns a result ending with E.
  3. Discord Roundup: Puff Goo are currently scripted to kill themselves with Glare if they are blinded. Tier 1 Face and Short Arm have swapped positions.
  4. An update about the Grenades slow death, it looks like this occurs because they died to a water/ice attacks. I saw the same thing happen when I killed some Bombs with Aqualung during a rage/lore/dance grind, and I remembered them not dying slowly when I killed them with multi-target Shurikens. So I tested if a Gau's Sandstorm would cause them to die slowly, and it did not. Taking a glance at the battle script for Bombs and Grenades, I see that there's a check to see if Bombs where attacked by water/ice, which sets a flag. I suspect that killing them with a water/ice attack causes them flag to be set one by one, which prevents them from dying simultaneously. (Assuming you're correct, then adding a conditional to check if they're alive before setting the flag should fix that. UNFORTUNATELY... making this same concession for every possible instance of this will take up way more space than I have, so we can only address the most egregious cases.)
  5. Confirming what Deschain reported about Grenades dying one-by-one after being simultaneously killed.
  6. This would need more clarification, because depending on the order of events it's vanilla behaviour. When you confirm skills that target everything, the game only targets the currently alive, valid targets. If gau was dead when you confirmed the Kirin summon, and was then revived, he would not have been one of the "targets" of the summon. The encounter rate spike after the minecart is a mystery bug that's been around for several versions of BNW.
  7. The unequip Imp during the scenarios still appears on the scenario select map when the scenarios conclude. He also doesn't get hidden when you select a scenario, unlike the other map actors. (RC 17)
  8. Opening the out-of-battle Rage menu is crashing RC17 (Should be fixed as of RC-18)
  9. "Front Row Characters with spears, or some relics, can guard their allies from physical attacks."
  10. Golem is also in WoB in case Edgar and Sabin have competition for Siren and Stray respectively. If you bring both Sabin and Gau to Vector, the only esper they can equip is Stray so one of them would have to go without an esper equipped. Edgar competes with Celes for Siren, but that gets resolved since Celes can equip Shiva before leaving the party. Without Golem, you'd have to juggle Stray between Sabin and Gau because they get no new Espers during the Magitek facility part of the story.
  11. I don't have any experience with Apple, but I don't think the randomizer's executable can run natively on a mac; I think you'll have to run it inside a windows virtual machine. That said, what steps did you take to get that error? You said in the other thread that you were trying to run the python script.
  12. How about none of the above, and I have reflect on everyone instead. Aside from Full Power, Meteo, Flare Star, Quartr, MindBlast, and Purge, everything else either misses due to Float, or gets reflected back at him. Quartr can't kill you, Purge is only an annoyance, and only in phase 1. Full Power is only used to counter attack, and in the 2nd phase. Flare Star happens only once in the fight. So the only real threat is Meteo and MindBlast. Admittedly I still have at least one status protection relic one each character, but I do use both reflect rings now every time I fight Atmaweapon. It's become my go-to strategy because it's so powerful. You get to reflect Grav Bomb, Flare, Lifeshaver, Glare, Raze, and Rasp. There are many turns where the only thing Atmaweapon can do to you is hit you with a standard physical attack (which he has a random chance of doing in addition to his spell). Typically my party is Terra Locke Setzer for the FC. Not because they're the best party for it (although very good at it), but because I actively avoid getting levels in the WoB to capitalize on everyone's level being increased to level 18 at the start of WoR. Terra gets lots of Unicorn to be tanky, Locke gets Ramuh to be my damage dealer, and Setzer brings Go Fish to bypass reflect and heal the party.
  13. Anyway, if you want to talk more about the randomizer we should move this discussion over to the randomizer topic.
  14. What the randomizer does is create a custom ROM, you have to supply the program with a base ROM, and it randomizes parts of the ROM based on what you tell it to randomize. If you only want to randomize Espers, you can tell it that. So you can choose to randomize everything, or randomize only specific things. No python required.
  15. He uses Spoon based on what commands are hitting him, three of his attacks work this way (ie. Slim Jim + Jump, Elbow Drop, and Spoon). The Fight command, for example, will make him use the least threatening of the three attacks, where he eats a Slim Jim and Jumps. If you drag out the fight, he'll eventually use all 3 of those attacks regardless of how you are fighting him though.