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  1. I have done a little more playing around with it. It appears Setzer attacks with a random weapon each turn, not just one equipped on another character (like the blood sword). Here is a copy of my save. It's already setup in save slot 1. https://dropfile.to/MeP8tTU Hope this helps.
  2. First off, I just started playing this recently and love it. Thank you guys for all the work you have put into it! I guess I have a bug to report. Here it is: Equipped Seltzer's dice. I also equipped Terra with the blood sword, maybe by hitting the L button right after\before equipping Setzer (not too sure of the order). Go into battle, Seltzer's attack animation shows him wielding the blood sword. Hmmm, I think. So I go back to the menu, unequip and reequip them. I also moved the party order around. Next battle: Setzer throws his dice, animation is normal. Then the game crashed. I am playing 1.8.5, it may be worth noting that I started on the previous version (patched to a clean ROM per the instructions). It's not a big deal, just avoid using the dice, but I wanted to let you know.