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  1. here is a program for testing some different variables. note that it uses the current odds for dice rolls. dicelevel and fixeddicelevel refer to setzer's level; thought one might want to change them independently.
  2. Rage Reference Sheet

    all characters except terra and celes can learn only two types of magic (of white, gray and black). so that can make it easier to keep track of spell lists. the unlockme has something for esper levels.
  3. A Few Esper Questions

    does he say anything different if you choose the goggles?
  4. My BNW 1.8.5 Run

    finally caught up. the chocobo stables near tzen (wob) and mobliz (wor) were re-added at some point. also the kusarigama is a back row weapon.
  5. the bug in which party members with image can be hit from the back still exists. it has not been fixed as was previously thought.
  6. i actually like bringing locke and shadow. locke makes shadow significantly cheaper and has a decent attack himself. plus i don't want to come back to steal mystery eggs. edgar will always have a spot in my zozo team though. my fourth spot depends on who i'm taking to vector, but i leave celes babysitting banon. both to leave her at a lowish level, and because she is criminally useless in zozo.
  7. weird, i've been experiencing a distinct lack of funds this playthrough. perhaps i missed a big chest somewhere.
  8. i brute force it all the time ; i think they only counter 1/3 of the time. stick edgar in the back row, give him a stout spear and full set of iron armour (including a shield) and he's fine. noiseblaster works too and is probably safer. my only complaint with it is that it seems to take much longer. i would also like to see cover improved. fwiw i never buy the knight cape. edit: 3 dragonflys, one uses !special on locke, berserks him and triggers locke's counter, which triggers a gale cut counter. another casts gale cut locke gets his turn, and attacks the third, who counters with gale cut. i hate these things so much.
  9. i think most people beeline the boss. i know i do. edgar's bio blaster makes the the battle at narshe a breeze. for gau, i like to gear for evade rather than defence. i haven't tried tek armor in a while, but i really like antlion rage; it sets stop on or outright kills pretty much everything.