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  1. I finally defeated Zuriel. He was really scary and didn't end up having that record so I'm still not to sure about that one. I found out where Santa lives but the invisible maze has been absolutely impenetrable to me. I really don't think I can do it since I can't see myself or where I am going. I might do a bit of New Game plus but if it's just the same thing but easier I probably will wait and come back later to play through on the hardest difficulty.
  2. I defeated Shenron and the Dark Crystal. I know there's a boss in the beginner's house too. Are there any other hidden superbosses besides those guys? I never was able to find the record that goes on the player in Rogue City. Maybe Zuriel has it. I saw in the patch notes that Santa has a store, but I was never able to find that either. Can anyone give me a hint where he might reside?
  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me mister kirby2. In the lizard tower there is a guy with a bunch of heads who's name I forgot. I don't understand what is going on in this fight. He only shows having about 20k hp but I did probably 10 times that much before he actually died and it never said he extended his life force like some bosses. I thought maybe he only died if you drained his mp but that didn't work.
  4. Can anyone give me a hint to whether there is any significance to the frozen FuSoYa in the mines and the ghosts in the hotel room? Also I've done everything I know of except Zuriel's tower and the castle in the new esper world. Can someone please tell me if I have missed the record that presumably goes on the player in Rogue City? Do you all think that guy Zeke is a reference to The Simpsons?
  5. I didn't even know you could drop the weight like that. Is that in the original game?
  6. I was able to beat him after gaining some levels and getting lucky. Sometimes he uses death a lot, sometimes he never casts it the whole fight. I considered trying to drain all his mp to make the fight easier, which is a strategy I like to use against Soul Eater, but since I can't scan him I don't know how much mp he has. If he has hundreds of thousands this strategy wouldn't work obviously. I actually really enjoyed the fight once I got it down, it's just jarring how much harder he is than the other bosses in this section of the game. I was telling Gi Nattak that since the boss fights you by farting and burping on you he should occasionally have an ability he uses where he eats something to replenish his supply of farts. Ideally something that would make his farts especially fetid like raw onions or kimchi. I found an npc who says somewhere in the world there is someone who will reward me for some smutty magazines. Can anyone give me a hint where I might find him or her? You think she would prefer chew?
  7. I don't mean to criticize your product but I am confused as to the purpose of the fight with 3 Tonberries in the chest. They don't seem to give you anything except for 5 AP, which I think is less than you get for fighting a single one.
  8. I have some comments and questions about the fight with Drakazul. I don't mean to criticize your product. After playing through the hack several times now this is one of those fights that I really dread. Passing him up is not an option for me so I have to just grit my teeth and bear through it. I don't mean this as a snide comment I am curious if this fight was designed to be so irritating to the player that they are intended to just stop trying and move on out of frustration. There is no one thing he does that makes it so bad but all together you end up with a fight where it is such an uphill battle to even be able to get a turn where you can safely attack that it really disheartens me to have to start all over again. He also seems to be impossible to scan unless I'm missing something so finding an elemental weakness is just trial and error. How would you, the person reading this comment, go about maximizing damage output on this boss? Back row for everyone seems mandatory so physical attacks are weak. One other thing is that even when invisible i still seem to be getting hit with what seem to be just regular physical attacks by this boss.
  9. I also experienced the party walking the wrong way bug on the floating continent.
  10. I am near the floating continent and I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me if these side activities that might have quest lines attached. The ghosts in the hotel, the puppy in the forest by the water, and the UFO. If any of these are missable can someone please give me a hint as to how to progress so I don't miss them?
  11. This is an extremely minor thing but you might want to know anyway. In the fights with the 3 squids outside of the Lunarian town (I forget it's name and when I go there it doesn't pop up) I am unable to target the one at the back. It still gets hit by multi target spells but the cursor won't go to it. This doesn't apply to attack where you surround them.
  12. Do you get a reward if you're able to kill Kefka in the fight in front of the esper gate? What about experience?
  13. Hey mister Kirby2 did you ever notice that you're in the game?
  14. I could see Aurora being a smoker. Either cigarettes or crack cocaine. I don't mean to criticize whoever wrote this line but in Ultros's letter he uses the phrase "non invertebrate" which really sticks out to me as an odd phrasing. I don't know if this is supposed to just be part of how Ultros writes, but it would be simpler to just say vertebrate instead of using that double negative.
  15. Did you ever consider instead of having James heal the player in the learning house they could be healed by drinking from Snes drunk? Also did you ever consider having any of the main cast be a smoker? You could use the animation of throwing the coin for them throwing away their smoke.