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  1. I'm close to Exdeath and once I defeat him I will start new game plus. I've been playing on 3 difficulty but I will likely increase it to 2 or 1. Can anyone give me a hint on which enemy I can learn Big Guard from? And what does the status effect Muted do exactly? Even if I put this on enemies they still seem to be able to cast spells. Thank you all for your time.
  2. Can someone give me a hint how to defeat Calofistri? I can't get past her first life bar. As best as I can tell I have to get her to a single health, then hit her again to get her to the next health bar, but she counters seemingly everything with drain so I can't get past that threshold. I could also use some advice against Gogo. The traditional strategy of doing nothing doesn't seem to work and he has such a large amount of health bars it doesn't seem practical to beat the timer. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I'll help test it if you'd like just let me know what you'd have me do. Is it still just that one issue delaying the update?
  4. It'd just be a fun detail. Is there anywhere in the number madness file that shows what stats each job level gives?
  5. Either would make sense. Would that even be possible to implement?
  6. Have you ever considered and would it be possible to program for the oracle class to be innately immune to blind since they can't see anyways?
  7. I was able to get a video of the out of bounds glitch happening although it doesn't show anything more than just the scrolling. Would you be interested in seeing it?
  8. I'm sorry to bother everyone. I am playing on a psp emulator, which I know is not great, and am having an issue where the game soft freezes when I run away from battles. Other versions of the hack I try with the same emulator do not have this issue. I tried with 1.4.1 and then 1.7.4 and I was able to do everything without any problems. Thank you all for your time.
  9. I tested it again, and she has 13 base mp and is getting 87 from the ether so yeah exactly 100. Cursor is reset.
  10. As for the issue with Faris when she uses an ether on herself she immediately gets another turn with 0 mp and when her turn comes up again she still has 0 mp. Does not seem to happen if someone else uses the ether on her. For the issue with predict it happened to me with Lenna as an oracle against the 8 octopus enemy in the underground cave before the moogle village.
  11. I think I'm clear on everything now except what equipping the correct weapons for your job does. I am experiencing an issue with Faris as a vampire where having her use an ether on herself causes it to remove mp while other characters using it on her restores it. I also had an issue once where it let me scroll up and down the predict window even though one is not supposed to be able to do that, and it showed stuff like white and time magic. Exiting out and then casting a prediction caused a different spell to be cast instead of the prediction.
  12. The in game magic tab just tells the mp cost and element. As far as misc number madness I can only see a list of passive abilities, which is great, but it's the active abilities I can't figure out. Please forgive me for all the inconvenience.
  13. I am playing and really enjoying this mod. I am about to get to the second world. My only issue is that there are a huge amount of abilities that I'm not clear on what they do. Reading this topic has helped quite a bit but still I'm not sure how to best uitlize Lord, Oracle, and Magus, or Dark Knight to their full potential. Is there a database of all this information that I might be missing? I also am not sure how to learn new abilities with Tinker.
  14. Did Cid always have different colored hair on the world map than in interiors?