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  1. Well shucks. Oh well, some characters needed some catching up to be contributors in the tower. So time wasn't totally wasted.
  2. Was just about ready to finish things up and hit Kefkas tower, since I've done everything. Or at least, I think I have. I've probably missed some things along the lines of Leo's Crest or Upgraded Crossbow, but the major dungeons are all done, so barring talking to everyone in the world twice, I think I'm all set. However, after a brief period in the dungeon, I realized that I still hadn't fought in the forest of the dinosaurs. Now, I know there is no more Economizer, but it seemed likely that the forest would still include some reward for fighting there. However, despite playing there for a while, I haven't gotten anything other than XP. Neither monster has a lore or a rage even (Well, okay Discord is a Lore, but I learned that ages ago). Granted, the XP has done some good in rounding out my weaker party members, but that's about it. Have these guys not been giving anything to compensate for the lost Economizer? Or do they still drop something nice, and it's just got a low drop rate?
  3. So, what are some of the changes this mod makes? According to a post on the Insane Difficulty forum, this only works on the Steam version, and since I have my original discs still, I'd be buying that Steam version just for the mod. I'm sure there are a lot of changes, so let me ask about two things that I'd most like to see in an FF7 mod. First off, character differences. In the base game, the characters are functionally identical except for their limit breaks and a few weapons. Given that the only character with limit breaks that aren't simple "Hit the enemy REALLY hard." isn't around for the whole game, it made most of the cast feel too identical, with only really Cait Sith and Vincent to stand out. And as your limit break level got higher and it took longer to charge the gauge, those differences became rarer. Second, character customization. The vast majority of useful materia is magic materia, especially early on. There's nothing you can really do to build a physical-oriented character for most of the game, except to avoid equipping too much magic-materia, but most of the alternatives aren't that big of a deal either, until you reach the end of the game. There is no Stength Up Materia, for example. Magic ends up being something that every character uses, with attacks being almost completely relegated to "What you do when you don't want to spend MP". While that's not a bad system, it would be nice to have some more interesting physical attacks. Perhaps by making the characters more distinctive in ways other than their limit breaks.
  4. I have multiple save files. I made sure to use the third save file and a third save state in case this causes problems. However, I loaded up the first save file to see if it was pre-bug. Which it seemed to be. Now I went back and loaded up the third file (post-bug) which now seems fine. And yah, haven't completed Daryls Tomb, but my first thought when it started shaking was that this was intentional, and the mods way of showing you you're ready for the castle or something, and that it could be done early (maybe it was triggered by getting Setzer instead of the airship by accident).
  5. After doing some grinding to get money for Edgars new tools in the WoR, I came back to the castle to find it quaking. However, nobody in the castle comments on it, and attempting to travel doesn't take me to the ancient castle. For reference, I went to recruit Setzer, grinded up 30k and bought the Defibrilator, and it was only when I went back to the castle with enough money to buy Flash that I found it shaking. Is that a bug? Does it mean anything?
  6. My BNW 1.8.5 Run

    Looks like you're using some sort of sprite mod to change their appearance. It's rather obvious on Terra where her odd triangle neck-thingy looks like an actual cloak which is a vast improvement. Where did you get that mod, and can you just safely install it over an existing BNW game?
  7. That's the important part. I like missable secrets to be getting cool stuff early, but not getting cool stuff at all. I don't generally follow guides, but I don't want to miss some things, and a lot of games have really good gear that is very easily missable. I particularly remember the Double Beat runes of Suikoden 2, which are relegated almost entirely to the first real dungeon, which you walk through twice, and are randomly dropped from some basic enemies. It caused your character to attack twice when you used a basic attack, and was automatically included in the majority of physical only builds, and plenty of hybrid builds as well. The fact that another important rune for a physical build was also limited and hard to find made it so that if you didn't know where these runes were, and how to farm them, then you'd have vastly inferior physical characters until MUCH later on in the game. So, I always worry about missables. I pop open a walkthroguh, browse through a section quickly to make sure I'm not missing anything, and then play through it. Knowing that I can't really miss anything is nice. Incidentally... what about the Water Rondo? Did you add a water battlefield in the WoR or something? Or is that an actual missable, and you didn't think about it since it's not an item? Likewise, are any of Gaus rages missable, or does the Veldt auto-populate with all WoB enemies once you hit the WoR, regardless of whether or not you encountered them already?
  8. By the way, are there any 'meaningful' missables? I'm almost to the Sealed Gate Cave, and I remember Atma Weapon being remarkably missable for something so good. Obviously, I don't care about getting 99 leather armors or anything, but if there's anything I'd want to equip in the end-game (or, I guess, that's really important until the end-game) I'd like to know. I'm a bit rusty on some of the secrets in the game, so I might have forgotten about some of the hidden rooms and rewards that'll go away once I complete the dungeon or the WoB in general.
  9. Rage Reference Sheet

    Nice, might give Gau a go, I generally write him off as 'cool but too much trouble'. Is there anything like this for characters and espers? Like, a characters completed spell list and EL options? As you said, all the information is on the Printme, but it's not designed for ease of readability on a per character basis. If there's not, I'll probably make one and post it to the forums myself. I can't keep characters spell lists in mind all at once for comparisons sake the way it is.
  10. It's been at least a decade since I last played... I don't remember very much until I actually arrive there. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find it soon enough. And yah, quotes are working.
  11. Huh, that's weird. When trying to reply with a quote, I was unable to write anything else. Wasn't able to continue until I selected the option to remove quote but keep contents. Anyway, glad to hear Crusader and Ragnarok are obtained differently now, I never bothered with Crusader in Vanilla because of how late you got it, and I rarely got Ragnarok because of how good Illumina was. If they were in the same place, that'd mean that I'd probably skip on the ultimate spells for Terra and Celes, and just get Strago and Relm some ultimate spells. Incidentally, is X-Zone the same as it was before? I never used it because I didn't want to give up any after battle draops. And is Dark just a reverse elemental version of Holy? As far as getting 'that wackjob up north' referring to Zozo... well, I was headed to Zozo next, you meet other espers there, it's full of wackjobs, it's pretty much the only other town the residents of Jidoor talk about, it's one of only two towns to the north of Jidoor, and it's largely unchanged in the WoR, which would help make those espers available if you missed them in the WoB. I think I've got some justification for that theory I'm guessing, then, that it's referring to the guy who takes care of Rachel. Only other wackjob to the north I can think of and he's available pretty much just the same in WoR, in case I miss them before the Floating Continent. And actually, it was me looking at Celes Stamina option that really made me wonder. Boosted Remedy and Regen didn't seem like enough reason. And while I'm pretty sure her good gear isn't enough reason to build up Vigor, I wasn't sure if I was missing something that might make me prefer to do that. I'm not super into min-maxing, but while Stamina is much more useful in this mod, it is still much more situational than the other boosts. I'm not super worried about min-maxing, but I do like to make an informed decision. Anyway, I assume Ultros, and therefore the respec, is still in the Colosseum, so it was "As soon as you get the airship" as I suspected. Cash doesn't sound too bad, especially with the discount for the first visit (Probably best used to wash away ELs purchased with the very limited initial selection). Dunno how much 100k is in the WoR, but it might be fun to try out multiple different builds to see what I like. Curious to try out Relm then, if you said she's good without Bahamut. She seems to be a healbot with Starlet, and only Fire 2 to attack with. Unless Sketch has been made more useful of course.
  12. So, just got my first batch of Espers in Zozo in my playthrough of this mod, and I've got a few questions regarding this new system. First off, the auction house is gone. Not sad to see it go, but that would mean that Zoneseek and Golem have gone elsewhere. An NPC suggests they're in Zozo, but I haven't run across them. Admittedly, I'll be back there as part of the story in the future, but given how few Espers any given character can equip, missing those espers can cripple a character. Second, when do you get access to EL respec, and is there a cost to it? Just got my first few EL, and am not sure what I want to do with the characters. I understand it's available in the World of Ruin, but there's a difference between "As soon as you get the airship" and "Halfway up Kefkas Tower". One means I can just carelessly toss the attributes into whatever I deem useful at the moment, and the other means I better put some thought into it. Third, besides Golem and Zoneseek, do any other espers have different locations? I notice that Relms only major selling point is Bahamut. Death Gaze isn't an easy boss, and he's definitely tedious to find. I'm not sure how much I'd be interested in using Relm if her only good point is such a pain to get. On a similar note, is Crusader just as hard to get, and is Ragnarok a choice between the Esper or the sword still? Terra and Celes have a lot more going for them before their ultimate spells, unlike Relm, but if getting the Illumina prevents me from learning Ultima, or if I basically have to be done with the game to get Merton, then I'll have to adjust my thoughts on those characters. Lastly, has anyone compiled a list of each characters spells and EL Bonuses? The information is all right there on the character page, but a list that's per character, rather than just a list of Espers, would be much easier to read and allow judgement of each character (for example, it takes a bit of time to realize that only Setzer, Strago, Celes and Mog have access to Magic +2 ELs, but not Terra and Relm). If not, I might be inclined to make one myself, and I could post it for inclusion in future Printmes. A couple non-esper questions, since I don't want to trouble you with extra posts. Do all characters have the same HP/MP growth (Before EL), with the only difference being the base HP/MP, which just gets added on? If so, that produces an odd curve, where Shadow and Gau have notably horrid HP when Sabin recruits them, but that difference is negligible (About 1/13 of total HP) by the time you finish the game. The difference is certainly more notable with MP, wherein the bonus MP makes up about 1/6th of their pre-EL total at 35. While I know EL is meant to be a major source of character customization, it seems that base HP is something that just stops mattering after a while, when it starts out causing Gau and Shadow to die with most death-counters. And does all time stop when Cyan is charging his Bushido? I really want to play him in this mod, because I've never used him outside of Sabins scenario in Vanilla, since he sucks so bad. But if time is pausing for him, then I kind of feel things have gone too far in the other direction in terms of negating his charge time. It's just a differently flavored skill selection window at this point. I kinda liked the idea of him delaying to unleashe some badass swordplay. Maybe add a longer action delay after selecting the move the higher up on the list the action is? Maybe you've done that, and I haven't noticed. Or maybe you like it the way it is. Either way, I'm enjoying using him at all, so I'm overall happy here. And finally, how long does Jump actually delay the command? Edgar seems to spend so much time in the air that the only advantage to jumping over using Drill is the ability to do so from the back row (along with the mixed blessing of removing himself from play). Thanks for your time and consideration!