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  1. Hello! Long time lurker following Brave New World. I played it during the 1.5 era, and absolutely adored it- I think it's the definitive version of Final Fantasy VI. I always meant to put a post here about my playthrough, but I was working on my dissertation at the time and just never found the time. Suffice to say, I loved Celes and used her most of the game, along with Relm and Gau, but one of my favourite things about the game was that it made me want to use everyone equally, which I had never done in Vanilla. And so I ended up with fully leveled up groups, all interesting and all requiring important tactical decisions. It was an absolute triumph. The only character I never touched was Edgar- I decided that I didn't like him, and so after he rejoined in the World of Ruin I sent him to the airship and never touched him again. He and Umaro got very good at all sorts of card games while the rest of the team went and had adventures. But anyway, I come to you with a slightly tangential question, because you'll be quite possibly the only people on the planet to know the answer to this question. I've been fooling around with Beyond Chaos's randomizer mod, and one thing I've noticed is that, sometimes, characters who shouldn't just accidentally get up and leave my party as if they're Shadow. It seems really inconsistent; sometimes a character that leaves, when you reset, will never try to leave again, and sometimes they constantly leave after every battle. So my question is this: do you know how Shadow's leaving mechanics work in the code? I know he has a 1/16 chance of leaving, and I know he won't leave in certain circumstances (Phantom Forest, Floating Continent, WoR). But how does the game do this? Is there a hidden status ailment that gives characters a chance to leave, like the Interceptor status? Is there something coded directly to that character himself? Is there an event flag somewhere? I'm just really curious about how the game handles this particular mechanic. And I don't think anyone who hasn't fiddled with the code of the game knows. Thanks!
  2. Ah, perfect. That's really interesting to me, but I guess it makes sense. So the game checks what part of the story you're at, and the "Shadow has a chance to leave" event switches on and off depending on what other flags have been set. I guess that's probably the simplest way for them to do it, though I don't really see why they chose that method and not making it a status he gets, like magitek or interceptor, that they could remove or give him.
  3. I mean, you're not wrong...