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  1. nonheadered
  2. That's weird. Hopefully I don't have to reverify that RNG patch.
  3. What emulator are you using?
  4. I've never had a problem with Gau being overpowered with Learnable Rages in the IMTRF. He was rocking Fighter the whole time anyways (aha). Defender and Onion Knight weren't that useful against the bosses, all told. Maybe Defender on Number (whatever, the mage one) is better than what he could have, but Tek Armor worked perfectly fine for me on that fight anyways.
  5. The code doesn't affect Gau's rejoin code for when he's out of the party - just modifies what happens when you Leap him. Shouldn't break the Gau rejoin at all. And it uses the same byte I checked back in my Learnable Rage patch that checks if a formation can appear on the Veldt, which is set for regular encounters so that it knows to enable the formation on the Veldt.
  6. They're the only reliable way to get to 50 if that's something you want to do. (It isn't something you want to do.)
  7. Another patch from the old forum - I got mad that Terra and Celes didn't have pants. Here are alternate sprites that have pants. Two versions of each - one my own, one with extra modifications from Bauglir.
  8. Still got those, I'll make another thread for that.
  9. One of my last patches that hasn't been either integrated to mainline or made irrelevant: Learnable Rage! It makes it so Gau learns rages as long as the encounter can possibly show up on the Veldt and Gau is present. Headered and unheadered patches.