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  1. what exactly does spell upgrade: pressure mean? after checking the excels, i see it only mentioned in light-element spells
  2. A bit confused on Hawk's cast times for jutsus I understand their damage scales with AGI, but casttime with PIE?
  3. - hmmm apparently dwarf village armor improved max hp of characters. I suddenly had ~160 hp on my party down from ~180 after equipping it. Bug or feature?
  4. Gonna (ab)use this space to give a sort of play-by-play log as feedback - No idea if the patch applied correctly until i see Hawk's max hp seems different, but no way to be sure until Eagle fight (party is Hawk / Lise / Duran, buffs and steel) - Eagle HURTS. Nice dancing tutorial though - Omg 30 hp left, need savepoint NOW! - <3 U NEKO - Ok ninja not bad. Wha, ninja master? WHA, SHURIKEN? gg - Ok, surely i can beat him... **3 ninja ability deaths later** nope - Oh, i can run in battle. Skip all the ninjas! - So far so good :D, let's write this post while the credits roll - Love how smoothly the game introduces day/night cycle and weekdays - Moon coin from 1st wolf. Drops are gonna be fun i think - 100% chest from wolves, check other wolf drops? **LOAD** Puipui grass Let's get moon coin again **LOAD** - Rabite not dying in 2 hits oooh levelup, which stats hmmmm ... ninja route, so agi - 3 battles 3 chests, must be 100% on chests - two item seeds, seems like random item effect - shops, daggers and candy. Hmm i was promised special effects on weapons, don't see them anywhere - first death, owned by a couple of rabites and myconids. Should just let rabites sleep - what, rabites are battums now??? /dies - 3 deaths later at statue, definitely hard diff - figuring out the combat, staying away from enemies, actually using item. Fairy get, waterfall gogo - Hey, Risa! Yeah, tell your life's story to a random guy under a waterfall. Yeah, i'm from Navarre, that's cool? Cool - Somehow with 2 ppl i'm taking way more dmg - Risa gonna get vitality until class change - Why is Carlie telling me her life story now??? Oh, she ran away - Risa died to some bug. Omg the dmg, also poison - Powered through the cave in the end. Ate tons of candy - In town did the story things, upgraded armor, got a rope and stocked up on anti-poison (still have 9 candies, they dropped a lot) - going through cave, lots of poison - omg dat boss, definitely need to go back and stock up - some interesting stuff dropping from mobs. Mama poto oil, coin, mysterious seed - @boss with 13 candys, probably won't be enough. Well, let's try it - nope, bastard self-heals for 100hp and does mad dps, gonna have to grind items and maybe lvls - ok zombies drop flamecoins, battums drop matango oils (reflect), let's aim for that as we grind for 20 chocolates - vitality on levelups - ~hour of grinding and 1600 moneys later i beat the boss at lvl9. Only used like 8 candies. Seems like they key is always staying above 90hp and being on point with poison removal and use of techs. Might be worth it to invest more in STR in the future - yay Duran joins. The nab is just lvl4 (let's keep playing defense for now, vit on lvlups). His story is the best tho, no save-the-comrades nonsense, purely IMA KILL THAT WIZZ IMA BEST! - Leather Visor is cheaper than Head Gear, but has higher def. I'm missing something? - Maia armor is confusing. Helmets offer less defense but more magDefense. Armor suits give more Def, but less magDef and less Evade. Combined, it's a straight upgrade on Def and MagDef and loss of Evade, compared to previous gear - Leather Neckbands can offset the lost evade, so going with them for accessories - Somehow i have a Demon Statue in my inventory. Boss drop apparently. Sells for 2k gold and can be used to remove death counts? All my deaths so far were gameover->reload stuff, so i don't think i have any - So, monsters on the Golden Road are brutal. Not quite enough to wipe out the party, but they'll surely eat through a lot of your heals. Maybe that's because i'm lvl9? - The city on the other side of the Road is closed. Duh - So i went inside the cave and apparently there is a boss there and i have lost all my candies on the Golden Road. Gonna have to eat that chocolate now! - The bosses are pretty trivial, as long as you don't let them surround you and keep above 70hp so they don't 1-shot you with ability - Now i get to walk back through the road to the city screw that, let's run-skip everything - ooookay so now we get back to the cave again. More run-skips yay - so i'm in dwarf village and after i restocked my candies and chocolates, only 200 luc profit. Ouch. Gonna sell that statue - Dwarf village gear is the opposite of the previous town gear. Armor gives more evade, helms give more def. Guess i shouldn't have sold the old def armors? Anyway, gonna try to avoid selling gear now - After all the crits i took on the gold road, 50% anticrit accessories look positivelysexy - Duran got a shield graphic now. 2nd accessory probably - Why are there Ogre Boxes as normal monsters in Dwarf Tunnel? - Evade gear is working quite nicely. Should have went with that from the start - Seems like 100hp is the safe amount of hp here (party is lvl10-11 at this point) - Actually ran out of candies before reaching the gold statue, heading back, thinking of ways to do better. The total haul is 300 luc before i start selling drop, barely enough to recover - Got to statue with 10 candies on the second try. A result of slightly improved combat tactics and learning to dodge traps - soooo... Jewel Eater 1-shots party with charge attack. Does ~180 damage, which is around what the party has. Either grind to higher lvl, or maybe some drop can help? - apparently bulette's scales improve defense and can be farmed from Beast Masters and Ogre Boxes in this dungeon - sooo... skipped back to Maja town, re-purchased the high armor items and got a set of vambraces, let's see if this helps - hmmm apparently dwarf village armor improved max hp of characters. I suddenly had ~160 hp on my party down from ~180 after equipping it. Bug or feature? - ooookay physical defense does nothing - let's see the one who takes the least damage from the punch thing is Lisa... It also seems that Duran and Hawk take the same dmg. Going from the stats, it seems magic defense stat is key then? Gonna need some more cash to confirm - a short golden road farming session later, everyone is lvl13, got a round in INT (which i understand gives mDef) and is a proud owner of a pair of jewelled rings. Time for jewel eater to eat it - well, at least the eater is fightable now - problem is, he casts a ton of spells and abilities that each do ~100 damage to the whole party. And he can also occasionally cast them back-to-back for 200+ total damage with no opportunity to heal between - two things i can improve. 1) bring item seeds to the fight for aoe heals 2) find some way to prevent him from getting out of his hole (possibly weapons and gear with high accuracy?) - the blue spiky dudes seem to drop a lot of item seeds - omg i only just realised beastmen collars give gold AND stack. Gonna wear 6 of these on trashmobs now -.- - 2nd big boss attempt. +Hit weapons don't seem to help that much, maybe more +hit?. mDef armor with less hp works well enough. I have less maxhp, but take less damage, so less to heal - okay, definitely doing a bit better at keeping him in the hole. Though not sure if its +hit weapons or just better focusing - he occasionally doublecasts, which is an instant gib on at least 1 character. Need more cups of wishes - third series on attempts, got 3 cups, 20 seeds, 20 candies and 20 chocos. Everyone is on max mag resist gear (mag resist armor/helm and jewel rings) - took a few tries, but he's down - 4 chocolates left -.-. Wonder if there is a better strategy. Didn't feel like i was doing too little damage, but maybe there is a way to avoid some attacks? Some stats in Int instead of Vit would definitely help - went to forcena, did plot stuff. -- mental note - in the future, stock up consumables before forcena. Was lucky to have some candies in storage - many new shops accessible: - forcena armor comes in two flavours. Armor that boosts attack and a hyper defensive armor that nullifies in-combat healing (still can heal out of combat tho). Hyper defensive armor is actually good for minimizing consumables on low-lvl stuff like Gold Road. Offensive armor didn't try yet, but did buy and might use on the way to Rolante - shields make Duran a priority target for mobs and also protect him from status. No further def bonus though. 1k gold a piece, though. That's like 70 puipui herbs. Skipping for now - Byzel and Palo have the same stuff for sale - Byzel weapons hit weaker but inflict poison and silence (will need to check if poison works on bosses, silence can be situationally awesome) - Byzel armor "removes weaknesses"... I guess every character has innate weakensses and that removes them. Gonna have to check if anyone is weak vs wind - Byzel accessories are also stat-protecting. Situationally useful (would have been nice to have the option to buy poison protection earlier, though :D) - In the end, didn't buy much in Byzel. Though might end up using a single poison weapon and anti-weakness armors, but not immediately. All funds went toward recovering the lost consumables - byzel has black market. Something tells me this might end up essenital before long. Stat up / down items, sabers and tons of other utilities. Sorta expensive, though, so gonna work those beast collars i guess - thought that maybe ditch the stat up/down route for more damage route and get stats from items, but the prices on these seem like they would make it impossible to really use these items outside of bosses. Gonna have to wait and see, i guess - first series of attempts at Stairway to Heaven. Ultimately, didn't get far before running out of candies Don't have the cash yet to waste chocolates and seeds on trash, going back - it seems like mobs can hit as hard as ~120 with an ability. They can also burst down from full to 0 in 2-3 attacks, if you're unlucky - second series of attempts, tried to fall back on Dwarf Village gear (hp + evade) - got as far as the Wind Corridor cave - starting Wind Corridor cave, Silver Knights can spawn. They can tank, heal themselves and hit for ~110 with basic attacks . If more of these spawn and they start healing each other, silence and poison weapons might actually become interesting - bought all the resistance gear. Not planning to use right away, it's mostly for future options, gonna keep advancing on the Stairway (party is lvl17 atm) - so, apparently i was going the wrong way. Got all the way to the castle's closed doors - the key was to get 60 candies (40 in storage). Yay, strategy - incidentally, found a use for darts. It works for preventing casts. It doesn't look it will stop cast in progress, but it can knock down the caster before he casts, giving you time to close in - after some plot, back in Jad. Omg everything is EXPENSIVE! - ended up not buying anything in Jad. Want to have 5 rezz cups before spluring that much on situational gear - get into Wind Corridor. Pretty easy as long as you candy up after every mob attack - class change! Ninja, Valkyrie, Gladiator. Debuff->Buff->Saber gogo - boss pretty easy after class change - net profit from wind corridor after restocking consumables (back to 60 candies, 20 chocos, 20 seeds, 20 puipui) is 1k. Kinda shabby - people are getting spells, but cast speeds are awful. Also definitely too little mana to cast repeatedly - onwards to Rolante! - cleared Rolante castle in a single sitting, not having to return to the town, which is a bit unexpected - 60 candies, 20 chocolates, 20 seeds, 20 dispel herbs - the trash mobs were a bit tricky, but nothing that a little bit of careful approach couldn't handle. The biggest thing was to not let ninjas or knights hit more than 1 person with a single attack and have everyone wear evade gear - the first boss (Genova) felt basically like an interface boss. Stream of mobs and damage output wouldn't be too much (easier than jewel eater), if not for various buff/debuff text prompts,, which actually prevent using anything but basic attack - Genova was the first boss, where dispelling his debuffs felt mandatory - Everyone wore full magic defense, except Duran, who had to mitigate fire weakness with armor - in the end, once i managed to get a solid handle on the adds, the boss just died at some point. Since two of my tech users had screen-wide techs, i guess the damage overflow and some direct attacking just ended him - took me ~20 candies, ~3 chocolates and ~5 seeds. Not that much, all things considered. Was able to restock all candies from storage for next boss - the second boss (Bill and Ben) was nasty. Basically had to use every heal consumable i had just to stay alive, often overhealing like a madman - tried them with evasion gear, but spells did too much damage. Pure magic defense left me too vulnerable to their meelee. So in the end it was weakness-mitigation gear with a vambrace and a jewel ring on each character - during the fight, i found out that characters somehow regenerate MP. So made use of earth saber and speed buffs. Earth saber seemed to improve damage and knockbacks, while speed up made their meelee a bit less of a problem. Getting to cast these things was a pain, though, because casts took an eternity and the character has to just stand there getting rekt. So basically only did casts with characters that got thrown out of the main fight for some reason - getting to cast with Hawk was a pain, because apparently you can't do anything while he is casting, except praying that B&B don't kill anyone. The thing to do is - switch to another character, get Hawk to cast and then switch back. His shuriken debuff did help out, though - on the winning attempt, my direct-control guy used lvl1 techs. The fight is probably easier if everyone uses lvl1 techs, because of knockback on ninjas (thus less meelee damage) - In the end, i spent as much gold on heals and i earned in whole Rolante - so, Ghost Ship! - the toughest monsters are ghouls, everything else is not as bad. Ghouls are bad because of their constant spam of multitarget aoe poison, which makes them the highest dps monsters on the ship, combined with highest hp. The first point in game where i feel poison resist might really be worth it. Somehow, this wasn't this much of an issue in earlier caves/mountains, but the cramped ship really makes it easier for ghouls - so apparently saber spells improve the effects of same-elemental abilities. Which means earth saber -> earth jutsu 1-shots of easier enemies - chibikko bubbles from the little devils can 1-shot Duran. Looks like his weakness to Darkness elemental shows - using a lot more buffs now. The trickiest part is finding a place and time for a character to stand still and cast without getting too rekt by meelee - the boss would be easy enough (mostly magic dark elemental damage, easily mitigated through gear), if not for his Death Spells. Only have 2 Angel Chalices in my inventory - ended up selling a statue for 2 more Chalices, that solved it - the island is wrecking me - not so much the island itself, but the mountain that i need to go through in order to reach the turtle cave - really missing that petrify protection at this point. Also just can't seem to get a handle on the cocatrice-egg kill timings (so far all of them managed to mature) - also, my characters suddenly got really bad at surviving even basic meelee. Not sure why, but i also haven't upgraded armor in a while, so maybe that's the issue - also, Duran is mostly useless. He basically just has earth and thunder sabers, and cockatrices simply lol at both - party lvl is 25, incidentally - just realised that one of the rings in the shop allows multitarget casting - bought two rings (had to sell a statue) - using just one ring for now for Lize's buffs. Sabers are useless anyway and for Hawk... - it seems the key to the cocatrice mountain is single-target assasination with Hawk. Shuriken rules for this, starting to get many cocatrice chick kills - well, the mountain is still no pushover though. Just so much physical damage - maybe wear defense instead of dodge??? naaah - finally got past the cocatrice mountain and into the cave - Surprisingly, stuff is a lot easier there, simply on the virtue of Duran's lightning saber finally being worthwhile (knocks back enemies and does superior damage) - Also there aren't any enemies that can do a rapid series of attacks that is capable of killing a near full hp character on an unlucky non-dodge streak. Well, and no petrification, too - Wonder if there is something in my allocation of stats that made the mountain specifically so much harder. I have been largely ignoring physical attack stats on everyone but Duran, so maybe that's the issue? - Had to turn back partway in the cave, because i actually ran out of candies (and STILL not rich enough to use chocolates on trash >.<) - Back in town, +800 gold after restock. Funny how earning gold gets harder, not easier with levels - 2.5k gold after selling the drops. Don't particulary want any gear right now, so let's buy 2 rezz cups - Went with def gear instead of evade for the second climb - I definitely survive better in def gear. Sure, i get hit more, but hits land for about 2x less - Getting hit more means getting petrified more, so that causes additional problems - Ultimately using less candies in def gear, so gonna go with that for now - Still occasionally getting stupid multistrikes for 200 damage bursts from harpies. Oh well, they should be quickly handled with earth jutsu anyway - figured out what makes the petrification so deadly. It actually does half hp damage when it inflicts! So by the time you apply puipui, the damage is already done - definitely buying that anti-petrify shield the instant i can - i think chibikko behaves in the same way. Just not nearly as many monsters around applying it (and not nearly as often) as cocatrices in the mountain - the cave is HUGE. I think there are actually two golden statues in it. Took me almost 80 candies to even reach the first statue, and the enemies around there are lvl 29-30 (party is around lvl 28 atm). Looks like we'll be stuck here for a bit - had to rope out after running out of candies and run back to the village - after rebuying 119 candies (the max possible in storage and on hand combined), i am down to ~2.5k gold. Getting two more rez cups - also got my first ??? seed Gonna have to lastkill those potomamas more - some issues in the cave regarding vulnerabilities. Hawk can't handle poto saint and thunder sabers, Duran can't handle fire saber, Lisa is having trouble with ice saber, but thankfully it is not very common - some more issues in caves regarding 1-shots. Specifically, Grell's mucus shot and i think one more type of attack i can't remember now does ~250 damage to some party members (close or more than max hp right now). Gonna have to figure that out before i can really advance through the cave (last run took like 10 reloads because of 1-shots) - huge problem with slimes. They hit too damn hard and really love their crits - Duran is rarely getting to cast sabers, because he and Hawk are too busy protecting Lisa's buffs and he is then having trouble disentagling himself from the enemies - Hawk also doesn't see much spell action (which is a shame, his shuriken is awesome), because his lvl1 tech is simply more useful in most scenarios in the cave - would be a different matter if shurikens were instant - next 3k gold i get, i'm spending on that other spell ring (the "pressure" one), maybe that will help matters - expect a couple more trips in the cave with 119 candies before i'm done with it - first trip with 119 candies - still can go from full to 0 in an unlucky enemy combo attack, so many reloads - traps are nasty. Actually started healing before opening chests now - ultimately, had to turn back between 1st and 2nd gold statue due to running out of candies - however, it seems i have managed to explore ALL the dead ends now - starting to switch up the leading party member occasionally. Now it's normally Duran at the start of the battle (to let Hawk and Lise buff / debuff / damage at the start of the battle), while switching between Hawk and Lise in the middle to cast sabers - Hawk is doing SO much better when controlled by an AI If you want tech1 spam, AI is the way to go! Hawk is the only one who got the 2xTech weapon from the ghost ship, too - what makes AI better at tech 1 spam is that it doesn't miss nearly as much opportunities to build up tech bar and use the tech, and is also much better at standing close to the enemy, which is what Hawk's low range requires - Surprise discovery - Duran can actually tank a bit once i built his strength up - He can't survive an actual barrage of attacks, though. Nobody can in this game, it seems - However, he has the range to hit ppl before they hit him and since he hits hard, the enemy is often knocked back. Which in many cases allows him to buy enough time for casts - Getting way little use out of sabers. They are pretty much a trump card for a long battle now - +4k gold after re-buying candies. Spent them on 2 rezz cups and Cardinal Eye - the Cardinal Eye seems useless for my party :(. Oh well, RTFM i guess
  5. I'm thinking of playing this mod Which character combo you'd say is the most complete at this point? Also, it would be nice to see some in-game indication that the patch worked (some text somewhere around the title is fine)