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  1. There are already a couple of instances where battles are potentially extended, or the conditions at least change somewhat. 1: An enemy calls for back-up. Dadaluma does this, and I recall some troopers and robot-types sounding alarms to do the same in random battles. During the Opera House event, rats will respawn during fights unless you can wipe them out quickly, pressing you for time. Wouldn't it be possible to add calling reinforcements a more common element for some battles, or as another type of "counter" against certain actions the party takes in battle? This could also increase opportunity for strategy, ie: enemies can't call for help if they are affected by certain status effects depending on their type. 2: The battle with Tiamat I always found interesting because it is the only one I can recall where you start in a standard battle formation but are then forced to switch sides because you are effectively ambushed from behind. Imagine the Magitek Research Facility...the party is breaking in to the heart of the isn't long before a fight breaks out. You might start with a Preemptive Attack and have full advantage, but didn't take out the Commandos fast enough(maybe one escapes early?) and suddenly you are ambushed by Commandos and Foxhounds and forced in to a Back Attack formation, and then just when you think you have defeated the last enemy, two Protomen emerge(remember that first Commando?) as the last wave and you are forced in to a Pincer Attack formation. Phew! That sounds intense just thinking about it! I am not a coder so the limitations of the game are unknown to me, but wouldn't something like this be possible to add more flair to battles?
  2. Just wanted to say you're doing God's work, friend. OH YEAH!!!
  3. I am one of those weird people who loves random encounters; even the sound and visual effects leading in to the battle still gives me a thrilling jolt, even after all these years. You want to talk insane encounter rates? Shin Megami Tensai Persona.
  4. A post I saw suggesting random encounters on the ferry reminded me about how Setzer informs us that the "skies are a lot unfriendlier these days." foreshadowing Doomgaze. Well, that's great, but wouldn't it make more sense if Doomgaze wasn't the only thing flying around up there that wanted to eat you? I submit that there should be more random encounters in the air that the party needs to deal with outside of Doomgaze. There are already suitable backgrounds that wouldn't need to be modified, and plenty of flying creatures to use. It would also allow for an element of surprise when Doomgaze actually appears, since at this time everyone knows that the only air encounter is Doomgaze. In addition to randoms, I also suggest that another boss encounter be added, one you can't just select to chase down. Perhaps one of the legendary dragons could be flying around menacingly? Perhaps a mechanical horror set loose by Kefka? One final suggestion would be more complex, but what about a script event, perhaps after the party first fights Doomgaze or any other air battle, where the Falcon gets damaged and is forced to land on Triangle Island, where the party is forced to wait until repairs are completed. They explore the island, encounter the Zone Eater, and after recruiting Gogo the Falcon is repaired.
  5. If patched correctly, will it say 1.8.6 in the config menu? Edit: the answer is no.
  6. Thank you for that explanation. What do i do with .7z files like Runic Forever?
  7. I have been enjoying BNW for some time now, but I have run across some trouble with further tweaking my game with patches and I keep breaking it. What I know how to do: rename the current version of BNW to match the name of the SMC file I am using. This has allowed me to enjoy the mod. The problem: I don't know how to apply anything else. Sprite changes, additional content patches such as the new 1.86 beta or a tweaks like Leap Anywhere(an IPS file) and Runic Forever(a .7z file). I don't understand the difference between these file types. I'm not sure how or if I am supposed to use Lunar to apply the content to the the SMC file directly or if I am supposed to create a new patch and then apply that...? Patching for dummies. Please help.