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  1. Wait, wait. If you use an Instill, the element is applied to the weapon? So even if you're not using a weapon of that element, you can use an instill to make full use of the augment skill?
  2. No, the difficulties are just an additional modifier applied after everything. You can switch between them at your leisure.
  3. Why are you asking for the return of stat-up skills? They're either absolutely necessary or absolutely useless. That's bad design, and just baking their bonus into the classes' innate stats was the right call. Skills should be choices.
  4. Can you make them apply adverse effects on the user, permanently or on hit?
  5. I thought this was common knowledge, but every on hit effect has 100% chance to trigger when using Fearful Impact, Mighty Impact, and such. I remember mentioning that I was using my Lord with a 2H katana because it would always reset TP with mighty impact.
  6. The Belter 1h fusil still has the 66 rt from when it was 2h.
  7. In my third attempt, finally manage to get Rudlum before he suicides. Not that he didn't try, though. Only succeeded because after Rudlum decided he really didn't mind getting in range of 4 fucking skeletons to cast poison mist on the 2 on the back, I happened to have my ninja with enough TP to cast Wild Hunt and move in front of him to take the hits. Seriously, this has got to go.
  8. Can confirm the above, whenever a character dodges a ranged counter a visual effect appears somewhere else in the screen and the game just stops there.
  9. Yeah, it's working now. What were and are Denam's base stats? Assuming the tarot answers still have the same effect.
  10. My ppsspp is not recognizing the patched ISO as a PSP game and can't run it...this is on Android.
  11. So Necromancer is now this weird squishy that can simultaneously destroy other squishies with a crossbow, get the high accuracy Charm/Petrify/Stop on tanky units, instantly kill and prevent undead units from rising, and instantly revive your own undead units through a skill? This is odd, after your reluctance to give 2H crossbows to Beast Tamer (I mean, it's literally a fantasy hunter with an animal companion). I was finding Necro just as good as the other casters, with the added benefit of keeping undead from rising without wasting a turn, and I haven't even tried recruiting some undead yet.
  12. Too bad Resistance doesn't affect magic defence, then. That was an intuitive guess, but no such luck. And I know warrior is good. It's one of those classes that really feels how much stronger 2H weapons are now. And it's good because it has a skillset that enables it to make a role for itself. Spellblade really doesn't have that. I suggested increasing its magic resistance because we don't have a "magic tank", but it's really the skillset that holds it back the most.
  13. If you want it to be a tanky caster, then give it higher magic resistance. That'll at least give it a niche in being the only "tank" that doesn't get hit by a 100% petrify.
  14. Warlock, Ninja, and Rogue are not generalists in the way Spellblade is. They still have the stats and skills to excel in what they choose to do. Warlock has the mind for 100% accuracy disables, which is pretty much the strongest option available right now. Ninja and Rogue have the speed and mobility to engage the targets they're most effective at. Spellblade can only do two things, deal physical damage and deal magical damage, and it's good at neither. On top of that, while ninja and rogue have incredibly useful skills for their role, Spellblade's selection is a mess. HP infusion is useful, but it's a tanking ability. MP infusion is misguided, as the class can already attack physically to accumulate MP. And I don't thing anything needs to be said about Barricade. Spellblade, as it is, seems tied with Warrior for the most pointless class in the game. I don't think Terror Knight should be as resistant as a Knight, just a little bit more than it is right now. The gap between them is very large, to the point where Terror Knight is closer to berserker than it is to knight. It already pays the price for ibeing tankier in speed and shitty accuracy. The thing about beast tamer is that the range on their skills should be at least good enough for the two to confortably pick their targets within an area. The way they are now, the tamer often can't simultaneously reach a beast and a target. Feral Remedy should be Range 3, and the others range 5. About ranked skills, I'd be more tempted to do away with them entirely. They have to be balanced according to their highest rank, after all, so they're just one more grind, but now on a unit by unit basis, which gets aggravating fast.
  15. Ok. I've done everything but the Palace of the Dead and CODA. Before I go into that, some considerations: Class balance: Spellblade, Beast Tamer, and Berserker feel like bottom feeders. Spellblade might be a generalist, but this game is built around specializing and in the end it can't deal decent damage to anything (Since it seems to be held back mostly by lackluster stats, could be simply tuning). Beast Tamer is crippled by the short range on its skills, severely limiting its effectiveness as if it's not in range of a beast it's a worse Warrior. Berserker is way too fragile for too little offensive benefit and can generally be replaced by other, sturdier fighters for little to no loss. On another note, Terror Knight could be a little bit tankier. They're not bad, but they're barely more resilient than other frontline melee and way behind Knight and Hoplite. Just a little bit would help. Stats: Avoidance feels way too strong. Waaaay too strong. Making the sturdiest knight possible still seems to be more vulnerable than anyone packing full avoidance gear. Ranged Weapons: Once again, the RT penalty still doesn't feel harsh enough. I was thinking 66, 76, 86 for 2H Bows, Crossbows, and Fusils, and 20, 40, 46, 52 for 1H Sidearms, Bows, Crossbows, and Fusils. Spells: On top of the disparity of status effects available that I mentioned, offensive Draconic doesn't feel as powerful as it should be for its measly 3 range (should be made stronger and more expensive, I believe), and the status effects seem to still be gated to those two areas I haven't visited yet, which doesn't feel right. I feel it should be tailored to be really good for specific "battlemage" classes, Warlock, Princess, and Knight Commander come to mind. That's it for now. I need sleep.