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  1. Well, the influence from your SD3 experience is really obvious. I'm always for replacing resource management with active, consistent challenge and chances to actually use the tools I have.
  2. I...don't really see it? To be honest the only problems I have with the script right now are Sabin and Relm, which get lines referencing a characterization they didn't really earn, and replacing memetic lines with fourth wall jokes.
  3. No, they don't actually change the stat, just the the relevant numerical output. For Mind Up, that's magic damage taken, dealt, and healed. Even if your weapon uses Int, it's still increased by Power Up.
  4. Yeah, but they don't always show up. Was wondering why. But would removing the text boxes reduce lag?
  5. Hey, wasn't there something about cutting buff/debuff text in order to reduce lag? Or did I dream that? Also there's something I've always wondered. Sometimes when a character gets a debuff, some colored lines will appear around it. What's that mean?
  6. Well, DrBretto has given his permission to share links to WOTL if you want. The main difference with Content is that it removes anything that would keep you from brute forcing your way through.
  7. There is DrBretto's WOTL offshoot of 1.3, which he recently updated and made a thread on ID before it went poof. It apparently didn't make the Archive uploaded here, So I'll ask Drbretto about it. If you want the translation and extra content, it's in that one. I played through chapters 1 and 2 and it's great. But if you want to play 1.3 in its most "final" state (There has been plenty of discussion, specially around changes to chapter 4) it's, and with the Content ease of play specifically, it'll have to be
  8. @praetarius5018, The latest video shown confirmed that the project is a direct translation of the original game: Same mechanics, same rules, same feel, same game. And, as we know, it is being developed for PC. As a similar project for SD3 is now within the realm of possibility and following this same trend of keeping the game so close to the original, a transition of Sin of Mana to the PC version would most likely be a lot of work, but it's a rather opportune way of fixing what I consider to be the biggest problem the mod faces right now: the limitations imposed on it by the game itself - general lag and lack of ingame info about the changes. At the very least, it's safe to assume that if it is made, the SD3 remake will be similar enough to the Secret remake that any modding tools developed for the latter might also see use for the former.
  9. What I found from Jewel Eater is that being able to clear Speed Down is key. Otherwise it's really hard to beat it in time.
  10. Would this be for a PSX ISO or the steam version? I believe reworking trance mechanics to remove the frustration of triggering it in the last turn of a random battle would be for the best.
  11. I recently had the opportunity to replay this mod alongside two friends, and although we couldn't make it very far with the time we had (We stopped halfway to Fire Spirit), I can certainly confirm that this game is several times more enjoyable with 3 players. No more stupid AI, someone else can still open their own item wheel if player 1 is casting, much easier to distribute roles across all 3 characters, and the toned down resource management makes this an easy pick to simply start, play, and have a grand time with one of the now rare RPGs that's more concerned with being fun than being a pretentious experience. If you got a couple friends for a fun activity, I highly recommend this one.