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  1. Sorry, bad thing about playing in 5 different places is it gets hard to keep track of what's patched and what's not.
  2. Does the lise shield change require a new game? They're not in Byzel in my current run.
  3. It's really not as useful as it sounds compared to MP absorption. And for a conclusion on Lise, I believe with the addition of shields Vanadise would be fine with just the ST buffs, and the other three could still get something extra. That's because even though their kits are very good, this game doesn't reward Lise's even stat spread much so it evens out. What's truly pushes people to use Light Lise isn't her being particularly good, but that people just need the stat buffs. Excluding Light Lise, this is their current spread: Def Up: Lord, Paladin, Bishop, Evil Shaman Mind Up: Warrior Monk, Wanderer, Magus(self), Sage Power Up: God Hand, Warrior Monk, Magus Speed Up: Lord, Swordmaster(self), Rogue(self), Grand Divina As you can see, the problem is not that there's few classes that can use the buffs: it's that there's very few names that show up more than once in this list. This results in there not being even a single combination of three classes capable of covering all buffs without completely forgoing other types of spells without Light Lise, while as far as debuffs go not only are there three other options with complete coverage (dark hawk and necromancer), there's also some duos that taken together also cover all debuffs, like Arch Mage and Rogue, which I'm currently running. To distribute these in a way that actually opens the possibility of replacing Light Lise, there's two points to account for: 1 - Power up and Speed Up are more personal buffs and can easily be added only as self only to some classes that need them 2 - The classes that do get team stat buffs should generally have them in pairs so teams can be properly built between them to have enough coverage. By doing this with only the classes in the above list, several viable combinations should appear. Here's an attempt: Def Up: to Grand Divina (instead of Sleep Flower), God Hand, Rogue(instead of Body Change) Mind Up: to Paladin, Bishop(instead of Magic Shield), Magus not self only, Power Up: to Lord, Evil Shaman(instead of Ghost, Ghost Road to lv 2), Death Hand(self), Dragonmaster(self) Speed Up: to Sage(instead of Rainbow Dust), Wanderer(instead of Body Change) Fenrir Knight(self)
  4. Vanadise's kit is pretty set. Even reverting her buffs to single target won't bring it down too much. Giving her sabers on top of it is pretty much entirely unwarranted. If anything, Star Lancer should be the one to get them to further her as a physical support. Lise being able to equip a shield is not a numerical buff, but a strategic one. It's a very valuable (and more importantly fun) tool, and keeping it restricted to only Duran limits its applications too much due to party compositions. Don't see it as a buff to Lise, because it is not. So much so that all other of Lise's classes haven't even been mentioned yet, despite the fact they'd also be getting the shields. The perceived problem is not the addition of shields, but Vanadise's kit being too complete in its current iteration. Having now made progress to the god beasts on that Rogue-Archmage-Vanadise team, I do still believe she's fine like this. Sometimes, Stats speak louder than spells, and Lise's even stat spread ends up hurting her in spots Duran doesn't have to deal with. Furthering her dependence on the Whitelight Ring (of which Duran has none) will also have an influence with how many accessories she has to worry about, Shield now included. A point could be made that Light Duran should still get something over Light Lise, but Lise being able to equip shields has nothing to do with that and would be very beneficial to team compositions without upsetting some sort of balance between their kits. I believe Lord could get Leaf Saber (Or perhaps Analyse to turn it into some sort of dedicated critical support instead of stepping on Warrior Monk's toes), and Paladin just replace Magic Shield with Mind Up. To be honest I just feel Magic Shield and Counter Magic should be scrapped or turned into something else.
  5. Without giving the two different effects, I think that's as good as it'll get. The main draw would be the aggro effect, regardless, so that's covered.
  6. Wait, I'm confused. I thought you said you couldn't set shields to Duran and Lise, only one or the other?
  7. Not giving Lise a defense shield makes sense, but the status protection shields don't work too well either. There are already accessories that do that, they're useless most of the time, and the times they are good they're TOO good (Example, take the sleep resistance shield to Gildervine, it'll only cast Sleep flower on the only target that's immune to it, removing the need for the other party members to carry their own status resistance) for a single accessory slot. It'd be better to give her new effects if defense is no good. Since Lise isn't that good an attacker, offensive bonuses would make more sense as it furthers her generalist nature as she'd still need to be raised defensively to make the most of the shield. Vanadise is good, no mistake, and the main intent of allowing Lise to equip shields is to enable more team compositions to have access to one, not strenghtening Lise's classes further, which is an inevitable side effect. But the dependency on the Whitelight Ring is a very real downside, and the addition of the shield furthers that. I guess, if push comes to shove, reverting her buffs to single target would further that "accessory tax" even more, but I do believe making the shields attached to two characters instead of one character and one pathway would be overall healthier.
  8. Since I don't see Star Lancer as being too overloaded with the addition of the shield, I take it the problem would be mostly Vanadise stepping on Light Duran's toes. However, since Vanadise can't AoE heal or cleanse without the Whitelight Ring, she's already pressed enough on accessories to allow it, in my opinion. Equipping both means no increased healing, for example. You could just keep the Def/MDEF/Eva options for both, probably being worth less than the accessories that only grant those effects, or give Lise different options, perhaps one offensive, one defensive, and one caster themed, to go with her jack theme. Aesthetically, could differentiate them by making the kite shields (Gold, Sacred, and Adamant) Duran's and the bucklers (the elementals minus Earth) Lise's. Dragon and Oath shield are ugly as sin anyway, but they could be kept in altena/deen/mintos as a gimmicky endgame shield for each.
  9. Yeah, about the shields, would it be possible to put half of them as Lise-only after all? The Item limit could be circumvented by keeping Duran's in Forcena, but putting Lise's in Byzel instead. Byzel has 1 armor for each and 6 accessories, so it has 3 slots open. Removing the status resistance shields, we have exactly 3 shields for each.
  10. Started a duo game now, just got out of Bucca. Team will be Rogue, Archmage, Vanadise. Since the Vanadise is the AI character, she's basically just a meatshield healbot. Comparing this Hawk's and Angela's performance's to the previous team's Lise's and Angela's, Hawk does feel to be quite a bit closer as a damage dealer than Lise was. So now I'm inclined to say that it's Lise's jack of all stats nature that holds her down if you try to use her as a dedicated physical.
  11. The numbers I have now aren't as good because the Lise has been leveling only Spirit for new spells, so the disparity is even lower, but even when the Lise had max STR and the Duran close to minimal it didn't feel worth it. Riesz has 16 STR +1 tech weapon and accessory, tech up helm, Attack armor and accessory Duran has 17 STR, MP drain weapon, Phys Def armor and helm Angela has Magic helm and armor Porobin Hood Gets hit by Duran for 26, Tech 152 Gets hit by Riesz for 36, Tech 231 Angela Explodes for 291, cast time is a bit under 3 hits from the others Hits Duran for 41 Hits Riesz for 127
  12. Well, I am speaking relatively. Two points, in this case: How does your the physical character's damage compare to your dedicated caster's, and do your fights go much slower when that character is not equipped for physical offense? Those were my observations. Riesz was not doing enough damage above a full defense duran (not putting a single point in STR, even), and too much below a dark angela, but both those characters feel right in the damage they do so I thought bringing only the gear dedicated to physical offense a little bit up would be a good idea. Individual issues would require individual tuning, but I don't think there's any reason to assume this at this point, and praetarius has a better view on that anyway so whatever conclusions he reaches is probably better.
  13. Yes, he was consistently raising STR and Luck while using the crit-focused gear. They were both maxed before both class changes. After the second class changed he switched to the 2x tech weapon and accessory and tech damage up helm, and felt an improvement over the crit build, but Angela was still way ahead. But I don't feel angela was doing too much damage, only that the way we were, the Lise was risking take way more damage for no real reason. He really could just switch to defense gear and we wouldn't progress all that slower, if at all. I think it stands to be said that standing still for casting turns into an advantage when the enemies are all drawn far away from the caster by the shield's aggro effect, while the melee hitters still risk getting hit even with the shield
  14. I guess you could do away with the status resistance shields, since those are already covered by other accessories, and make half the shields for Lise, and Half for Duran? I did say "Thematically speaking", as in how you don't expect a Pyromancer to start throwing Ice spells. A Nightblade is a class halfway between the Rogue and Mage points of the Warrior-Rogue-Mage triangle that's characterized by using shadow magic or illusions related to the cover of darkness, their shadow, or the target's shadow to attack, which is exactly what Shadow Dive is. Since I don't think either class is too dependent on having a ST or AoE tech, I'd say they could be switched around for that thematic consistency. I'm comparing to angela's spells that were not hitting a weakness. Also, physical attacks can miss. I was playing a Duran completely ignoring physical stats and in full Defense gear, so I didn't mind being a meatshield just walling the enemies away from the team, but since the Dragon Master was fully equiped for physical offense, I guess he's not wrong to expect to have a larger impact on the fight, but frankly speaking, he could be equipped the same as me and fights would still go the same way: the spells were accounting for too much of the damage. While it's alright for a tanky build, I don't think a physical powerhouse should be feeling they're just buying time for a spellcast. Even accouting for the fact that Duran naturally does more damage than Lise, I think physical attack gear(of all types) could stand to have more of an impact to widen that gap. But accouting for Nesouk's feedback, I can assume crit builds just take a while to start showing results.
  15. Sorry, I posted that in a hurry before I forgot about it and didn't put much substance into it so it came through as a bit of a non-sequitur. I was traveling but I'm home now. Anyway, Praetarius, I know you're not working on this anymore, but I'd been using my break to play this with friends so I'll just relay what we found so far and you'll at least have the feedback. Team is Lord, Rune Master, Dragonmaster. We're up to the first go at the Holyland, so the halfway point. We will continue this when possible. Duran's shield aggro mechanic has huuuuuge strategic value and completely changed some fights, like Bill&Ben. I'd recommend also giving Lise access to them so the effect is less exclusive. Dragonmaster player felt severely underwhelmed with a crit build even rushing points into luck and switched to tech gear. Maybe ties into the next point if it's a case where it performs better at the end of the game. A lot of gear available in the first part seem to only be useful for the latter half, like the elemental and status resistances (The only status resistance that sees use is Petrify because of Gorva, really). Maybe switch them with some crucial build gear that is only available in the second half, like cast time reduction and crit bonuses Speaking of Gorva, while not too hard per se, that fight does take an abnormal amount of time even with Angela casting. Melee only teams should be even worse, given its high evasion. I recommend giving it very low physical defense to properly reward hitting it when it's within range. One mentioned Nightblade and Ninja Master's techs seem switched around, thematically speaking. Think I also said that once. Angela player has been accounting for most of the team's damage even if not hitting a weakness, Lise player was frustrated that despite equipping for physical damage, fights were defined almost entirely by the spell going off. I believe physical attacks could stand to be brought at least a little closer. Bill&Ben round 2 died without splitting up