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  1. I checked the rest of the jobs today for stat errors on level up and everything else seems to match the classes.xls except for Mime who doesn't give any Agility upon level up.
  2. Sage and Lord don't give the +3 to starting MP upon leveling them up. They do, however, still provide the +10 to Maximum MP.
  3. Okay I did a quick playthrough up till Lix. When I did the tutorials at the beginners house, the character order tutorial and the Job tutorial, the values changed. This also included the Job tutorial in the Wind Shrine. First I did the tutorials and talked to Zok in Tule and saw that Bartz mom was on the floor during the cutscene. Then I reloaded the save and avoided the tutorials, Bartz mom wasn't there. The values for the tutorials changed depending where I was in the game. I checked three times, before Wind Shrine, after Wind Shrine, and after getting the boat. When I got to Lix I had avoided the tutorials so there was no weird stuff in Bartz house. Then I did the tutorials went back to the house and there was the balloon and Bartz mom and dad.
  4. Two more bugs, the first is kinda tricky for me to explain. If I use the Single Job Set on my characters to change them to whatever job, they are fine whenever the level up their class, nobody becomes old. However, if after they level up their class and I enter the config menu, the selection is no longer on Single but Normal Job Set(varies) and some things happen. Jobs that some characters become old from(illegal jobs normally?) - Monk, Thief, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai, Berserker, Ranger, Mystic Knight, White Mage, Black Mage, and Blue Mage. Like if everyone was a Monk, Bartz would become old and everyone else would be unaffected. Jobs where everyone becomes old - Time Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Tamer, Chemist, Geomancer, Bard, Dancer, and Mimic. Jobs unaffected(config selection remains on Single Job Set) - Knight, Lord, Crusader, Dark Knight, Magus, Sage, Oracle, Arcanist, and Assassin. New jobs plus Knight. Since the config swaps to Normal Job Selection, characters can change jobs, but some are still affected with old no matter what Job they pick, it varies. So as long as I don't touch the config, none of this happens, but I like fiddling with encounter rate... If I change the controller option in config to custom and exit the menu without changing buttons I can't access the party menu again with any button, other buttons work though like confirm and cancel.
  5. I ran into a bug, I think? Only my characters in the top most slot will heal after battle. It's not character dependent, just whoevers at the top. Everyone else maintains their current health otherwise.
  6. This looks so good! Can't wait to plunge into this!
  7. Yep, I know about the whole item scaling thing. Bombs cap at 1,000 damage. Oh man, I had no problem spamming bombs at the beginning, especially with just a 4 Tinker playthrough. Their other abilities just weren't up to snuff till I got access to some decent magic boosting gear and levels, so I used what was at my disposal. Yeah, Sol Cannon was definitely the first big wall for me. That's when I swapped out of bombs completely and grinded a bit. I do really like Tinkers now that I've done the full playthrough with them, though. They were a little slow at the start(not referring to agility) and the healing got a little dicey at some later bosses, but they're enjoyable to use since their whole toolkit has uses.
  8. Okay so I did a little speedrun to retest Tinker. I see now what I was doing wrong. When I was using Tinker previously, Turret and HeRoBot did pitiful damage, so I stuck with bombs. I assumed it was due to the fact Tinker only gave Agility and HP on level up which wasn't boosting those attacks damage. I see now that around the mid 30s(levels), the character's magic attack gets high enough so that those attacks surpass bomb damage on their own. Coupled with magic and earth(?) damage boosting gear, turret actually does good damage. HeRoBot was also nice when I ran into the occasional earth resistant enemy or boss. I also tested bombs on the Puroboros. They just wouldn't die, I guess due to bombs hitting random targets? On the other hand HeRoBot absolutely decimated that boss. Also, when I used shock on Puroboros followed by HeRoBot, the game froze. I should have made an extra save to see how consistent that was, but I didn't give it too much thought at the time.
  9. I've been going through this thread looking at all the new updates to the old jobs and your newer ones, it looks so awesome! I also saw that you are reworking Monk. I would have asked about that in particular, but I never noticed it before. I guess my only questions this time around are what stats affect the abilities? Is it obvious, like !Valor and !Drag-On commands being affected by the strength and weapon attack stats? Does anything use agility or vitality like !Blitz and !Rogue? I'm not asking for specifics because that's a bit much to ask, just for a general idea. I'm also very interested in retrying a single job playthrough, what with all the new changes. Last time I did that was when the Tinker was added. I made a full party of Tinkerers and wanted to see how busted it could be with infinite items being a thing, but the attack item option was constrained to just bombs, I think. Bomb's damage was limited to 1250 or so with a full stack and even with recycle there was a one turn cooldown. Not to mention bombs hit random targets and could miss altogether, so I killed that playthrough by the second world. Tinker was amazing in the first world though, mostly...
  10. Woah! The new passives menu is so cool! It's like Final Fantasy VIII's ability system now. It really leaves room to build a characters kit without having to worry about passives clogging everything up. That alone makes me excited for this new update. I know that before passives usually gave some generic command to use, like !fight or !item, I imagine this does away with that? Also, what does Vampires !Genome command do, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Here you go! - HardType The download link is in the top right corner.
  12. Jordan are you using a sfc rom? I had the same issue while using a sfc rom and decided to try a smc one and the bug didn't present itself. You can also see the floating exclamation point during the flashback cutscene in Tule at the beginning of the game.
  13. Hi praetarius, I have to say I'm really enjoying this mod so far! I like the idea of having the separate limited builds for each character rather than the ability to just max them all out like in the original. The added Field Effect mechanic from Chrono Cross is a welcome addition considering the elemental focus of the gear. I'm also pleasantly surprised that swapping weapons in combat is actually useful this time around. When I read the class skills list I knew I had to rush the !politics ability and it does not disappoint it makes farming so much easier! I think I've encountered a bug with turning off exp gain, it doesn't work, although maybe the feature was just disabled? I'll keep you posted if I encounter any other bugs. Otherwise I just want to say this is the best Final Fantasy V mod I've played (not that there is a lot of competition unfortunately...) and that I hope you keep it up!
  14. fft 1.3

    Here are the pictures I was able to snag from the ID archive posted by Kuro no Tenshi. Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 Pictures This includes pictures of the weapons, accessories, consumables, jobs, and monsters. Unfortunately the link to the armor was unavailable, so no pictures of that. Here you will find a bunch of info on version 13034 which can be compared to the included changelog for better accuracy, maybe.
  15. I think the latest version was You can check Kaffe Myers post up above for that version as well as others.