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  1. Jordan are you using a sfc rom? I had the same issue while using a sfc rom and decided to try a smc one and the bug didn't present itself. You can also see the floating exclamation point during the flashback cutscene in Tule at the beginning of the game.
  2. Hi praetarius, I have to say I'm really enjoying this mod so far! I like the idea of having the separate limited builds for each character rather than the ability to just max them all out like in the original. The added Field Effect mechanic from Chrono Cross is a welcome addition considering the elemental focus of the gear. I'm also pleasantly surprised that swapping weapons in combat is actually useful this time around. When I read the class skills list I knew I had to rush the !politics ability and it does not disappoint it makes farming so much easier! I think I've encountered a bug with turning off exp gain, it doesn't work, although maybe the feature was just disabled? I'll keep you posted if I encounter any other bugs. Otherwise I just want to say this is the best Final Fantasy V mod I've played (not that there is a lot of competition unfortunately...) and that I hope you keep it up!
  3. fft 1.3

    Here are the pictures I was able to snag from the ID archive posted by Kuro no Tenshi. Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 Pictures This includes pictures of the weapons, accessories, consumables, jobs, and monsters. Unfortunately the link to the armor was unavailable, so no pictures of that. Here you will find a bunch of info on version 13034 which can be compared to the included changelog for better accuracy, maybe.
  4. I think the latest version was You can check Kaffe Myers post up above for that version as well as others.
  5. Here are some mods from ID that I gathered not too long ago. I hope this helps! Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType v4.8 Chrono Cross - Time's Anguish v3.7 Final Fantasy VIII (PC) - Requiem v2.2.9 Final Fantasy IX (PSX) - Unleashed v2.0.9 Final Fantasy X (PS2) - International - Punishment v1.5 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance X v1.0.3.1 Suikoden 2 - H1.5 Xenogears - HardType v4.1 Xenosaga - Episode I - HardType v2.1 Xenosaga - Episode II - HardType v3.9 Xenosaga - Episode III - HardType v1.3