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  1. Yeah, I tried this a bunch trying to create a Hurtmore-only Dragon. It would hit but there was no noticeable difference in any way. Quick update on Dragon Warrior Gogo: Just finished my first run. Oh man, did he wreck house in Kefka's Tower. 19k+ damage rounds vs. Myria. Punisher/Avenger/Dragon Helm/Dragon Hide, Muscle Belt+Sprint Shoes.
  2. This is a big reason why I kept Cyan in my party throughout WoB. Extra useful having him next to Celes. If you have a turn cycle where someone else can take the last shot, Cyan can pop Cure 2 into a Runic to spread the free MP. Also worth noting his Regen casts can turn out pretty beefy if you're pumping Stam.
  3. I've found Umaro to be a fairly reliable Colosseum combatant. Depending on the fight I'll throw him in with Rage Belt and either Life Bell or Sprint Shoes, prebuff him with Float, and watch the magic. Pros: He doesn't have a long list of potentially useless spells to waste actions with. Just consistent, sometimes massive physical damage. Cons: Very low dodge rates, Ogre Nix rips him apart. If your opponent uses Vanish you're SoL unless you brought Blizzard Orb. I think a properly tailored Shadow would fair much better, but Umaro's a good plug-and-play right out of the box. Strong, pretty tanky, and predictable. My Shadow's underleveled this run so Mr. Samsquanch has been my go-to choice.
  4. Love the format, these will be a big help when it's decision time next run.
  5. Got home and gave this a quick test. Runic, Bushido, and ??? all work just fine with a rod as long as you're duel wielding a dagger in hand #2. No offhand artistry though, so still incompatible with Sketch. And of course there's still the whole stop-rage bit.
  6. You're right, considering the rod crits don't actually happen there aren't any. Duel wielding rage definitely works though, there are two distinct hits happening. I haven't closely tested the numbers but I think the Rod spell procs might even be multiplied, which is crazy. IIRC Dark was hitting Tyranos for ~4k using Fight, but in Dragon rage they're chunking 9999 every time! It was pretty intense.
  7. The coolest thing about Gogo is exactly what makes him special in this case, he can use abilities in ways they were never intended to be used on the original character. In the case of rods he's making all sorts of weapon-based special attacks, but Relm and Strago don't have any of these fancy physical bells and whistles, so the interaction issues never come up. Mog on the other hand can Jump with a rod, with a similar outcome to Gogo's shenanigans. He gets the Jump damage boost and some spell procs but no autocrits. The duel-wielding bit on the other hand means Rage attacks are hitting twice, which is big. Rods just happen to be one of his better main-hand choices. As cool as the crt-hits would be in Rage, it might be a little much on top of that x4 Dragon multiplier. A rod-Mug build on the other hand could be all sorts of fun! A funky, hobo-ragged man stealing your jerky with a magic wand and a shiv would be a beautiful build.
  8. You can't prove that, that crazy old man is eccentric as hell. There's definitely a VIP suite upstairs somewhere where he kicks back with Ziegfried and some glasses of scotch.
  9. Alright so I did some testing. My theory was maybe some equipment piece or relic was interfering, so I ran Gogo naked against a bunch of Harpy mobs outside Thamasa. I used two single weapon setups, Ice Rod and Demonsbane since they have the same Bat power(Demonsbane has +3 vigor but I figured that's small potatoes). Skill setup was Steal/Fight/Rage. I switched up my rage to Hornet for a free haste buff, and maybe to see if it was a Dragon problem. -Under Ice Rod, Gogo was Needler'ing Harpy for ~2k. No noticable crit procs. -Under Demonsbane, Gogo was Needler'ing for ~2k. Alright, so same situation as dragon. Maybe it's an ability thing. I go into his Relic list and reequip the Thief Glove. Steal is now Mug, and he'll get a +25% boost. -Under Ice Rod, Gogo Mugs Harpy for ~750. Rod noise and animation both trigger, but no "white flash" indicating a crit. -Under Demonsbane, Gogo Mugs Harpy for ~750. No crits. Now as a control, still with Thief Glove, Fight command hits. -Under Ice Rod, Gogo hits Harpy for a whopping ~1,480. Crit flash triggers. -Under Demonsbane, Gogo Fights Harpy for ~750. No crits. As an extra experiment, I equipped him with an Ice Rod, Imp'd Celes a dozen times and drained him down to 0 MP. Fight for ~750 damage, no white flash, consistent with Mug. So basically, Rods aren't critting on Gogo under special abilities. They work for Fight, but not Mug or Rage. For these two they just do baseline non-crit damage, with an off-chance of procing a random cast. Fight was an equipped command for all the above tests. Of course I don't know what the intent is in Mug's case, maybe it's not supposed to crit, but if it used to trigger for Rage something's changed. Running 1.8.6 currently, patched from 1.8.5+hotfixes. I patched 1.8.6 onto a clean file for giggles, same results.
  10. Having some trouble with this one. I've been experimenting with different Gogo builds, one of which is Punisher/Avenger /w Thief Glove. ~50 magic and vigor, Slots/Magic/Rage. The idea is he can switch-hit between pulling magic support next to Gau/Celes with free Go Fish rolls for maintenance heals, or swap to a single target Dragon-beast while stam Gau rages Tumbleweed for boss fights. Against a Tyranos he'll Hurtmore around 3.1k twice, maybe random cast Dark for 8.5k. Not bad at all. Swapping out Slots for Fight however doesn't seem to do anything special. No noticeable crit cues and the same average damage over a dozen or so fights. Running 1.8.6, did Hurtmore get fixed to put the nix the rod crits?
  11. Thanks for sharing these! The shawl-bearing Terra is especially welcome, I've never been a fan of her strange triangle-collar sprite. There's a lot of skin and some questionable fashion choices going on.
  12. I'm going to have to put in a big vote for my wildboy Gau. Gau has always been one of my favorite characters with his whole feral child vibe, but the endless rage lists in Vanilla was pretty overwhelming to a 10-year old(although an early Templar rage was pretty cool!). A big draw for my BNW experience was Gau's overhaul breathing new life into the beautiful mess that is Rage. The best part of Gau BNW or otherwise is he's your first non-Esper or Dr. Frankenstein'd source of magic. Terra's basically half alien and the government has a secret baby-torture program to breed living weapons, most of the world's population is pretty sure magic is a myth ...meanwhile here's some illiterate raised-by-wolves kid casually busting out Fire 2. This is still my first run starting from 1.8.4 but let's break it down so far: - Gau joined in for Sabin's separation arc. AoE attacks are still at a rare premium, in pops the Leafer morph with a free AoE guaranteed on every turn. Between Cyan and Sabin you don't have a free heal to stretch your supplies, but Solider has an occasional Remedy as icing on some decent damage. And when all else fails, x3 damage from Tek Armor is great and the Laser hasn't fallen off quite yet. - Did I mention the free Reraise spam via Conjurer? - In Narshe he teams up with Celes or Terra for some stacked AoE damage. Solid stuff. - Magitek Lab comes online with Espers. Now there's only Stray available, and Gau's in my party 24/7, so he's getting some massive Stamina boosts quick. Defender and Rhinotaur are starting to come online for some powerful, although riskier heals. - Thamasa is the turning point here. Up until now, Gau was utilitarian with good AoE damage, but no major-leaguer for single target. My first Cephalid morph was a "hey maybe I'll try this" moment that shocked with multi-thousand damage. As his stamina stacked it just got more absurd, I wasn't referencing the PrintMe much at this point but it was pretty clear Tentacle was scaling with stam. Now every turn he has is a 2/3 chance of massive AoE output or a single instant-kill on the Floating Continent. Gau's been my heaviest hitter since, rivaled only by Vigor Cyan and the eventual Rage Belt Umaro. At low 30s he's clocking 7k+ Shrapnel hits. His build is just a full-bore glass cannon with Sprint Shoes and Blizzard Orb. If Gau rolls Shrapnel first turn, the encounter's over. Fanatic Tower was a joke with consistent, element-free AoE nukes(up until Magimaster, who just slaps him for not using magic and heals the 8k hits with elixirs). He's fragile, but a healer topping him off and keeping him buffed with Reraise handles that well enough. Gau has registered more damage my whole run than most of the other characters combined. And if that isn't enough for the encounter, he plays a great pinch support with Harvester and Sun Baths(Silver Dragon thaws anyone?) upwards of 1k. So the MVP of my run? Wildboy Gau, roughing them up and shutting them down. Filled a much needed role at nearly every story point, runs on autopilot, eventually transitioning to a damage-dealing deathmachine. All for 0 mana. TL;DR: Full stam, sprint shoes Gau. Hits like a truck, loves the word Thou, thinks he's a squid.