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  1. Where are the forum rules

    You're welcome. You are only one of three 3 people at all positive in this community. At ... all ... In fact one of the few people to also put together just how damning the communities responses were, got threatened with evidence that amounted to no more than the same domain (gmail is one of the most common) and the same date joined, possibly back to back. If it were back to back then this suggests incredible foresight from the person. Perhaps he already knew the community was toxic (unlike me). In that case, he should be commended for sticking it out. I didn't take it personally, because I found it funny. Of course, humor is not tolerated in toxic communities. That's why the thread was first split and then locked. If I still thought the community worth anything, I'd edit my own posts with more humor. But I just don't have it in me. I've rather keep all the "you're incoherent" and "you're wrong" responses so people can see that, aside from being slowly added notes over the course of hours of gameplay, nothing I've written is that far-fetched. It will serve as a better warning to anyone who pokes around the community before joining. Perhaps I should have done that more. I was too excited about the product. I wish you the best in fighting the elitism tendencies. As a brand-new / FOB kind of immigrant here, I'll point out how glaringly obvious is was that there are a huge amount of chiefs and not very many indians. I hope you get to stay a chief. I asked for the rules partly to see what the restrictions were on said chiefs. You seem to be the only chief I've seen (there could be even more!) who takes the "don't be an asshole" rule seriously. It's a very hard rule to get people to obey on 'teh internetz.' After all, anonymity + audience = @%$#! I've done as you ask and given the community some time. I didn't mind being immediately shit on, as it happens in a lot of big communities. In big communities people disagree afterward to cancel on the "first!" effect. Except it became clear this one was small, and thus a majority of those "shitposts" as that other mod (but without a title) put it were all there were. When the majority of people are the shitters, the community itself just kinda becomes shitty. I feel bad for you in that respect. I get to leave, and although I don't believe this community is good enough for other even half way normal gamers to join, I hope you don't leave. I would, however, totally understand if you did. If I were the lead coder in BNW, I would be quite ashamed of the posters here. The reason I chose to shift a run that was very special to me was because it appeared as if BNW had delivered a superior version of one of the best RPGs of all time. I do not regret doing so, but I do regret expecting any kind of friendly help when I asked for the tiniest amount (concerning putting SP back on track). I put in more than that half hour of holding the turbo button and got nothing out other than a laugh at knee-jerk reactions (how dare I say their work isn't perfect!) and forum etiquette (usually mods in small communities PM users whose posts they edit so they can be made aware of a rule, especially if that person is new). I'm not saying that the product is dependent on the community, but it does pull it down. Instead of wanting to redo the run and share it, happily pointing people here, I'll not mention it to my gamer buddies. If I see anyone find this place like I have, I'll be sure to share my story of yet another small toxic community on the internet and tell them to not waste their time. It is said amongst the open source OS community that the biggest threat to a good, but small, new OS isn't that people don't know about it. It's that people know of an alternative that is just creaky enough to use, albeit after much complaining about how unwieldy it is. This is BNW's problem with FF6 vanilla. It doesn't matter if its superior. People know that vanilla works just enough to use under their own constraints. After all I could have finished the run in vanilla and then posted the results on a vanilla FF6 board and probably gotten the kind of excited, positive responses one might hope for from this place. If I need some feel good attention later on, I might just do that. I joined a product in development to purposely give a unique viewpoint in hopes of making the product better. Vanilla doesn't have that potential. Now, I'll just leave and not care if BNW gets ignored in gaming history. So long and thanks for all the fish (I received none here). PS that title is oddly ironic. A is a book everyone should read, at least as long as liberalism and (post)modernism lasts. It along, with with 1984 which I alluded to earlier, has a lot to do with the censorship, immorality, and the crippling of the morality that led Western culture to define the world at large. If a youngster is thinking of playing this mod and has not read the book, please, stop playing the mod, and read the book all the way through first. Then when you come back, you'll have a whole difference appreciation for toxic communities.
  2. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Because the magic system is split up, and I wouldn't know who would be useful, I basically did something very close to a natural magic run too. The only time I spent magic was during the first atma and maybe umaro. I kinda trusted the game about it being okay to bank SP, so it was basically the whole game's worth of SP that's "lost". Obviously I can turn off xp and put in a half hour, so its not that big a deal. But this would have been the case if I hadn't run from all random battles; I still wouldn't have trusted the respec option later and would have trusted the banking. Basically I put my faith in the wrong mechanic. But again, I took detailed notes, so a few minutes of "virtual grinding" with the XP gains off would put the run exactly back on track as if I had known of the SP cap. Its not a big "problem." The only reason I mentioned it was in case there was a game genie code someone had. I did not expect such massive "anti-cheating" backlash from a ROM hack community. It can be ignored. Also, turbo/game genie is a built in feature unless there is some Bob New Ross code I'm unaware of. PS. I have spoken with you on other boards, potentially. It's not quoting the part where you quote me in the quote button. Ug. That's why I like to not use quote buttons on boards and instead do things manually with quote tags. You never know what they will do. "I turbo'd through to include some fixes on additions to the mod that I believe are a mistake" is off by one letter. It should have said "or" instead of "on". I've edited that letter. Anyways, the statement is correct but not very relevant. For instance when I go grind back the SP to put the run "on track" I will be using turbo to correct for one of those things I think are mistakes, or atleast oversights. Why cap the SP at all? I also tested the no-XP mode at the very end of WoB (to gain gold for those magicites that I otherwise shouldn't have by the rules of the run) after I realized the null SP gain was retained from vanilla. This way if the mod didn't have vanilla's "cheaper magicite" option in WoR, I wouldn't lose anything. I didn't mention the null SP thing because it was a hold-over from vanilla and thus not relevent to direct criticisms of the mod, but I think that near the null XP mode (which of course limits EL) there should also be a secondary null-SP mode. This allows the SP that you would gain from newly entering characters to rack up. An example is Setzer joining after fleeing the magitech factory. You don't have the option to equip an esper on him before, so you lose some SP. Again, its a small feature request but it always bugged me that vanilla did that. About level amounts: There's a reason its hard to follow that. I'm glad you asked. What happened was that I basically edited the rules of the run temporarily to see if it would make the atma fight any different (spoiler, it didn't). I was curious if the fight would be doable if BNW had followed vanilla's level amounts. While it did make the fight shorter, it also make the choke points harder. Specifically, because the levels went up it caused the damage formula of one of atma's attacks to go even more off the scales. That's when I knew something was wrong with the attack. Grinding is how you make the game easier, not make your TPKs even more pronounced. That's why I so heavily disliked not knowing what was going on in the damage formulas. In vanilla, it kind of doesn't matter because levels are ... good. But in BNW levels are almost useless. What really matters is ELs. This reaks of the classic "you must use my mechanic to proceed" gaming flaw that almost all games have to some degree. For a particularly glaring example, try playing Starcraft II wings of liberty on the train mission and not using diamond backs on brutal. It's almost impossible. I spent three and a half hours grinding it out just because being shoe-horned into a bad unit type was not my idea of fun. Years later I redid the level and it took a half hour to use their (forced) tool. But I digress. You're misreading that one sentence. I did not in fact edit "anything to give you more EXP like you did with the chest fight in the Beginners school." Do you really think I took a hex editor to an already hacked game (after decompiling it) just to maintain the integrity on a run that, frankly, no one else has the balls for? No, of course not (especially considering I've stated I don't want it to take any longer than it has to). All I did was track how much it should have given (remember that I've restarted this run many times, some in vanilla) and then fight a random battle to simulate that XP. Being off by 5xp makes no difference when character levels are re-averaged. Sigh. Again, since I have not edited the game (only the run retroactively), of course the ROM will be the same as anyone else's. Give me an upload link and I'll throw it up for you. Zzz As best I can tell, I've tested out every piece of interaction I can tease from the mod. I did not enjoy that process because it slowed down an already very long run. Remember that in addition to playing the game, I'm trying to ascertain if the run is even doable at all, since no one else has done it. I don't want to give up, post the details here, and then be told that somebody else did it successfully (insert dark souls meme here). You might be able to show me things that I don't know, due to having no random battles. Specifically, I had to make sure at each of my three choke points, that there wasn't something I was missing that would allow me to progress. I was mocked earlier for not doing my research prior to the run earlier, but that's a direct contradiction to the "go find out for yourself" mentality about certain things in BNW, but not others. And the line is arbitrary, and unspoken. But I won't rehash that here. I will say that its completely in line with my request that more enemy information be in the printme. Its BNW-only information so I literally cannot go research it if I wanted to: BNW monsters are no longer vanilla monsters.
  3. Regarding Orwellian Nightmares and the Mystery Egg

    (I'm not on mobile) but I think its because this boards is "fancier" than a lot of others. For instance, the numbering and the lettering of the thread URLs is independent. So you can typo it and still be correct! That's cool.
  4. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Thanks. I figured it out on the egg thread. The part that missed with my is that mouse wheel clicking didn't actually quote. Only the left click does. Other boards I use have both, but I only use the mouse wheel so I can manually adjust the order more easily. It's a minor adjustment for a newbie like me to make. That's fair. I don't really have a goal with the NRB, other than to see if its doable without too much time invested. Its a video game, so fun is always a consideration. It does allow a two birds with one stone. NRBs are wierd, but they have been done in other games with even more in-your-face / you-must-fight-all-monsters paradigms. Lobos Jr has a great Dark Souls 1 run doing this called "clear Lordaeron" I think. But wait, what is the "problem" you're referencing? I've asked for nothing aside from seeing if anyone had a game genie code to save me a half hour of grinding to put the run back on track as if I had known about the 30SP cap (which I could not have possibly known about without literally taking notes on someone speedrunning this game). If no one has a game genie code, that's fine. If by "changes you made," you mean "how I played the run", then well yeah I do give some uniquely valuable feedback. But most of the feedback is not specific to a RNB run like the ellipsis comment. But a themed run isn't me editing the game similiar to FF Bob New Ross. The fact is, you don't know until the first person tries. If you have to learn from my mistakes and not try a NRB run, then it is a good thing I posted my experiences. I could have clammed up, not help the community, and then let the next guy feel the pain instead. See the tags (which I can't find now). Also, FF4, chrono trigger, and FF6 vanilla are in fact great targets for a RNB run. Heck even a more hardcore game like DS3 is a good target, in my opinion. It's a better speedrunning target, but most games are. PS. Bauglir do you play D&D?
  5. Regarding Orwellian Nightmares and the Mystery Egg

    It was my, um 3rd post? But claiming that I've "complained that BNW is wrong" is a straight lie. Try in vain all you want to find where I said so. You won't because you know it doesn't exist either. You may, however be exaggerating. But if you're exaggerating negatively about someone else ... then that's more guns blazing than anyone I've said. I only found the spoilers button after I went back to edit my second post. [spoilers] is different in a lot of boards. I would have found it very reasonable if the response was simply edited to be spoilered. One of the nicer mods asked for some self reflection. So here's what karma is on a boards: its an unsigned variance measurement. But that doesn't tell me anything non-obvious. The reason its unsigned is because most people are true neutral alignment. This is probably the most insightful thing I've said on this board. I'll hop on dischord and explain it if you would like to hear the logic behind that result. It was humor ninja. But if you don't find it funny, I'm getting a bit sick of no one quoting what they are talking about (as I always do) and then attributing things that don't exist. Feel free to ban me if you want to feel better about it not being 1984. You can delete the other two extremely detailed, helpful posts I've made. Then you can feel better that someone dared joke in your empire. You hit the nail on the head. I've only invested half a dozen real posts here. If it stays oddly generalized and flame-y I can go with very little time lost. We'll see if the third strike comes. I know there's atleast one nice admin here. The only PM I've sent has a reply of, in full, "Oh, that's neat. Thanks." when someone pointed out that this thread had been edited rather than spoilered. That was the only reason I even knew to look. Most boards I use don't even allow admin editing of posts so that way they bear no responsibility for what posters post. AGAIN, I'm fine with it in principal, but the stealth was surprising (and humorous). Edit: I FIGURED OUT THE QUOTING SYSTEM. Just don't "fight" the formatting. Use the multiquote add in the tiny "Quote 1 post" button pops up instead. Most forums' multiquote is kinda bad but this one is actually pretty good. The only downside is that you can't "do things manually" very easily. I wonder if I can delete my old posts to deflate the post count to its normal 6 or so.
  6. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Because " apologize about the post spam, but the forum code doesn't allow me to highlight and copy paste everything into one big post. The quote blocks always fight me.." I can just use the /quote text I guess. I'll try it below and see how it goes. I did read the readme. It was amusing. What makes you think I edited BNW? Again, I have not modded the mod; my emulator file will exactly match yours (after I delete the saves). It's not. I just thought it was well balanced that it's so close. No one else would be able to provide that feedback, so I thought I would. Concerning your strawman, you've suspiciously dropped the full quote. Not only was I replying to someone who had a problem with speeding up the game with game genie codes, but I was actively saying that he can't possibly believe that. So really I was actively avoiding strawmanning him ... in two separate ways. The answer to why I chose the sprint shoes cheat is that it saves time. You can preload it across plays and save time. The whole point of using the cheats I mentioned is solely to save time. The amount that it saves (8 hours vs 8 seconds) is neither here nor there. I purposely picked a clear-cut example of why using game genie codes should not automatically entitle dismissive responses to a playthrough that is identical aside from the speed. I did the run 5 times, read everything I could get my hands on about it, but I can't simply monkeying someone else's work because no one else has done this kind of run for BNW to my knowledge. BNW is new and small. I'll settle for just putting it in the readme. After all, BNW has full control of all the algorithms, so there's no reason to not list it there. Almost. It more like "I know I've done everything optimally before this point (see XP list above), so either its a party swap/ strategy change or its AI manip. I only settled on AI manip as a last resort when no other strategies worked. You're welcome to try the run without using any AI manipulation and show me how easy both atma fights are for you. Just don't touch the turbo button or put in a RNB game genie code or everyone will taunt your run as "invalid" because you didn't want to step half your game time holding the run button. None. I am a blank slat. An unbiased observer, showing what would happen if anyone else tried what I am trying. I had no idea how it would go, specifically. If I had to guess when I started, it would be that atma would mulitple times in a row party-wide 1 shot and end the run. It didn't happen after I realized I could AI manipulate him. I'm showing what anyone would encounter if they simply tried it. That's why my results are so useful (and compelling). There is very little bias in the results besides "let's try to make something agonizing not so agonizing." Apparently that rubbed a lot of purists the wrong way, along with all things "cheaty". I get it. I have friends who consider "hacks" like this "cheating" compared to "how the game was released." BNW is an abomination to them. I tell them to get over "mods", just like I've politely been doing in the above game genie discussion. which is what, exactly? Failure in the run? edit: Okay, when I use "quote=" like normal forums, it just eats the person I'm responding to. I guess I should have made several posts in a row....
  7. Regarding Orwellian Nightmares and the Mystery Egg

    It was removed rather than spoilered... Ask a simple question get a simple answer is normal conversation. There is no "strange mix" there. I never pay attention to karma: it's like Who's Line is it Anyways (where the games are made up and the points don't matter). Partaking is just asking for ganks. @Mishrak that argument can be reductio ad absurdum'd: why tell the player anything? They can have "fun" grinding out tests to reverse engineer the algorithms themselves. See timed attack and roll forumlae for Dark Souls to see it in action: the average player just shrugs and asks the guy doing the tests. 99% don't bother testing for themselves. They either look it up (like this thread is asking), or they complain about it. I prefer to be helpful (and funny) rather than pull things down. @Hart-Hunt first of all I love the icon. It makes me hear "POWER OVERWHELMING" every time I see it. I figured it was a tradition thing. Other forums have threads like "common abbreviations", etc. In the few forums I am more than a passing member, I'm often the person who makes/adds heavily to them. I'll read any you point me to. But I'm noob, so I don't know any here yet.
  8. Regarding Orwellian Nightmares and the Mystery Egg

    Let's insert some humor into this Orwellian nightmare: QUICK SHOVE IT DOWN THE MEMORY HOLE! We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia.
  9. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Oops didn't mean to leave you out. I'm glad you enjoyed my extreme mod (and tags? I know you liked those tags). For the record, I'm probably not going to play BNW normally, atleast until I AI manipulate all the way to the end. The only "fun" I'm missing is the random battles. The fanatics tower stands out. Clearly I am aware that BNW!=vanilla, hence why I discuss the differences. But what fixes from vanilla are you saying I've applied, exactly? I haven't hex edited the mod or anything. I just checked my first post; I only use the subjunctive when talking about "fixes" for BNW.
  10. Hey I'm new to this community and I need to know straight out where the rules on behavior are. Basically, is it a toxic place to someone who is always time-invested, nice, and intelligent? Is this the kind of forum where mods will remove your posts, not because you've said something inflammatory or derogatory, but merely because they do not like the helpful, to-the-point content of your speech?
  11. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Last thing: Again, does anyone have a game genie code to force the SP "cap" (shake's fist) to 30? It would save me turning off XP and grinding to the value I have recorded. Oh. Speaking of that. I kept very detailed records about every non-random battle (excluding secondary iterations of infinite nonrandom ones). In case this is useful to anyone else, I'll just dump the plain text from my spreadsheet: The far right side fields are if I redid the area and had different things happen (as is unavoidable in a game that almost forces save states as per the ELs upon death -> game over screen discussion).
  12. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    If you say so. My only clue was the Narshe beginner's room on LLGs. It's good to hear vague generalities about reasons for the levels, for instance, but I'll only settle for some hard specifics. I provided specifics. I presume you have some too. What are they? I agree with you about the "make you own solution." That's why I didn't dig up BNW world guides. All I had was the game, which is why I talk about the printme so much.
  13. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    I missed Phantom in my esper/spell checking. Kudos to you finding that mistake. That makes me feel better out Gau/Sabin with Stray. What else is looney, though? The RNB part? I know I'm crazy to have tried that part. Your atma fight looked like mine (you've got less HP, but far more options due to random battles with gau & strago). I enjoyed watching it. I'm not a guide-dang-it kind of guy so I didn't, like, spend hours researching or anything. I just played. It's not like anyone else has done a NRB run of this before, though. That's why I saved my valuable feedback.
  14. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    So if any player accidentally hits the turbo button once, they are no longer playing BNW? If a player introduces sprint shoes cheat to avoid having to toggle the "hold b button causes sprint" option, they are no longer playing BNW? What matters is what the purpose of the alteration was. Mine was purely to save time. Because you so frivolously dismissed my post, I'll dismiss the rest of yours until you go to this sticking point (which you used to dismiss dozens hour of first hand, objective play testing feedback from a heavily knowledgeable RPG gamer)
  15. 1st play, No Random Battles Run

    Because a lack of grinding is the "control" or "baseline" for balancing RPGs. It's kind of an old standard for game development.