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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    nah just magatama is enough, no need to boost his magic damage, it inflicts a debuff that makes normal fights pretty easy (reflects 100% of the damage they do)
  2. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Are you making use of fireblaze on preffereble hawk or kevin ? since it reduces physical defense it also buffs the damage of hawks spells constantly, especially against bosses, just set one of them to lvl 1 tech only with the item equipped another toy u can try is the magatama on hawk and let him cast black rain on normal enemies and watch the carnage unfold
  3. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    didnt the defense buffs/debuffs also add/substract a flat 10 or was it only the buffs ? ^^
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    with they stack i meant that fire blaze an protect down stack with each other, not with themself fireblaze just reduces physical defense everytime it procs, can proc twice on kevin and hawks lvl 1 tech in a row from the mechanics guide: 16) if Lv1 tech and successful counter attack and Fireblaze equipped: reduce target physical defense permanently!! -25% for regular enemies -STR/2 for bosses -1 for bosses that are "immune" to this effect since the defense loss is permanent it cant be dispelled by antimagic or deathands final weapon
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Fireblaze defense shred is seperated , every counter mutiplies regular enemys defense by 0,75 stacking multiplicative. so 200 defense becomes 150 then 113, 84, 63 defense down reduces defense by 10 but then slaps a damage multiplier of 1,25 to your physical damage against bosses they loose half your STR stat additive fireblaze and protect down stack
  6. Weapon effects stacking

    yes tree spirit ring/ dragon ring + saber stack with each other
  7. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    only supportive spells like buffs sabers and debuffs, except black curse can be casted instantly ^^
  8. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    there is one boss who is 1/3rd vulnerable to it ^^
  9. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    hawk is the only class whose cast speed scales with spirit, a defensive stat that boosts magic resist a stat that allows him to learn spells as a wanderer a stat that can allow him to skip strenght entirely with his Spirit weapon , therefore he doesnt even loose meele damage 0,5 second castspeed is what we are talking about two half vanishs make deathspell look like a joke ability in terms of dps especially with a tree spirit ring on top of it. dont underestimate the wanderer he also has an int weapon that gives him bonus tech damage, capped str+int for low points , no str needed
  10. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    magatama/curse dark magic, i assume you are glaring at nightblades black rain, means if you curse them with black rain or blow needles and they attack you with physical damage they take the same amount of damage back, doesnt work with techs like whirlwindsword but it reflects physical spells like enemy ninjamasters, a cursed ninjamaster casting multitarget shuriken on your team will get hit by his 3 salves of shurikens and probably kill himself in hilarious fashion while you take nothing in return ^^
  11. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    well marduke always works, and ninjamaster with acala (ignore physical immunity weapon) can multitarget shuriken and melt the pesky gremlins in like 2-3 shots , same for boulders/powerbuilders on normal since hawk scales stupid with spirit and agility you can ignore strenght for the most part or completly and just focus on agi+pie+luck and then vit and a bit of int , with carlies energyshields you get +10 max mp and double mp regeneration, more then pouring loads of points into int will ever give you set hawk on lvl 1 tech only since it hits twice for 130% damage and give him a fireblaze if you use a lvl1 tech while an enemy is attacking or after they attacked it deals boosted damage, called a counter, scales with agility, hawk proc that twice when you counter an enemy with a fireblaze you multiply their physical defense with 0,75 . multiple times just firejutsu slimes and the likes to death anti magic safe for some bosses is heavily overrated Bishop with energyshield and tree spirit ring (mp drain) doesnt need int either since carlie doesnt get anything out of intelligence , so she can stay stupid like she is carlies bishop weapon scales of pie , so you just need to speck into 4 stats instead of 6 , capping everything and with her final weapon she is as powerful as a duelist
  12. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    AGL from 19 to 30 reduce weapon delay by 1-12 so 1 point per point over 18 and its halved for hawk and kevin for obvious reasons
  13. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    I think the 2 spells where supposed to go to a planned boss on bucca island , a giant octo-monster , i read that it was planned but scrapped
  14. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    i play on highest difficulty but im only lvl 55 atm , preparing for my second of the 8 GBs. Beastman collars on all characters and i usually go to golden road and aoe jutsu everything, i ignore treasure chest during those sessions thou, the traps are not worth candys and item seeds
  15. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    ah Genova ^^ since he summons swarms of minions praetarius didnt give him much health (i would assume) if you are controlling hawk use his backslash/lvl 1 tech instead of silhoutte slice, if not change his behaviour in the menue before hand. he took me a couple tries too but at somepoint he died to multitarget damage from hawk and lises lvl 2 tech and i didnt even focus on him dont be shy to spamm item seeds, carlie is weak to earth so rocklide will do a lot of damage, use dreamsee herbs till you are not on a fire (meltwave) or earth day (spikes earthslide)