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  1. AGL from 19 to 30 reduce weapon delay by 1-12 so 1 point per point over 18 and its halved for hawk and kevin for obvious reasons
  2. I think the 2 spells where supposed to go to a planned boss on bucca island , a giant octo-monster , i read that it was planned but scrapped
  3. i play on highest difficulty but im only lvl 55 atm , preparing for my second of the 8 GBs. Beastman collars on all characters and i usually go to golden road and aoe jutsu everything, i ignore treasure chest during those sessions thou, the traps are not worth candys and item seeds
  4. ah Genova ^^ since he summons swarms of minions praetarius didnt give him much health (i would assume) if you are controlling hawk use his backslash/lvl 1 tech instead of silhoutte slice, if not change his behaviour in the menue before hand. he took me a couple tries too but at somepoint he died to multitarget damage from hawk and lises lvl 2 tech and i didnt even focus on him dont be shy to spamm item seeds, carlie is weak to earth so rocklide will do a lot of damage, use dreamsee herbs till you are not on a fire (meltwave) or earth day (spikes earthslide)
  5. Here is how i dealt so far with those enemys since i have a similiar team, starlancer/ninjamaster/lord slime princes/giga crawlers really dont like mindup fire jutsu attacks (flamecoins from zombies,if you fight at night, are also really good against the early slimes) against carmillas i used durans in your case carlies heal light on them and for the wolfs i recommend a poison weapon at least on 1 character at all times you have holy magic on carlie for gremlins and you can poison them just run from boulders
  6. i have the same leather visor bug ^^
  7. So here is a bug i found , i got poisoned from a treasure chest while duran and hawk had the lifesteal accecorys equipped and my health would continiously go down even after i screen transinitioned. Hawk was wearing the passive life regen accecory so i could understand if that was buggy and the game cant handle Dot and regen at the same time. I cured the poison via screen changing and not healingherbs thou. (Lise had cobra earings and was ofc fine)