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  1. Hard mode release?

    it acts as a bump to show interest. also, if you don't get the appeal of a hard mode, no need to flame it.
  2. Hard mode release?

  3. Hard mode release?

    One Month Later
  4. it's been well over a year, is development for this done? or should i keep on waiting for a update?
  5. In amala network lv 12 ish, had full moon fight vs 2 shiidsaa. they both used warcry. that makes the second one waste it's turn right? cause they both apply 2 stacks of attack down and thats the cap? any chance to make it so the enemies don't waste turns like this? i mean, it has enemy AI changes, so, possible?
  6. One more update please

    we dont know how hard it is to edit the image maybe its a pain, editing text should be easy tho, that was my logic
  7. I'm a firm believer, that mods, should always when started, make the player feel confidant that they are actually playing your hack. can we change the description of "new game" from 'Start the game from the beginning" to "Begin Nocturne Hardtype hack 1.5.1" or something? (or 1.5.2 in this case)
  8. About Fallen/Risen Star

    sent you a PM
  9. Feedback and Suggestions for Future GS mods or FS/RS

    If you can, you still need to post all the locations of all the hidden/super bosses in golden sun 2. people can generally assume GS1 is crossbone, but i recall risen star (hopefully correctly) and theres a ton of new hidden bosses yeah? can't beat em if we can't fight em. also, locations of mimics and mad plants. also for a fix, you overflowed Isutodoragon HP that resulted in him having 1 HP also you inspired me to start work on some simple hard mods of my own...for no particular reason. for your new mod, theres a new program called golden sun magic that can edit enemies weaknesses and resistance data, among other new things. check it out.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions for Future GS mods or FS/RS

    Do you have a change list for Djinn effects or were they not touched at all? wondering if Gust is still garbage at only 10% chance for double damage. The Drone Bees in Kolima Forest where tret is, are extremely weak for the players power at this point in the game. The games easy upto here other then bosses (they are medium) but this is the first area where the player is fighting totally new enemies and should be prepared. They do ~10 damage and considering the player has HP regen, and PP regen while walking for cure, they pose actually 0 threat. they should probably get +15 attack. either this, or maybe nurf the early gears HP regen, as it honestly carrys you the entire early game. what level is "balanced" to beat GS1 fallen star at for GS2 transfer?
  11. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    on a random note i would kill for a lufia returns (game boy color) mod. that game would be absolutely amazing with a truly hard difficulty. hell i'd even help out. maybe i'll make the offer once im done golden sun and get to testing this and gift mode. i expect gift mode to be interesting.
  12. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    im extremely interested. i may grab this next week and do some balance testing on hard mode for you. (BTW, any chance you can literally change the text from "retry" to "hard" and "gift" to..."Rogue"? gonna be rolling through fallen and risen star first, atleast fallen star (as im also playing tears to tiara 2 platinum playthrough) and maybe you'll throw more changes while i wait as this seems freshly full of big changes.
  13. About Fallen/Risen Star

    im hype for new mods, on the other hand, if you are looking into dark dawn modding again, i'd be willing to help out. i feel like dark dawn has much more possibilities due to no 16k HP cap. additionally, characters despite 3D were made so that if you want characters to use equipment they cant normally use, it works fine. IE native supported in the code. as an aside, is your new golden suns mods, still going to be "insane difficulty"? (i REALLY hope so~)
  14. Feedback and Suggestions for Future GS mods or FS/RS

    I'm going to play them through again. but i'd like to say they had NO exp curve problems, especially no endgame grind. So im directly saying to ignore the previous posts comment. i forget where in the lost age, but in golden sun 1 if you choose to fight and kill the lizard in the tornado that takes you to crossbone island, he gives you like 32k exp or something insane. (before people in the future read this and go oh, ill do that then skip normal fights, almost every single enemy in the game past mid game, and i think literally every enemy at the end of the game, has a UNIQUE RARE amazing equipment it can drop. as a reminder, drop rates go up if you kill enemies with a djinn whose element they are weak to) as i recall the lost age risen star doesn't by default have hard mode accessible. could you either mod the game to allow selecting hard mode of a fresh new game? or provide a sav to access it? that would certinly be a worthy change if possible to do fresh hard mode. i don't remember everything i noted down in my first play of GS1, but i recall ....treant? (tree boss in forest that you could or not have mia) being extremely skip-able by using instant death. anyway gonna start now, in a few days i'll post some notes. i only maybe recall mid game being to easy, but i guess with the 16K HP cap you can't go to ham or you hit it early. but anyway i recall thinking the mods was honestly near-perfect. is there anyway to restore the old posts for where cool equips are and so forth?