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  1. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Im aware, i would still like to chat. I want to know where the tables are, and interview you about your methods. I'm making a tool that might work with shadow hearts, and i'm willing enough to put some time into making shadow hearts tools for you if i can get enough information about the game.
  2. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    @zedorfed66 I would like to ask you some questions about your modding process over discord. My discord is Dawnbomb#3408 Even if your really late to seeing this message, i will still be interested. Hope to hear from you.
  3. My Questions

    Alright, as i compile information im gonna post it all in this topic, seems more reasonable to me for some reason. Anyway, each character has a accessory to resist X element, and that element is also what they already resist? whats the point, does it resist more? From what i gather all resists are 50%, if duran has Master's Armband, does he get 75% ice resistance, or did i get something wrong somewhere, or has something changed from the info last put into the patch download? Actually, im pretty sure something is just wrong. Because Durans war king's crest says remove weakness to ice, but he isn't weak to ice he is weak to fire? and that would just make me think "well sure those two separate sheets weren't both updated to each other", sure, except the gear sheet also has Duran's Beryl Armet removing weakness of base class fire. Well now im sitting here going, is he weak to fire or ice? i could get if the weakness chart was inverse, but the gear chart is directly contradicting itself now. Edit: i see the game was updated *yesterday* and now Beryl armet just says remove base weakness instead of remove fire. fine(?) but the new 1.2 sheet still says duran resists ice, but war kings crest removes his ice weakness. what gives? Edit 2: i see now the ring page says all accessoires (accessories? lol) can be equip to anyone, why does it name characters on the left side then? Does that character need to be present for the item to be for sale / acquirable? Or is it a leftover of early versions that should be removed / doesn't mean anything anymore? Edit 3: Okay so i assume you changed the helm chart from remove base weakness X to remove base weakness because helms (and related) are characters specific. But why did you only remove the Remove X weakness from the *base* gear text, and not the advanced weakness text? is this simply a oversight or something else? Edit 4: Note to creator: Change log says *Pedan's weapon trader now visits Wendel already after 2 godbeasts are defeated instead after 4 but the weapon sheet included still says 4, also the armor one is maybe also incorrect. Edit 5: Another question! in "possible upgrades" for spells, are those upgrades from equipment? As in if a gear has Sudden on it, it applies to spells that only support Sudden as a possible upgrade? and same with the others? Are there any cases where a class gets sudden naturally on a spell? (Because if so i'm not sure there is any way the player can be aware of this?) Edit 6: So, is it possible to use War King's Crest to remove another characters advanced class weakness? or only their base weakness? Edit 7: So, Kevin Dervish on patch notes didn't say he learned Poison Breath, but it appears on his classes spell list. What gives? Edit 8: out of curiosity, how much does Luck affect the rarity of drops? any hard numbers you can throw at me? Edit 9: The guide does not say Battums inflict Mind Down, also Lise's second weapon is incorrectly called Spear, instead of Long Spear.
  4. Any more plans?

    So then Knight Duran just always has heal light right? Whats the point in saying he needs 8 PIE if he can't ever NOT have heal light?
  5. Any more plans?

    This icon patch add's icons to various parts of the game: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2713/ This re-inables sound test mode: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4859/ This changes the title screen: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2569/ And while i have your attention, question. in the classes text document, stuff like 12/11/10/8/8/8 is shown. Is that the caps of that class, or the base stats? So when a class changes, it boosts to THOSE stats, then gets the NEXT classes new caps, right? if i think of other questions, i'll post em Edit: Right, i also wanted to know what fucking STAT each of those is. kinda important, and strange that isn't in the text doc anywhere. Is it Str Vit AGi Int Pie Luk? I wouldn't be surprised if it was Str Vit Int Pie Agi Luk, or Str Vit Agi Luk Int Pie.
  6. Gonna work on making a guide for this mod, and was wondering if you have any surprise updates planned for the mod, with the remake being released. PS: Any plans to incorporate the new patches for SD3 released recently on romhacking.net?
  7. Hard mode release?

    it acts as a bump to show interest. also, if you don't get the appeal of a hard mode, no need to flame it.
  8. Hard mode release?

  9. Hard mode release?

    One Month Later
  10. it's been well over a year, is development for this done? or should i keep on waiting for a update?
  11. In amala network lv 12 ish, had full moon fight vs 2 shiidsaa. they both used warcry. that makes the second one waste it's turn right? cause they both apply 2 stacks of attack down and thats the cap? any chance to make it so the enemies don't waste turns like this? i mean, it has enemy AI changes, so, possible?
  12. One more update please

    we dont know how hard it is to edit the image maybe its a pain, editing text should be easy tho, that was my logic
  13. I'm a firm believer, that mods, should always when started, make the player feel confidant that they are actually playing your hack. can we change the description of "new game" from 'Start the game from the beginning" to "Begin Nocturne Hardtype hack 1.5.1" or something? (or 1.5.2 in this case)
  14. About Fallen/Risen Star

    sent you a PM
  15. Feedback and Suggestions for Future GS mods or FS/RS

    If you can, you still need to post all the locations of all the hidden/super bosses in golden sun 2. people can generally assume GS1 is crossbone, but i recall risen star (hopefully correctly) and theres a ton of new hidden bosses yeah? can't beat em if we can't fight em. also, locations of mimics and mad plants. also for a fix, you overflowed Isutodoragon HP that resulted in him having 1 HP also you inspired me to start work on some simple hard mods of my own...for no particular reason. for your new mod, theres a new program called golden sun magic that can edit enemies weaknesses and resistance data, among other new things. check it out.