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  1. Road to 2.0

    If you could put the ten spells on slots 1-10 (from left to right), skip one slot and put the capstone on the last slot it'd be perfect, but you probably already tried something like that. I'd say it's good enough, you're already working miracles on this game, I'm not the one about to complain
  2. Road to 2.0

    Lol'd. Yeah, the effect's too complex to resume in one word, but I think "Read the Manual" (exactly 15 characters) would look better than using an acronym for clarity purposes.
  3. Road to 2.0

    What does RTFM stand for?
  4. Road to 2.0

    You're right. I'd go with something like Unique Effect or Special Effect then, can't think of anything better right now
  5. Road to 2.0

    Maybe "Ultimate" or "Unique Effect"? Alternatively just leave the original names since they'll be the only ones left with those
  6. Road to 2.0

    Oh boy, that looks handy as fuck
  7. Road to 2.0

    It'd be another story if there were proper tools for hacking this game...but seeing how it's such a technical mess it's pretty obvious why there aren't, I guess.
  8. Road to 2.0

    If it would be possible to change the damage color only when the tech does something out of the ordinary (like cancelling Dolan's buff) in any situation, that would indeed be pretty handy
  9. Starting at 0 MP could work if MP regen was a bit faster, and then you could make any equipment/stat that currently affects cast speed increase starting MP or reduce MP costs or something. It's an approach that makes the game more dynamic as opposed to losing control of your characters for the duration of the cast time. I do agree that some spells that are most useful right at the beginning of each battle would have to be addressed individually as to not become unviable or outright useless (and I don't think you'd want to incentivize strats that involve entering a battle and waiting/running around for your mp to fill up before you can cast that first buff/debuff, sounds kind of counter-intuitive.) Anyways, I recon It'd be a LOT of trouble to make that change now that you probably balanced the game around the current MP system, but I'd be interested in trying it out nonetheless.
  10. As I understood it, the weapon just gives a huge bonus to attack (at the cost of defense), so it should affect even techs
  11. Now this one sounds a lot like the one I got during Dangaard
  12. That's a bummer, but I guess it's safer to just set his xp to 0 then. Maybe increase his gold drop a bit more to compensate? I still don't know how much he drops though so maybe it's not necessary.
  13. He's still giving exp, I leveled up once between first and second phase, but that wasn't what crashed it for me (it did lag A LOT though). Maybe set it so only the 4th phase gives exp and set the other phases to 0? By the way I also tried to resolve the lock by fast-forwarding, but waited just like 40 seconds and gave up. I'll do that if it happens again so I don't have to reset the entire fight, lol
  14. Not for mine, it just happened once for me on Dangaard 4th phase, Kevin was beating him up with Moon Saber on and we know how messy that can get, so I just figured the game couldn't handle all the information between those hits, Dangaard trying to cast his spells and me spamming to open the menu while the text from the buffs I had casted was still resolving. Was more of a hardlock than a crash, so I don't think it has anything to do with the snowman problem...
  15. I didn't really cast anything when it froze though, It just happened as soon as I opened the ring menu (which didn't even finish opening), that's why I thought it was a different problem. I'll pay attention to see if it happens again and get a save state if it does