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  1. I'd say just rename Stamina to Spirit and be done with it, since it fits better with what the stat actually does currently.
  2. I'd say the second one with the split values looks much better, as you can process the information quicker by checking how many "lives" the boss has left
  3. Doesn't Interceptor show up more often if his evade is low? And IIRC it also scales with stamina...hmm... Oh, I've been actually lurking on here (and back on the ID forums) for some years now watching the development of BNW, but I never actually started a playthrough since I'd always want to wait for the next update...this mod has come so far it's incredible. I'm actually pumped up for 1.10 and that huge changelog, this time I'll definitely start playing, since I don't think I can wait anymore until 2.0
  4. Don't use Zsnes, I've had a crash on the last boss that corrupted my save when playing netplay on that. Use Retroarch, or maybe even Kaillera
  5. Oh baby, another update. I'm holding back on playing this again until all updates are finished, and it's killing me. Maybe I should give it another go soon. Anyways, 3 years and 2 months on this hack, working alone? That's some impressive perseverance you have there, man, and I love you for it.