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  1. Holy shit, it's finally out. Also that PDF is gorgeous
  2. All stats in the readme are the max stats for each class. You definitely ain't getting stats in the 10s at level 1
  3. Can't select 2 options for the teammates
  4. Kevin and Hawk use luck+2 for status proc chance, everyone else uses luck+10
  5. Would make sense if its PIE but I actually don't know. Didn't see anything specifying on the sheets either, so wait on Praetaerius for that
  6. You can still equip a whitelight ring to make it multitarget, just gotta sacrifice that accessory slot now
  7. You can stack all 4 buffs/debuffs on a target, but the buffs from the same type will cancel the debuff and vice-versa. They work in a "minus/neutral/plus" way (e.g. Enemy casts Agi down on you (minus), you can cast Agi up on yourself to cancel the debuff (neutral), but you'll need to cast Agi up again if you want to buff yourself (plus))
  8. This reminded me that this mod was basically made just with hex editing. Imagine if he had a decent tool (and a decente engine) to work with...
  9. I'd definitely like a way to know which equipment does what without having to look at the excel, as that's pretty much the only thing making me and my friends too lazy to play effectively
  10. Tinkle rain only protects against status from basic attacks; spells are always 100% chance
  11. It sounds ambiguous as to whether "they" is referring to "characters" or "allies", I guess. Maybe change to "...allows you to guard your allies...but only if you are in the front row."
  12. Never noticed about the swapped palletes, but Death hand not being dark-dark always bugged me out as well. It's purely aesthetic, but would be cool if it doesn't take too much work to fix
  13. Weird, maybe it was some bad interaction with something else you were running? When I had that problem it was with ZSNES netplay desyncing back in the day (we crashed during the final boss and lost the save file, kick in the balls), but I have no idea how it would happen on single player.