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  1. It's true- the number of turns eaten by Battery/Osmose kind of cancels out the speed benefit. Is Gogo any better at taking a hit than Strago? It seems like it would be easy to give Stam/Hybrid Strago some ground by just changing some of the Lores to depend on Stamina. Since they are unique to Strago, it doesn't seem like it would have any ripple effect across the overall balance of the characters.
  2. It sounds like even with Haste, you don't seem to think X-Mog will be very viable. I just think it's a shame that 2/3 of the people who can equip this super-cool item don't even care about it.
  3. I figured that's what you meant- just wanted to make sure. He's a pretty bad-ass Dragoon... It seems like most people around here only think that Locke is worth having X-Magic on. I'm surprised, since I'd think that X-Magic would be considered pretty damn OP, even with a non-ideal selection of magic.
  4. It looks like the README is updated to include the changes for 1.9. How did Cover and Counter work in 1.8(.6)?
  5. Better than Dragooning?
  6. So, does anyone prefer Stam Strago? The way thzfunnymzn describes it, it appears strictly inferior to Mag Strago. He gets bigger regen ticks, fewer status hits, and more counter attacks if you decide to do that. But does regen actually help him? Isn't he going to fall over in one or two hits anyway? And shouldn't someone else be doing physical damage? Also, if you aren't using Strago for big numbers of magic damage, isn't Gogo a possibly better Lore user? He can be geared up to be faster than Strago, which is important for these support Lores. He'd need MP support for sure, but he could Mana Battery himself, or have Osmose if Relm is in your party. So I guess that's two questions: 1. Is Mag > Stam for Strago? and 2. Is Gogo > Strago if you are focusing on support?
  7. I'm not sure I understand your definitions of difficulty scope and curve, but I'll try anyway. I think that vanilla Chrono Trigger had a good difficulty ... thing ... for a mainstream, vanilla, game. The "curve" is probably pretty flat for people here. I'd say the difficulty only really increases (slightly) once you open up the end-game sidequests. There are a few battles throughout the game that are more like difficulty "humps," rather than a steady increase. But I think the baseline difficulty is high enough that having it increase throughout the game would be bad for a mainstream audience. If you think about the difficulty from the POV of a non-serious gamer or kid, there are plenty of battles that are tough: The dragon tank, with its stupid healing head; Yakra if you don't pay attention to positioning, Masa + Mune, Magus, Golem Twins, Nezbel, etc. Most bosses have a trick or two to make them easy, but if you're casually playing through, they're not easy at all. Now, if you asked about *bad* difficulty curves, that would be easier to discuss *cough* FFTactics *cough*
  8. I was asking about how expensive it is in terms of my precious time. Like, how long does it take to earn 100k toward the end of the game? Another question- I saw a dragon at least once on the FC and I'm trying to get Gau to leap on it, but I haven't encountered another one in a long time. Do they only appear in a specific part of the FC?
  9. I've got one more question that I might as well chuck in this thread. How much to EL respecs cost, in a relative sense? I understand that the first few are cheaper than the full price, and I don't really care what the actual number is, since that will mean nothing to me until I get there in the game. I'm just wondering if respec'ing is something that takes, like, an hour of grinding per character or what.
  10. Yes, I was just asking about those rages, specifically. I know that people seem to agree that speed Gau has, overall, a higher DPS. Another, perhaps better, way to ask my question would've been "Which scales faster: damage from those rages with respect to stamina, or number of turns with respect to speed?"
  11. Ah, yes. That makes sense. Thanks. And, yes, I'm often triggered by status effects.
  12. Why does he die less? Isn't the magical resistance benefit of stamina fairly minor? I assumed he would still die about as often.
  13. So, would you say that DPS is better or worse for stam Gau using one of the stam rages than for speed Gau using the same rage? My hesitation is that when dealing with an RNG, I rather have more chances to get what I want, which is part of the reason I wanted to do full speed on him.
  14. I was only running when I wanted to backtrack and see if I missed stuff, or from the scary guys on the floating continent. I didn't really consider that stam Gau would be viable. I'll try him out with some stam gear first before I "waste" my ELs.
  15. Okay, I wont pull my hair out over the randoms quite yet. I'm running 1.8.6. Yeah, I used Conjourer quite a bit around Zozo. I did forget to think about the elemental and status protections- thanks for the reminder. And I actually had already downloaded your spreadsheet. It's much appreciated! I intend to go full speed ELs with him, because that seems strictly superior than including stam levels, so he's not fast, he's fragile, etc. I'll study the spreadsheet a little more and see if I can make better use of him. Thanks for the tips, guys.