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  1. I get what you're saying about the Elixirs. But, I think that even if it were a rare ability with an MP/CT cost, it would either be too good or useless, depending on the costs. I think the only way to balance that would be to get pretty creative. Something like fully healing HP+MP, but also petrifying them or something (as just an off-the-cuff example). What's so bad about poaching? Is it just the tedium of getting the rare poaches that offends you?
  2. I feel like it only became "okay" to suggest things like that or to criticize 1.3 in the last year or so. Before that, you just weren't hardcore enough. These days it's finally okay to say that the game isn't perfect and that some of the "challenge" is just bullshit. I ... might just remove Elixir altogether- or rather, just replace it with a more nerfed healing item. That's a super cheap item.
  3. Ah, yes. So, there's two points in there. One is that MP Switch, specifically, isn't good enough. And two is that enemies have access to setups that the user doesn't. Fixing #2 is just a matter of reviewing each battle and making sure that the enemies have trade-offs like you mentioned. I'm not sure I'm able or willing (yet) to do anything about #1. Agreed 100% on evasion and concentrate. The hesitation that I have with making (some) statuses easier to hit is that it will then make Item and/or White Magic basically required for many (most?) battles. Then again, maybe that's already the case anyway, since revival is so important in 1.3 (and even in Vanilla, really). This would definitely make the game more interesting, but my first priority is making the game easier. So, the status stuff might go into my lower priority pile, but the Concentrate and evasion shenanigans is in high priority. The other nice thing about the xp/jp by battle is that (I assume?) everyone gets the same amount. So your summoner, who only gets off one or two actions wont lag really badly behind your fast melee dudes. Ah, yes. Fair point.
  4. Thanks for replying, Emmy! These are too vanilla for me. In particular, I hate the vanilla Archer, Lancer, and Wizard skill sets, and these preserve those, making those classes still very uninteresting. Could you elaborate on the content changes that you think are the most egregious? I think the fixed story battle levels is a mistake, but what else? I agree 100%. Can you give an example of how you might achieve this? Do you just nerf damage output from almost everything? Do you make statuses hit rate higher and/or make damage attacks miss more often? If the enemy levels are always fixed to your party's, then the only concern for overleveling is from them having equipment that you can't get. That's not _that_ bad, but I do like this idea. The only thing I worry about with having abilities being too cheap is that you might have everything (you care about) unlocked long before the end of the game. The shitty thing in Vanilla is that I always know what is good, so I just get that stuff and by mid chapter 2, I basically have my end-game build. How hard is it to implement this change? Agreed. That's bullshit. What are some examples of this? Is this easy to fix in the patcher tools? Truth.
  5. I really love the concept of FFT 1.3, but it can be quite frustrating and I just don't have the time or patience for that. I only got part way into Chapter 3 before I stopped playing (due to personal life things) and then I never felt like picking it up again because of how horrible I heard Chapter 4 is (and Chapter 3 was plenty tough enough). But after seeing some of the great things in FFT 1.3, I just can't imagine playing Vanilla again. With shitty Archers, uninteresting Wizards, enemies that never unlock interesting classes, etc. So my main motivation here is to change FFT 1.3 to be easier (like the "Content" version). Probably significantly so. But I want to do that by primarily taking away "cheap" shit, like having enemies be 10 levels higher than you, while also outnumbering you and starting with better field position. I feel like that isn't so much to ask. I only want to make really simple modifications to FFT 1.3. But there's another aspect to what I want to do. I also want to remove all speed growth from the game. @Emmy has discussed the issues with speed in FFT and has argued for several interesting solutions/mitigations. I'm going for simple and easy here, so I think I'll just take away speed growth altogether. This should keep mage classes useful and interesting for the whole game. I'll obviously need to tweak a lot of things to find a sweet spot for balance. This is all really just being done for myself. I want a game that I will enjoy playing. But I'm willing to hear what you guys think would be good changes to make things more fair/fun/easy. I'll be happy to post the results here if anyone is interested. So far the only things on my list are these: Enemy levels = Party level for all battles (except some bosses/assassinations can stay higher) Fewer enemies in some battles, especially randoms- I want randoms to be mostly not hard No speed growth Far fewer enemies with immortal flags - this shit's annoying when they're so good at reviving Maybe some innate Gained JP-Up or just a general JP price lowering? Opinions? I plan on only using the FFT Patcher Tools, etc, because I don't know anything about hacking PSX games. Unless someone can point me to some "Learn to hack FFT" guide(s).
  6. So, I actually did #1 for myself once. I went through with FFT Patcher Tools and changed the levels of all story battles to be fixed and the same as Content. The problem with that is that I didn't change the randoms at all. So the randoms were still insanely brutal and actually, the story battles were WORSE in the early game (I only got part way into Ch 2 before not having time anymore and not caring because it wasn't fun) because I was sometimes more than 1 or 2 levels below. I think that having the story battles just be Party Level, with the occasional Party Level + 5 (or whatever) for bosses would be good, like you suggested. The other thing, though, is how are the randoms in Content compared to regular 1.3? I've never played Content, but the worst part of my bastardized 1.3 run was that randoms were still mostly pretty brutal. I feel like an "easy mode" of 1.3 would have to edit most of the encounters- at very least the easy way out would be to just remove a couple of units from most randoms.
  7. Yeah, I agree with most points you made except about Rafalak. I like using Rafa, even in vanilla, so it's a play-style thing. Especially if this mod is overall less brutal than 1.3, it means there's room for them to be legit party choices.
  8. Nope. I just tried it now. It's nice. The only problem (for me) is that I often browse the site without being logged in. I can understand, though, how having the Unread Content kind of makes my complaint/suggestion seem redundant or not worth the effort.
  9. I would like that. Tell me- would it be easier to make "Hard Type" ( into a Content version, or would it be easier to bring Content up to the changes in Hard Type?
  10. You can see more info about it here: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11170.0 It looks like it was "completed" in 2015, which is two years after the final version of 1.3, so I assume it's based on I can't say I agree with every change (also, I only skimmed through the changes), but overall I like the idea. I enjoyed 1.3 (I only got to chapter 3), but it was a little too tough for my old man self and stopped being fun at several points. A lot of these changes seem like good QoL changes (controllable guests, special units can go on props, inherent JP-Up) and some things to make the battles a little easier (not having the enemies have Party Level + 57 or whatever). The only thing that I really don't think I like is that it says Meliadoul is a guest for every story battle after some point... that's weird. EDIT: The other thing I don't like about it is that I can't find the patch to be able to play it...
  11. I don't know how hard it would be, but it would be nice if the home page's "Topics" section (the one that shows which threads have recent posts), would also show some kind of info about which forum the thread is in. There's a thread right now called "Feedback and Suggestions" in there and I'd love to read about feedback and suggestions if it's relevant to one of the mods I enjoy. If it's for a mod I haven't played, then I don't really care.
  12. It's true- the number of turns eaten by Battery/Osmose kind of cancels out the speed benefit. Is Gogo any better at taking a hit than Strago? It seems like it would be easy to give Stam/Hybrid Strago some ground by just changing some of the Lores to depend on Stamina. Since they are unique to Strago, it doesn't seem like it would have any ripple effect across the overall balance of the characters.
  13. It sounds like even with Haste, you don't seem to think X-Mog will be very viable. I just think it's a shame that 2/3 of the people who can equip this super-cool item don't even care about it.
  14. I figured that's what you meant- just wanted to make sure. He's a pretty bad-ass Dragoon... It seems like most people around here only think that Locke is worth having X-Magic on. I'm surprised, since I'd think that X-Magic would be considered pretty damn OP, even with a non-ideal selection of magic.
  15. It looks like the README is updated to include the changes for 1.9. How did Cover and Counter work in 1.8(.6)?