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  1. After the Phoenix Cave, I only received three Phoenix Tears as my "reward". I chose not to open one of the boxes in the cave. Did I miss out on more of a prize?
  2. More bit from my 2.0 run

    I hear what you're saying. And I don't really disagree. It's just that if I didn't have the Tiger Mask (if I sold it or didn't get it), I don't think the battle would have been (reasonably) winnable without just excessively grinding levels. That's what bothers me. I feel that there should be *something* for a player to exploit to build a strategy for the boss that doesn't require planning way ahead. I.e., next time I play, I'll surely grab some Wall Rings in Thamasa, but that's not fair to expect a player to do. It doesn't take away from the planning and strategizing, IMO, to realize you need some extra magic defense or fire defense. Put something in a shop nearby or in a treasure chest that gives mdef/shell/fire-defense. I did have the Ribbon. I decided to forgo it because it didn't keep anyone up and useful or prevent me from losing. Thus my (bad, IMO) Zombie Army strategy. PRE-EDIT: I guess the Tiger Mask is for sale in Tzen, so maybe one could trek all the way back to Tzen if they realize they need fire protection. But how do you even figure out that S. Cross is fire elemental without the Tiger Mask (that's how I knew)?
  3. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    I didn't see Nowea's analysis, but I'd assume his calculation was assuming throwing stars or regular Fight damage, right? The wind procs would be extra to add in, since they're random. Also, it goes without saying that elemental scroll DPS is independent of vigor and stamina but dependent on speed, so if your plan is to throw lots of scrolls, your DPS is highest with 100% speed. How big of an effect is that really, though? Especially with +1 and not +2. (Genuine question, not a snide rhetorical)
  4. Two more things 1. I think Dullahan is a little too tough. Well, not Dullahan itself, but the game around it, I guess. I had the stars misalign for the battle and I had to rely on luck way more than I'd like. My characters were right at level 20, maybe one or two at 21. None of my characters had any HP esper bonus, yet. I had not bought any wall rings when I was in Thamasa. So Dullahan's S. Cross would wipe Edgar and Setzer, even at full health. Celes and Sabin could survive only if they were very close to full health. After some trial and error, I discovered that S. Cross is fire elemental. The only fire elemental thing I had access too was Sabin's Tiger Mask. So, I put that on and geared up the rest of my party to maximize 'Fight' damage (Edgar with Fire Lance, Power Armor, Dragon Helm, Dragoon Seal and Power Glove = <3). After the standard slow + dispel ritual, I just let my party all die, except Sabin. The other three became zombies and I just crossed my fingers that they wouldn't hit Sabin. His job was solely to throw a tonic at himself after an S. Cross. After five or so tries, the RNG gods smiled at me and let Setzer hit with some good dice rolls and Edgar got in a couple of double jumps for ~7000 damage. My only suggestion would be to add Wall Rings to a shop that we have access to at this early point in the WoR. Kolighen would obviously be preferred. Maybe for 2.1? 2. When you get Terra back, I think she said "awhile" instead of "a while". I could be mistaken because I read and smash A pretty quickly sometimes...
  5. And the guy who *does* the water rondo... But, sure, I guess we'd mostly expect BNW players to have played enough FF6 to know that, already. But, I was thinking more about rage and lore formations. If I remember correctly and it hasn't changed for 2.0, there were several formations that needed to at least be encountered in the WoB so you could Veldt them later. Is that not correct? Also, I thought there were two espers in the WoB that you couldn't get later, but that's wrong?
  6. People ask all the time, apparently. It would be nice to have a reference to the "important" missables such as Rages, Lores, Dances, Espers, hidden Characters, etc, no? Or is this part of BTB's old-school gamer ethos?
  7. Thank you guys for the input. While my original question was, indeed, about those items, it is very helpful to hear that either character can do decently well without them. I can especially see that for a Vig Terra not needing the sword as much.
  8. Please remind me (maybe with spoiler tags?). Looking at the printme that came with the ROM, both Terra and Celes get some pretty awesome weapons and accessories. I'm, like, 90% sure that they probably can't BOTH have their cool swords and cool accessories. Is that correct? In light of that, one probably wouldn't want to build both of them as vigor builds or both as magic builds, right?
  9. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    Ah! Good point(s). MP crits don't happen with Jump, right? That's a bummer.
  10. Makes sense! Fair enough. I probably failed at reading... What?! You could replace it with a pixel art picture of a banana and I'd probably still look at it more often.
  11. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    I'm surprised to see that Cleric/Sage Terra is considered as more of a tanky healer build. With Maduin + Morph she'd outpace even Shiva Celes for magic damage. Of course, in reality, you'd need some Ragnarok and/or Phoenix levels in there, but still. She doesn't have to be sniping elements to see that one of Fire/Bolt/Ice will do decent damage, no? I've only played Stamina Terra before, so I was thinking I'd do a Maduin Terra this time and I definitely assumed I'd be nuking the hell out of things with Morphed Fire/Bolt/Ice3s...
  12. This is my third time through BNW and, of course, I'm loving it, as usual. I just thought I'd bring two things to your attention, in case they weren't known: When your party splits in three after the Lete river stuff, there was something strange with the scenario selection screen... I just don't quite remember what it was! If I remember correctly, it was something like the Kappa allowing you the option to unequip everyone who isn't in your party. Well, nobody is in your party, because you're selecting the scenario as a Moogle. So, it kinda sorta makes you think that you can select, e.g., Sabin and THEN come back and unequip everyone else, which is obviously not the case. Also, when you meet Gau, the Kappa's explanation of Leap is no longer correct. And just for giggles, I wonder if you guys ever considered just doing away with the whole "rare items" screen in the item main menu to free up space for something actually useful/interesting... I don't give a crap that I have a "clock key" anymore...
  13. Mog: Mascot With Attitude, Kupo

    How viable is doing a MagMogoon? As in, mostly Shoat levels, Dragoon Seal, and primarily just jumping with rods? Obviously, the non-proc'd jumps will be lackluster compared to a Palidor build, but the proc'd casts will be really pumped by the high magic stat + jump bonus. Maybe it evens out? With the Moogle Charm, he'll still probably jump pretty quickly.
  14. Some thoughts on Stamina builds

    I wonder if the issue is less that stam Sabin sucks, but rather that Chakra sucks? Maybe he doesn't need or shouldn't have MP healing. I get that there's a cool synergy with Mantra (which, also isn't very good compared to almost all other healing options), but maybe it needs to be replaced with something totally different, but based on stamina? Maybe the trade-off can be that vig Sabin is really awesome at single target damage and stam Sabin can be good at AoE damage (Fire Dance, Wind Whatever, and some replacements to Chakra and/or Mantra). I also do agree with the idea that a general buff to stamina may be in order. Maybe making it more effective at the things it already does: tightening/reducing certain kinds of damage, higher regen ticks (so that it outpaces HP growth's boost to regen), more status evasion.
  15. Who's your MVP?

    I'm still on 1.8.6, but I don't think my vote would change terribly based on the changes in 1.9. I've only got the dragons, Fanatics Tower, and Kefka's Tower left. But, it's really hard for me to choose an MVP. I guess if we are defining MVP as most valuable over the course of the whole game so far, it would exclude Locke for me, despite being my strongest asset for much of the WoR. So the running is probably Cyan, Edgar, and Terra. I'm doing Stam Cyan, Hybrid Edgar (10 Golem in WoB, 10 Siren in WoR), and Stam Terra. Cyan hard carried me for much of the WoB. Edgar is always tanky and super-useful, and stam Terra is whatever you need her to be: Huge regen ticks, huge magic damage, good physical damage, decent HP, etc, etc. I'm also not surprised that Shadow and Relm are not ranked highly. It's not that they aren't awesome- it's just that they aren't going to be MVP. I think that's because Relm and Shadow are not as do-everything as the others who are ranking highly.