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  1. No, that is not how objectivity works. You don't just get a majority of subjective opinions and suddenly the poll magically changes the content from subjective to objective. You're wrong about that (regardless if everyone on the board dis/agrees with me) and try looking at a definition of the word "objective." What you're talking about is a majority of people's opinions (in your made up poll) favor the Woolsey translation. Although going by your thinking, if most users on insanedifficulty came down on you before that would mean they were objectivity right after you being wrong, right? I actually liked the earlier heavily cursing versions of BNW, since this is a game primarily about war and genocide caused by a mutated psychopath. For example, you have a protagonist who at one point, possibly, tries to kill herself. Many could argue she was justifiable since everyone else on that island thought the entire world was destroyed besides the small island they lived on. That situation is among multiple other dark scenarios (another protagonist joins a malicious cult of the god that helped "kill" his only other blood relative) throughout the game. This game did have rays of hope/light sprinkled throughout the game, but most of what happened was dark and depressing. Regardless of my opinions on the matter, Woolsey did the same types of things that you accuse the script changers of doing. What's a submariner in the context of this game? A sailor on a submarine, an underhanded baseball pitcher, or Namor? The closest thing we have to a submarine in this game is a diving helmet. People travel the seas in this game by the current, ship, or wooden raft not submarine. There was just no writer preceding Woolsey. Classic lines also doesn't mean unchangeable gold. You get the same understanding of the story and closer to the script without the censorship from the 90s. Also, does someone like Kefka, who is a nihilist and later a destructive god, really seem like someone to talk like that? Hell no.