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  1. Yeah i might just stick with the menu fix since having the ending working isn't that big of a deal. If switching roms are safe, maybe i'll try it right before the end since i am a bit curious to see if the fix even works. Your hypothesis is probably more or less exactly what's happening, at least the only time you really notice any real negative effects from this issue is after the game's over, which if memory serves me right, doesn't hang the game but the screen turns black somewhere halfway through the ending sequence while the music and game keeps on going like normal. Well, i guess all is well in the end after all, since having the menu working is really the one thing that mattered. Hopefully the fix works throughout the game without breaking anything else. I have to say, you really came through on this one, taking the time and effort to help a poor guy get his equip menu back is highly appreciated. Now all that's needed is for you lazy hacks to complete 1.9.
  2. That's awesome, thanks alot, there might be hope after all. So i downloaded xkas and followed your instructions, at first i wasn't sure anything happened since there was no confirmation. I checked the rom (FF3 U V 1.1 btw) and sure enough, it had been modified. Next i just needed to dig out some old save to test it out, which to my surprise, took like 1 min considering there's quite a few old floppys to sift through to not only find a FF3 save, but one that isn't corrupted. So i fired the game up and lo and behold, a working equip menu. Now this isn't a thorough testing by any means but after checking both on world map, in towns and dungeons before and after a fight, i have to say it looks like it did the trick. I was wondering, if enabling the ending fix causes the opera glitch, what if i were to patch a another rom with the ending fix enabled and use that one AFTER the opera scene is completed, you think that would be possible without breaking the save or something else? Lastly, what would be the proper patching order between this fix and BNW, or maybe it doesn't make a difference?
  3. Glad to hear because that would've been an even bigger issue. Yeah i figured as much, and your assumption that i only found the source code is 100% correct. Well that's a pretty good explanation for someone who's never used the program before i'd have to say. I might actually be able to wrap my head around this now and make it work, thanks. No, i've never used this patch before, in fact, i didn't even know it existed until recently but i found some info indicating i worked. That thread though makes is sound like this "fix" isn't really that great of a fix after all. That's disappointing. I've actually never played this game without having these glitches. I was kinda excited to play this great game once again, even more so, with a mod which seemingly greatly improves the it, AND, not having those glitches. Guess it was to good to be true. Hello black scrambled equip menu, we meet again... and no, playing it on my pc using an emulator is a big nono atm as it would lessen the experience to much to be worth it. It's a shame though, since this is really the only glitch that really bothers me. So i was hoping, and almost kinda expecting that someone would've come up with a fix for it by now. The ending one isn't a big deal at all, it was annoying when i was a kid but now that i've seen it, and could again within seconds it's really a non issue. There might be other issues but these 2 are really the only ones i've noticed/bothered me. It's strange though, the menu only glitches if you haven't fought anything in that area or if you're on the world map. So every place you enter, be it a town or cave or whatever, the menu is glitched, but as soon as you fight something (if possible), the menu becomes normal again and it stays normal until you exit the area, which does make it more annoying than gamebreaking. Yeah i would be nice to have a 60 hz modded SNES but i really didn't have a need for it when i was a kid, or rather, i didn't know it even was a thing until i was an adult. The only place i've found around here up in the cold north of Europe offering modding services, refuses to mod the 1 chippers (ofc..) so my only option is either do it myself, or send it far away but pay a hefty buck for it. I also think there may be a SNES clone not to far off with proper hardware emulation and lag free 1080 upscaling through HDMI, which would probably mean my old SNES + SWC combo will likely be retired for good. So i'm a bit hesitant to spend any more $ on it than i already have. Thanks again for all the help, i really appreciate it.
  4. I see. Well i opened up the .asm file and found that which needed to be changed at line 31. I also found something else: ".ROMBANKS 48 ; 32Mbits -- Tells WLA that you want to use 32 ROM banks." Now i don't really know what this means but could this patch somehow make the game incompatible with my copier, which only support games up to 24Mbits? Anyways, so far so good. Now i just have to find out wth WLA-DX is, and i'm either missing something obvious, but after some googling and checking the readme, i'm unfortunately starting to think i might be in over my head.
  5. Hi, First of all, really looking forward to 1.9, sounds like it's gonna be great. With that said, i wonder if its compatible with the FF6 pal fix ? Since i plan on playing this on my pal snes i was hoping to avoid the annoying black equip menu glitch, the ending sequence crashing halfway through etc which this fix apparently takes care of. I've looked through the changelog to see if this already had been addressed but i couldn't find anything. Maybe it's something you would consider worthy of adding to the mod? Keep up the good work. Cheers,