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  1. I'd say get strong enough to take out the anti-guys before worrying about the bean stalk.
  2. Just...beat smithy first, then listen to the old frog, best advice I've ever got.
  3. I've been told Mallow's Uncle can guide you in a level based direction
  4. Ohhh, fantastic.
  5. I've been doing some trial and error after Smithy, looking for the hidden chests I've found a few bosses. Just wondering if anybody wanted to compile a list, perhaps by difficulty? Feels like I missed a few available before smithy too, Like Bowser's solo fight. any help would be great. Here's my small contribution
  6. Man, great to see you here, DK. I'd love a demo of v9, whether I'd have to start over or not when the full hack is ready. It always has been, and always will be worth the wait.
  7. Thanks, Doom. Spent a few hours trying different things and perusing the achieved ID forums, nice to have some closure on that, lol
  8. I missed the Christmas present last year, but couldn't help myself to get completely taken away by the recently posted v9 beta here. Just curious if anyone could let me know if Jinx is beatable. Can't wait for the final release seeing all this new content for myself