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  1. WOW i must say ty for point those questions, i admit, didn´t thought in all that issues and you are right, maybe i will focus more in the AI for now. It´s still hard to me lear that part but i keep trying. Like i said im having more problems with the AI messing up the graffics then others thing xD, i guess that my problem is alot of ideas and don´t know how to make then work in a simple way. Exist any tools that can help on the AI? Im using Ifrit´s AI beta right now. And its possible edit or create new enemies ad magics? again thanks so much for your review ^^
  2. Hi there i´m new in here and i working in a simple hard mod to FF8 (it´s my first time doing a mod). First i´m using the HARD MODE ADD-ON´s LAUNCHER from Mcindus (thanks him for that) to combine my editions to the game. (Magic will not be lost when casting, DMG and HP break limit) 1-All bosses will have changed stats, new attacks, rare drops itens to increase the fun. 2-The Sorceress Edea, Adel and Ultimecia will recieve unique stats to buff them and against negative stats, immune to someones, powerfull magics and counters. 3-Island Closer to Heaven and Hell will get new enemies (old bosses) at level 100 AND possible Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon (im still thinking) 4-After the player get inside Lunatic Pandora (technically will not going back) he will encounter lvl100 and changed enemies, and Ultimecia´s Castle the same, with some possible replacement of the Bosses (ex: Trauma will be Adel at level 100 with different attacks). 5-The magic Catastrophe will be in the game and can be only used by the enemies, the magic will receive a differente animation too. (ex megido flame or apocalypse or explosion) 6-Ultima Weapon will gain the stats of old Omega Weapon, some like HP-1.161.000 and other things. Omega Weapon MAYBE will get MAX STATS HP-2.960.550, and always both Weapons will be at lvl 100. ______________________________________________ I´m think that is it for now. I´m playing FF8 and testing the changes boss after boss the see problems or issues during the gameplay, right now i´m in Abaddon boss, and i want to know from you guys some thoughts, ideas and feedbacks to this MOD ^^ My questions are: 1-Its possible create new enemies and magics using the tools to mod? 2-I´m using this tools: Deling, Doomtrain, Cactilio and Ifrit, and until now the only problem that ím having it´s when i edit a AI from any enemie with IFRIT in the battle the graffics get mess up and i wanted to know if are anything to fix this? Thanks to all and im sorry if this is not the right place to put this topic =/