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  1. Btw, does anyone know where the Mirage enemy is in the Dark Cave? According to the document titled "where is the thing," Mirage drops the Mystile and is located in the Dark Cave. I just finished it and never saw this enemy. Did I miss my chance for this item permanently? Also does anyone have a good place to grind levels?
  2. Hey Sega Chief. Very nice job with the mod. I've been having a lot of fun with it. I'm contacting you because I'm having trouble on disc 3. The difficulty spike is crazy and I want to finish the game but I'm stuck. I noticed in this thread you said you were going to fine-tune the bosses and overhaul them. However that was earlier in the year. Can you continue to work on this or help me with strategies or something? I can't beat any boss in the crater or any lv 4 limit bosses either. I've been making use of the source system and I'm lvl 81 with Cloud and everyone else being 70ish so I don't think I'm under-leveled. Any help would be appreciated. No other complaints really and again great job.