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  1. apparently u can use dante's skills as a fly, albeit the animations looking a bit funky
  2. I found a tactic for The Harlot. First of all, you need a lot of mana so you can stray through the battle. She uses Dragon Eye every 3-4 turns (not sure, haven't counted properly) so you can predict her actions pretty easily. Meaning that putting up a debuff doesn't hurt. The only thing that sucks is her abuse of Taunt in the second phase, luckily she's almost dead at that point. Second, you need a phys resist magatama. Her focused attack will always hit the Demi-Fiend meaning that he will suffer the most. You'd think that an electric magatama would help more, but for me, a phys resist magatama worked better. Debilitate is a really nice skill to have at this point, though you'd need to make a good Amaterasu to have that. Another key factor is having really strong magic. Magma Axis works fine, but I used all ice attacks with all of them being boosted by Ice Boost/Magic Boost just so I could get in some sweet physical damage with Deathbound or Divine Shot every now and then. A few helpful demons that I found were Odin and Wu Kong, though I didn't have Wu Kong since I fused him away. The last phase can be a pain, but it almost seems like Dekunda is completely removed from her skillset whenever she uses Dragon Eye. So you can even predict that pattern. I'll admit. It took me a lot of attempts before I could do her. Really difficult boss, but really predictable after you've failed a few times.
  3. Probably, I don't think it would be so easy to do it though since Nocturne uses .PAC's for the demons. (model binary, animation binary, texture binary, sound data, and probably more packed into one file, in maniax, the PAC files are compressed into .LB's) while DDS doesn't. I think it would be possible with Devil Summoner though.. It would require more research though and KrisanThyme would probably know more on the subject.
  4. I beat him at level 48, so I guess you could say that I was underleveled. Though I grinded a few levels to beat Girimehkala properly. Also, I don't think you'll encounter any money problems. I could always afford the magatama I needed in this hack (in contrast to the original game haha). If you ever do though, then you should probably learn the Hell's Vault. It's not that difficult when you have spent like 10 minutes on it learning. It becomes second-nature after that. Nocturne modding has come quite far lately. It's now theoretically possible to add new demons into the game. Other things would be like creating custom puzzle boy maps and what not. iirc Zombero has just been editing the .iso directly without messing with unpacking or repacking any files. I haven't quite gotten into the modding scene yet, so I can't help you. I think Zombero would be happy to tell you about his research but modding this game isn't really an easy task as it is with the Persona games. Anyways, Zombero. I've unlisted all of my hardtype videos so my channel could be a lot cleaner and easier to look through. However, they're all in a playlist so if you could edit the thread to link the playlist instead of my first video then that'd be cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbgWO3BrM1g&list=PLoX1WgoRelsxwq5UnCp6QZvSpnwJdmefJ&index=1 Updated link.