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  1. that is a veeery long week or.. that part seems to be edited out - I guess there is no longer an eta?
  2. That's really cool to know - as I'd be aiming to put this on an actual cart once done. This game is one of the few fan-remakes / remix-games out there that is actually worth it.
  3. interesting. I saw that Peach was changed - and DK keeps mentioning Peach's Ultima But are all the other changes implemented too? ie is it that very patch? Kamek for example is a must for me Changes Made; -Toadstool renamed to Peach -Bowser's Keep renamed Bowser's Castle -Mushroom Kingdom renamed Toad Town -Magikoopa renamed to Kamek -Goby renamed to Cheep-Cheep -The Big Boo renamed to Boo -War Fan renamed to Folding Fan -NokNok Shell renamed Koopa Shell -Nautica Dress renamed Sailor Dress -Dialogue changes but nothing really major -Two new items created but can only be bought by Toad at the end of the game -Command icons changed to match PAL SNES controller, same as well in the Bowyer boss fight
  4. New here - used to be a lurcher at ID. Just wanted to say hi to you DK and tell you how great a game you made. It is by far my no. 1 fav game hack / remix yet. Really can't wait for a demo of v.9 - and after such - the actual v.9. Do you intend on making this a final version of the game or do you reckon there'll still be room for improvement / development - for a v.10? Also. Out of curiosity..? I downloaded an interesting patch from… where some of the characters name's were changed into their more internationally known ditos - as in Toadstool / Peach for example. Is there any way to make this patch fit v.9 or actually make a patch that replaces names and certain details for the game with their European versions? This is the patch I'm talking about: and this is the readme that shows the differences.. Those of you in the know. Is this compatible with v.8, despite it clearly stating that a clean US rom needs to be used..?