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  1. As mission 6 draws to a close, I'd like to thank those who have watched my videos so far. it's really nice to have an audience for this sort of thing. My brother informs me that the original script was probably supposed to be "Gulag" instead of "Prison Camp", but an overly literal translation made things extra ridiculous. I love funny-bad translations though, so no complaints here.
  2. If I had modding skills, I'd try to bring the Civ 2 advisors into the other Civ games. Elvis lives!
  3. Although I made fun of it, I wish more escort missions were like this one in Ring of Red. It is exceptionally easy to manage. Ring of Red's maps are pretty cramped. There's often a road or bridge and moving away from that puts you in terrain that delays turns by a lot. It makes for some tough decisions that I enjoy overall.
  4. Can't you wreck auto-potion users with Zombie? Granted, that is a rather niche solution. Maybe there needs to be more than one class that can inflict zombie status. Edit: just realized that an auto-potion user can also just gear for zombie immunity. So your solution is probably best.
  5. Ok, I'm definitely slipping. I have plenty of content to upload, maybe I just need to use Google calendar or something. Today we have every gamer's favorite scenario: an escort mission! I think the reason i like green squads so much is that they are unique enough to change the way I approach things without being hideously overpowered. Even the later ones without glaring weaknesses are often built so that I can't take advantage of all their features at once. Really makes me stop to think about how exactly I want my units to behave.
  6. One of the things I like in Ring of Red is that it has side objectives which don't snowball nearly as hard as in other games. Collecting all of the squads gives me a lot of setup options i wouldn't have otherwise, but they don't skyrocket my stats to absurd levels. John is stuck at 420 HP and a token patch of armor through the whole game, so I can't afford to no-brain it through later missions no matter how well I do early on. Next time we're going to see a new member of the force. Jun uses a light-AFW that is much less straightforward than that of Kinsato, and will take some good planning to use properly. I saw what a good plan looks like once, I'm sure that's all I need to come up with something myself.
  7. If I recall correctly, poaches are more important in 1.3 if you've been trying to run low level. That was my playthrough style, and I saw a pretty long list of gear that was better than mine. But the sheer time sink smacked me in the face and welp, there were other games I could play. So that's what I did.
  8. Yeah, the sort of limits on the highest spells as I described above would need to be transparent to the player for any meaningful decisions to happen. it would take a huge amount of work and balancing and I don't really see how it would be worthwhile from a practical standpoint. Better to just keep the spells balanced enough that the basic combat system isn't broken by them. it's just fun to throw ideas around sometimes.
  9. Wow, I was only joking but I think it's amazing that the mechanic could be a real, possible thing. Maybe not in this game though. One issue is what you described, the other is that players would just only use it for the final boss. Or at least that's what I would do. *side glances at my supply of untouched elixirs at the end of every game I play* Though if I was going to go with that mechanic, I would link it to the extradimensional shenanigans in the story line. Any time those gates to the Boss Dimension open up and scoop out towns or whatever, the leaked energy makes high level spells possible. A limited number though. Any time a story event like that happens the "supply" of super magic should be set to a specific amount rather than stockpiling it up. Gives the player more incentive to use what they've got. As for the monsters, well they LIVED there, they're soaked in the stuff so they have their own reserve. And the final dungeon is actually in that dimensional space so the power spells can be cast without limit. Wait, am I actually suggesting this as a game mechanic? I swear I wasn't serious at first. But looking at it now, it seems at least a little bit interesting. What do you think?
  10. Maybe we could pull a page from the Adventurers comic and have Meteo stop working after enough casts. I mean there are only so many meteors in local outer space, right? I kid, I kid. Even though I'd love to see a game actually do that. The point of bosses and other encounters being weak to innately powerful spells is definitely an issue. As you say, we don't want these encounters to be "solved" too easily. The only solution I can think of that wouldn't make such spells useless would be to give very powerful spells a cooldown similar to items under your new system. Then we'd need to worry a bit less about some of the things you mention. Granted, this might be less of a drawback in random encounters, but at least in that situation you'd still have to charge up the MP. That would give the random monster some time to do devious things before the Holy or Flare or Meteor or whatever else.
  11. The reason I stopped playing FFT 1.3 was due to reaching the point where poaching became available. The impression I got was that I HAD to get all of this important gear but actually doing so without overleveling was a huge time waster. In the forums people were talking with a straight face (straight...text? what to you call that sort of thing on a forum?) about how it's find to just edit your file and add those things to your inventory to conserve your sanity. I will admit that my motivation was not helped by the stories of absurd things that would happen from that point onward. As for the question of how to make anything other than hyper-offense valuable, I do think increasing the effectiveness of status is good but just removing enemy elixirs is a huge step in the right direction. I don't care if that would make hard mode easier, that item single-handedly makes a large part of the game's skillset non-viable.
  12. Oops, looks like i'm a day late. The enemy squad setups slide yet another step towards competent. It's not so visible right now but as things progress the AI will do things that I previously thought it not capable of. They're using that smart trick BY ACCIDENT, I'd say to my self in the face of strong evidence to the contrary. What do you mean the tricks I learned in the first two full maps won't carry me through the entire game?!
  13. The idea wasn't exactly to make any element convertable to any other element, but I get what you mean. Didn't know about some spells being balanced around being one particular element. Maybe a better method for game flavor would be for some elements to be easier to access through weapons and others easier through attack spells. And you seem to be doing something along those lines already.
  14. I was checking your comments about the wealth of elements and poverty in methods to use them. I don't especially mind that some elements are easier to use than others; that's a way to make certain spells more special. But I agree that it should be restricted to one or maybe two elements. No reason for water to be super-exotic, as you said. Would it be possible to make relics or other gear that changes attacks of one element to a related element? For example, your ice spells and attacks now deal water damage instead. Or your lightning attacks now deal wind damage. I said this with no clue how difficult it would be to code, so if it's not feasible I'll understand. I just wanted to throw the idea out there.
  15. Mission 5 is my second chance to try a hybrid build. This time the base machine is more suited for the job so maybe I'll have better luck this time. I find that two anti-soldier squads are needed to do that job with any effectiveness, so the third gets AFW-killing duty. Enemy AFWs that are stripped of squads are much less dangerous, so I think this ratio will work. This wild chase gets more absurd by the minute. Cover story or no, I can't believe anyone will think the South Japan government isn't involved in this raid and infiltration. We're not being subtle, and we're using the very latest South Japan war machines. It's a miracle that our "sneaky" beach landing hasn't started a full scale war already!