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  1. Oh I don't mean you specifically, I just mean in general. I was a huge fan of the work for a long time and no internet for a while and missed the V9 open test, it sucks. It's not like no longer making it public took the file from people so Idk why make it no longer public if he's busy for the past 6-9 months. Simply seeing true damage is beyond intriguing in my opinion, it sucks not being able to. Did I perfect time that Ultima? I'm not sure if it hits 9999 on the 2ndary timing aswell.
  2. I wish so bad I could get my hands on the v9 Beta or Alpha.. you lucky person you. It feels completely and totally unfair that some people were able to get it and others aren't, whose to say some of us aren't just as big of fans of the work as others T>T.. Just being able to see the true damage of the hits and remove Mario from the party are exceptional options I wish they could be added to V8
  3. Oh okay, but regardless if I boosted his atk all the way up to 255 base, he should still continue doing additional dmg per point, there should be no cut off where his points into attack are wasted and not adding anything on the harder bosses? Seeing as past like mid-game Mario becomes somewhat useless IMO as a magic attacker I just wanted to make sure. I wish so bad that Mario was removable from the party T.T, I wish I knew how to make that an option wish there was a game genie code for it or something it feels like Kefka has just kinda disappeared.
  4. Oh cool, what is "one life" just curious, and with for example Galaxy shell, Paladin, Galaxy Ring.. How much atk would Mario need? Going completely hybrid between magic and atk gets him like 185/185 but he has kinda low HP so I used the 100th level for the 95 hp or whatever... Oh my 2nd play thru after completing literally everything on normal mode, this time playing hard mode, so not wanting to waste stats... The "last" super boss and the FF rush were intense.
  5. Okay cool, just curious can normal attacks with like galaxy shell break 9999, or is there really no point to taking mario's attack for example past a certain point? Just trying to not waste stats.
  6. I'm so curious how the levels past 30's stats are handled because you can't access levels past 30 in the editor and if I try to access Peach's info it just flat out crashes, I'm guessing because you get her past level 30.
  7. Oh that actually makes a lot of sense and didn't think about that lol... So it's almost Christmas again and X-mas is my B-day hoping another v9 beta or something T.T
  8. Well for example Peach Beam and Snowy also have a power of magical power of 255, but does less dmg than ultima or dark star generally by a lot so I'm not sure what causes that, ya know? Unless it's the aforementioned ignoring defense. Any clue the # of battles before latios or latias appear? I can't find it anywhere. Do you think it'd be okay with you guys and Kefka if I made a F.A.Q post here? I can make the OP similar to the old one and add more information such as item drops from super bosses, bosses, pokemon events, boss rush, etc.
  9. I mean I just started playing with lazy shell but it's intriguing for him to have added in all those effects etc to items, I wouldn't think to do most things like that lol. So it uses an item and some sort of script effect adds another item to your inventory or something? The thing I don't understand is WHY is ultima and the like able to do so much damage. Their magical power is 255, but there are a few other skills with 255 power that don't hit that hard, so I thought maybe it was the ignores defense aspect of the skills because only each characters "ultimate" skills (and jump ofc) are flagged with ignores defense.
  10. Yeah that seems like a great place to do it I wish I had went back through Bowser's place for Rayquaza before I went to do the boss rush and twilight princess, which of course was after I farmed 99 FP lol, but honestly goddess's room in star hill seems like a fantastically quick place the tonberries come extremely quickly and you can trap it in a corner and stand still without moving to repeatedly encounter it... I just dunno if that screws up encountering latias, which may be why I never seen her. Any clue what factor affects being able to break the 9999 dmg limit in Lazy shell editor? The only thing I see different with Meteor, Dark Star, and Ultima are the "ignores defense" option being checked which no other skills have besides Jump. I also can't figure out how the Celebi item works with it swapping the effect and being reusable.. Kefka outdid himself on several things in this mod. The 3 use kerokola's, Schala's ring.. no clue how he flags them to have a certain number of uses.
  11. Ahhh okay, makes sense I suppose even though I can't see what in lazy shell editor would make them go beyond dmg limit, any clue of an optimal way to level the heros so that they aren't wasting stats and to make content easier? I went full matk on Mario like an idiot lol, same with peach and mallow... Needless to say having 1100 hp is kinda rough lol, and I wish that I could see the stats on the galaxy ring and galaxy stuff before I farm a bajillion coins... Any clue the best place to farm quick gil? or a better way to get galaxy coins? Also, does defeating a super boss a 2nd time yield the same item? I really need to clean up my inventory lol afraid I may want to get the items again later though, and also can Latios and Latias appear anywhere? So could I go grind forest maze for them like I did Celebi? For the life of me I can't seem to get them to appear, I've been inside the area where Goddess is with the Thonberries for a long while now, well over 255 encounters while inside here, Idk how many they require though.
  12. I seem in a video someone saying Ultima actually breaks the 9999 dmg cap even though it shows 9999.. Is this true? Also if so can any other abilities do the same or similar?
  13. Inventory wasn't full, but if the ultra shroom drops it seems the seed won't either and it's almost 100% chance for the ultra shroom
  14. Yes I have room, all the elemental dragons are giving me issues besides fire and thunder for dropping the plates, but I guess for the most part I'm past that stage of using them anyway. I found Via Infinito and completed it, also I grinded out Celebi running through the maze, lazy shell is from all secret chests? I'm having a huge issue finding any good weapon for bowser before I get the dragon claw or whatever, I'm not sure what all I'm missing. I can't find the "Ruby" Pokemon in the volcano to save my life, nor can I figure out how to add spoiler tags xD. I need a seed from shy away's but I'm farming them in lands end the 2 with the 2 pincer armored things and no drop yet.. over 100 battles. Omg finally... they should really make those encounters not have an almost 100% drop rate of ultra shrooms cuz it screws you over getting the seed T.T
  15. I've also been keeping and maintaining a list of what bosses/hidden encounters I find/have beaten and what their in-battle and out of battle drops are and if they are 100% drop rate or not.. For example every time I kill the gold dragon I get a thunder plate or w/e it's called.. but I've killed the ice dragons near a certain Esper/summon 20+ times without an ice mail drop.