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  1. Why is Respeccing ELs so expensive? 25,000 isn't that unreasonable, as that can be easily gotten, but 100,000 is a lot to spend. I'd rather not have to grind for 100,000 just so I can respec 4 more characters. There is a lot of "you can't screw up" with the builds, but I wish I could respec easier and explore what I like to play with. I wish I didn't have to care about where I allocated my ELs in the WoB, so then I could change my build when I hit WoR, or when I get the Endgame espers. For the WoB, I didn't put any EL's into Gau (sidenote: I love how he plays now, thank you for the rage/leap changes) because I wanted to put them into +speed later on and I didn't want to waste the money. Edit: I also loved reading the unlockme, because the inner workings interest me, and wouldn't it save space on the ROM to not have that second interaction and only have the repeatable 25,000?