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  1. Thanks for the replies. I used most of your advice, and managed morph better. I had forgotten about the damage taken during morph. Just killing the little dudes was easy like you said. Thanks for the help.
  2. Any special requirement for that? I was under the impression that the mini wrexs would respawn.
  3. I'm in Cyan's Dream trying to fight Wrexsoul and he's just brutally/impossibly hard. Normally I would just change the battle speed to make a fight easier but that's not an option so here I am, one last cry for help before I let this game go. Having lost brutally several times to Umaro and even the dream stooges (I eventually cheesed the stooges out by maxing Terra's mdef and putting Ribbon/Spirit Ring on Sabin, which made the fight a normal difficulty rather than a slog through RNG) I'm using Sabin/Mog/Terra for this fight. My current strategy is to regenX and then doom one character at a time, but when Wrexsoul comes out these things happen 1. He's out for about 3 turns 2. He and his buddies are spamming dark/meteo/flare 3. somebody is dead at the beginning of this phase Of course in the original game this fight had similar problems but the Wrex buddies were far less damaging. Flare is non-elemental so my fire shield isn't helping there, and he's undead so I can't even use frostgore claw on Sabin for fear of using death to reset his HP right? It seems impossible for me at my squishyness and level. I'm level 30 by the way. I figured level 30 would be appropriate for this early WoR stuff but I'm getting almost one shot by flare every time. I wanted to play this mod for a slight difference in tactics, but while they say "This isn't a difficulty mod" I'm having trouble believing them. I was not looking for an increase in difficulty but here we are. Even if there is a cheesy way to beat him let me know, but with the way this game is going I feel like it's just not for me, despite only having minor problems up to this point I feel like the WoR is ridiculously overtuned or I just have no idea how to play this game.