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  1. Got it to work! Might have to do with my ISO being set to "Read me" status. Huh. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you very much! I'm having trouble finding it at the address, though, and searching for the hex values you mentioned doesn't seem to turn up anything. I suspect it has to do with how my installation indicated a size mismatch for my ISO and necessitated I rebuild my ISO before patching =/. Any ideas for how I might fix this?
  3. Hello raics, Do you think you could point me to the appropriate address for the Lord's stats in the 03e8 file in the hex editor? I love your mod, but I hope to exercise some autonomy over the Lord's stats. By the way, are the stat tables in the readme for the different classes out of date?
  4. Can't seem to apply the ppf file for 89a. Keep getting a "Unable to open specified PPF file" error. Am I alone in this? =/
  5. Hi Raics, Again, not sure if intended (or I fucked things up), but my battle with Lanselot in Law route Chapter 4 (the one where you fight him for the first time) has him equipped with a War Hammer - despite having 2H Swords as a skill (and no Hammer, which makes him hilariously inept at wielding it), and all his finishing moves linked to Swords. Makes for a pretty underwhelming experience, to say the least
  6. Noticed that War Hammer seems to be dealing piercing damage. I made some edits to my ISO though, so I'm not sure if it comes from a mistake of mine
  7. That sounds awesomely broken. Hahaha. DW it is
  8. Can anyone tell me if the Crissaegrim or Cursed Weapons hits 2x even when you're already using double attack with it? Does this mean we can potentially hit 3x or even 4x using Double Attack? I'm trying to decide whether to go 2H or 1H for thematic reasons, and knowing this would really help! =)
  9. In fact, now that I think on it further, it would also discourage lopsided party builds like “Team Ninjas”, “Team Archers” or “Team Mages”. Players would also be forced to more proactively interact with mechanics like incapacitation, permadeath, weapon trajectory (friendly fire and bad firing angles), burst damage (e.g. TP 200 finishers one-shotting squishies) and status effects, rather than charioting their way out of such instances. It’d make katanas, item use etc all the more important. In case anyone gets a piss poor impression of the way I currently play the game, I’m sorta self-enforcing a lack of a chariot system on myself, and playing defensively (2 player healers + guest healer atm, with 2 tanks - I generally focus on healing any and every time a character loses >50hp. I ADMIT TO CHARIOTING AWAY SEEMINGLY UNPREVENTABLE GUEST SQUISHIE DEATHS THOUGH).
  10. It’s good to hear that I didn’t inconvenience you overmuch. Yeah, I can imagine the difficulty of maintaining two versions of your patch. It makes sense to wait until you’ve made most of the changes you desire to the main patch before attempting to produce and update an optional version. In my opinion, a hardcore version would really change things up in the way players interact with the game. I mean, idk about everyone else, but I don’t really have the self-control necessary to refrain from charioting my way out of trouble - and with the changes you made in your mod, like squishie mages being somewhat glass cannons, it’s easy and tempting to “exploit” the system by focusing on offense with little regard for defense. After all, if your glass cannon shatters, you can always chariot him back to life and see what other ways you can save-scum your party through without losing a member or guest, or being wiped. Losing the chariot system would *force* the player to deal with losses/wipes, and hence encourage him to play a lot more defensively. In my opinion it would also make some of the classes others have complained about as being “mediocre” or “pointless” for not having comparable damage outputs more attractive, especially the hybrid DD/Tanks like Knights or Warriors which lack the damage output of 2H ninjas.
  11. Just read through the entirety of this thread because I couldn’t wait for actual patches to come out before knowing what you have planned. I love the idea of entirely removing the chariot / revive system. Yeah it’d make the game a lot harder to play - but at the same time I’d feel my decisions are a lot more impactful. Kinda like Ironman runs on XCOM. Given the lack of a confirmation pop-up before actions are taken though, I foresee a lot of rage at costly erroneous button presses.
  12. Ahh I see. My mistake then - I somehow thought they were +1 per card in the original. Sorry if my query made you have to check your work or anything. Thanks again for the mod - I don’t much remember my vanilla TO experience, but so far I’m having a blast with your mod. Thanks so much for doing this for everyone!
  13. raics, thanks for the one vision mod! Replaying Tactics Ogre with your mod, and I noticed that tarot cards didn't seem to be granting stat increases anymore. Is this intended, or did I screw up?