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  1. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    tried it, doesn't work. (worth pointing out that the 3-player patch by parlance works, though) i'm guessing it's the more intense routines of your fixes (kevin wolf fix, prevent healing overflow on enemies, heal light no longer healing maxHP) that make your projects incompatible. you might wanna put up a disclaimer in sin of mana's thread that neither sin nor fix-only are compatible with trials of mana. but w/e fuck it, it doesn't really matter that much tbh. if people are horny enough for trials' title logos/text with your projects, they'll just shit the official text into the LNF+Neil Corlett+SoM2Freak translation
  2. 1.9 Release Bug Reporting Thread

    Not really a bug more than it's a typo that existed in the original script. Dialogue #535 in FF3usME if you're still using it. "musn't" should be "mustn't"
  3. Hi everyone. I was hanging out in bluerobin427's Twitch channel with him and BTB, and I mentioned that the Cafe signs weren't reverted to Pub signs, even though the room label now says "Pub" instead of "CAFE." BTB said he'd be interested in a patch to revert the signs, and I decided to whip one up. I also made a standalone patch to revert the Mute graphic to its original kanji counterpart for the funsies, in case anyone wants it. Just to be clear: these are two separate patches. They're both compatible with one another but must be applied separately. These were made using a headered Final Fantasy III US v1.0 ROM. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ifgq688xi7usp5k/Mute-Cafe.zip Previews: You should be able to apply these over Brave New World just fine. Enjoy!