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  1. Not really a bug more than it's a typo that existed in the original script. Dialogue #535 in FF3usME if you're still using it. "musn't" should be "mustn't"
  2. Hi everyone. I was hanging out in bluerobin427's Twitch channel with him and BTB, and I mentioned that the Cafe signs weren't reverted to Pub signs, even though the room label now says "Pub" instead of "CAFE." BTB said he'd be interested in a patch to revert the signs, and I decided to whip one up. I also made a standalone patch to revert the Mute graphic to its original kanji counterpart for the funsies, in case anyone wants it. Just to be clear: these are two separate patches. They're both compatible with one another but must be applied separately. These were made using a headered Final Fantasy III US v1.0 ROM. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ifgq688xi7usp5k/Mute-Cafe.zip Previews: You should be able to apply these over Brave New World just fine. Enjoy!