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  1. I understand how an option to turn them off could be abused since random battles are never really attractive, i know it ruins the experience and the sense of accomplishment after beating a dungeon but it would be nice if there was some middle ground.
  2. The main problem for me is when its time to leave a dungeon and i have to walk all the way back out the way i came getting bombarded with encounters that are just slowing me down at this point, i actually feel exhausted from it.
  3. Thanks for the reply. i think it would be a nice addition to a future update, a relic or even an option in config. i just fast forward through nuisance battles anyway, i don't think i'm the only person doing that.
  4. i knew you where right but i just double checked with Golem anyway, everything is fine. i had no esper equipped, the reason i thought it was Golem is because i had it equipped previously for the Def+10. with all the swapping around and micromanaging everyone i must have forgotten to give him an esper. Sorry for my stupidity.
  5. Been playing through this excellent mod, but i noticed that Edgar isnt gaining any SP, its been sitting at 5 for ages, ive tried unequiping everything from him including relics, he has no status effects either. Everyone else is gaining SP except Edgar. im playing the version 1.90anyone know what the problem is? is this a bug?
  6. I think he may have had Golem equipped, i now have Palidor equipped and he is now gaining SP again. was this a drawback of a certain esper being equipped?