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  1. Maybe it's a placebo but it feels like Atma spams meteo less than it did in the previous version (maybe I was just unlucky, but the last time I played the game it seemed like it was using it constantly). Since meteo's very random properties feels like it can whiff entirely or devastate your team, I prefer it better that way That mostly just leaves the rest of the fight as a contest of keeping ahead of Atma's constant re-buffing itself and its applications of slow, sap, and whatever status Mind Blast feels like applying. Mind Blast is another bothersome one but you can at least protect against the worst statuses it applies. I actually wound up having to use a couple of the elixirs I'd been hoarding throughout the WoB, so nicely done there. Question though, is Atma programmed to specifically use Rasp on Terra? It did that twice, both times specifically on her. I do have to wonder if just rasping Atma to death would be easier in the end?
  2. NPC chatter in Vektor implied that exhausting Number 024's MP would prevent it from using Wallchange. After spamming Rasp to the point that it didn't have enough to cast its level 2 spells (the game announced it had no mp) it was still Wallchanging. I just proceeded to beat it down from there. Just to be safe, I rasped it once or twice more just to be sure if something would happen. To be fair, this DID make the battle somewhat easier in that it lost access to about half its dangerous spells, but I can't help but think I'd have had an easier time just focusing on taking it out in the first place. I just wanted to bring this up, because I might have misunderstood what the chatter was meant to indicate, or that might be some leftover text that no longer applies. Or this might have just been a clue on how to deal with Magic Master, that's also possible.
  3. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I did say "might" :3
  4. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Yeah, I gotcha. After that incident he jumped at characters who didn't have turns up to have a chance to defend, and I just got tilted from there.
  5. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I tried that but it didn't seem to work, so I just assumed jump pierced defense or something. To be fair, the first time that happened I had Celes defend _just_ before he landed on her, so maybe it was just bad luck on my part and he hit just before the game registered she defended.
  6. He's an obnoxious boss in pretty unfun way in that he's just a check on how many Phoenix Downs you bring into Zozo with you, and whether you have some means to constantly re-apply slow and sap. I'm not sure if he just has a gigantic meat wall of base hp, but I had Cyan churning out 1100-1200 damage Dispatches constantly and it still felt like the fight took somewhere over 5 minutes to complete. To be fair, I completely forgot that Empowerer sets Sap, so that one was on me. It's also kind of annoying that he has two different ways to one-shot characters, and to the best of my knowledge there's no way to set Protect this early. Throwing spoons is moderately funny the first time he does it, but every time after it just heralds that you're about to burn another Phoenix Down. My team for Zozo was Celes, Locke, Edgar, and Cyan, so possibly there was some other method.
  7. Review of v1.9

    (Sorry to rez dead topic :'D) I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought Hidon was a bastard. Atma Weapon I don't remember having unreasonable amounts of trouble with. It took me a couple tries to get the strategy down, (but that's fair, he's the Disc One Final Boss) but my actual problem with him was just that sometimes the game decided to be an asshole when he used Meteo.
  8. Does it still just null instant death or was the effect changed?
  9. Inferno HP?

    How does Inferno's hp compare to Atma and Gold Dragon's? The fight with Inferno felt like it took FAR longer even though the team I took into the fight with it (Relm Strago Cyan and Mog) had much higher dps at its disposal than the one I took into those two (Edgar Celes Setzer Gogo). Skull Dragon was also far easier to kill, and honestly felt like a pushover.
  10. Sketching Quake

    I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a constructive answer i was sure somebody would just tell me to git gud.
  11. Could Quake just... not be a sketch result from anything? I've wiped my own party twice accidentally by sketching quake when I didn't know it would even happen.