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  1. He still isn't hiding when selecting a scenario.
  2. I'm unable to replicate this in vanilla (if I'm doing it right). I tried it a couple of different ways: Opening esper menu right before death of the first SrBehemoth and leaving it open Opening esper menu just as the second SrBehemoth appears Opening and closing esper menu repeatedly during the transition time I was always able to clear the fight normally. (Yep, this looks like a bug specific to 2.0. I've informed Madsiur, as he created the hack that is responsible.)
  3. Here's a screenshot of the no-name wolves:
  4. Floating Continent Woes

    Oh wow, I knew it would be super obvious once it was pointed out. Thanks for the tips!
  5. This is a pity party post just because I thought it was amusing enough to share. I was almost to the second save point on the Floating Continent when I encountered a formation with two Dactyls. One does Cyclonic which hits all four characters, and then the other one immediately follows up with Firestorm before I get a turn. Annihilated. That was savage. Can Cyclonic miss if I have high enough MBlock/Stamina? I also realized that I have Phantom equipped on Celes, whom I left on the airship, so I guess no EL's for Shadow! And on another random side-note: I feel silly for never figuring this out, but I can't find it mentioned in the readme/printme or on this board anywhere... how do y'all access that fancy equipment screen I've seen screenshots of, where it shows everyone's equipment/relics/espers all on one screen?
  6. When a character with imp status uses a Phoenix Down, it revives the target character with 0 HP (I'm assuming due to the half-effectiveness of items used by imped characters, even though 0 is not half of 1). I don't believe this adversely affects anything else. The revived character can still die again on a subsequent hit, and they can still be cured up to a normal HP level. So it's non-gameplay-impacting as far as I can tell. Just odd. May not even be worth fixing, but I thought it was worth mentioning.