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  1. On 2/24/2019 at 2:16 AM, BTB said:

    Intangir's (AKA "SrBehemoth") mid-battle switch can crash the game if the "esper" spell select is being loaded at the same time (this may be a vanilla bug... needs testing)

    I'm unable to replicate this in vanilla (if I'm doing it right). I tried it a couple of different ways:

    • Opening esper menu right before death of the first SrBehemoth and leaving it open
    • Opening esper menu just as the second SrBehemoth appears
    • Opening and closing esper menu repeatedly during the transition time

    I was always able to clear the fight normally.
    (Yep, this looks like a bug specific to 2.0. I've informed Madsiur, as he created the hack that is responsible.)

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  2. This is a pity party post just because I thought it was amusing enough to share. I was almost to the second save point on the Floating Continent when I encountered a formation with two Dactyls. One does Cyclonic which hits all four characters, and then the other one immediately follows up with Firestorm before I get a turn. Annihilated. That was savage.

    Can Cyclonic miss if I have high enough MBlock/Stamina?

    I also realized that I have Phantom equipped on Celes, whom I left on the airship, so I guess no EL's for Shadow!

    And on another random side-note: I feel silly for never figuring this out, but I can't find it mentioned in the readme/printme or on this board anywhere... how do y'all access that fancy equipment screen I've seen screenshots of, where it shows everyone's equipment/relics/espers all on one screen?

  3. When a character with imp status uses a Phoenix Down, it revives the target character with 0 HP (I'm assuming due to the half-effectiveness of items used by imped characters, even though 0 is not half of 1). I don't believe this adversely affects anything else. The revived character can still die again on a subsequent hit, and they can still be cured up to a normal HP level. So it's non-gameplay-impacting as far as I can tell. Just odd. May not even be worth fixing, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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