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  1. SpeedRun Questions

    If I recall correctly, the battle scene starts as soon as you press "yes" on which ever rush you wish to do?? so time would start then. and if i recall, each rush takes you through each fight and doesnt pop up with a victory box till the very end of the final fight? so you would split when transitioning back to Bowser's Keep, just like you would split for any other normal fight. (correct me if im wrong with some of this info, its been a while since i did the rush)
  2. SpeedRun Questions

  3. SpeedRun Questions

  4. SpeedRun Questions

    if you were still interested in boss rush runs. They way it is currently set up, you can prep your party before hand, going in with whatever weapons, equipment, lvs, etc. The only rulings are that time starts at the start of said rush and that time ends once the rush ends. These were just meant to be extra little fun categories if people wanted to do them. The main runs laid out currently are Defeat Smithy (end of 'story mode') and Defeat Xion (the true final boss). No emulator functions can be used. Play as if you were playing on actual console hardware. As far as other categories or ideas, I have not really received any suggestions from the community to consider at this time. But thank you for your interest in speedruning this game.
  5. v.8 Any% Speedrun World Record

    Soooo....We have a follow up to this. Last night we blew 3:26 out of the water and got a 3:23. I will be going for the 3:20 eventually. Please Enjoy! Remember you can always see these live at https://www.twitch.tv/wolfbladeej89
  6. Hi there everyone, WolfBlade here, Not sure how relevant this is anymore since it's and older version of Armageddon, but I am still speedrunning v8 of the game and recently got a new speedrun World Record for the any%/defeat Smithy route. If you are interested in seeing my runs live and other stuff, you can catch it on my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/wolfbladeej89