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  1. Another question, from fooling around in the Palace of the Dead! Did you change anything about spells/abilities that exorcise as a 'bonus' in the base game? Namely, Heavenly Judge I/II and Requiem - I figured that the former may have been part of some balancing overhaul, but Requiem does state that it (sometimes?) exorcises undead - but so far I haven't had any luck with either killing undead with it (their remains still stay) or using it on stilled undead (it misses). Was the Draconic Light magic changed this way as well?
  2. Oh, well that's... kinda lame. Still, better than a -bug-...
  3. Also, could Living Corpse bugged out or something? In the base game its only apparent use is to make zombie units, but within the patch when you try targeting any dead ally with it, the hit rate is always 0%. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with the new Evacuate mechanics?
  4. Hm, I suppose that's true... Ice, Divine and Dark are currently the only elements with more than one buff spell. Boon of Swiftness alone can make Divine a must-have for Spellblades, but I wonder how they'd do with the others? Maaaybe it'd balance out if they had one debuff spell, too?
  5. Heya! Love most of what you've done, but at one point you removed resurrection spells -- and I can see why, it's definitely made me reconsider my strategies and play differently! That said... would it not be okay to give some classes the option to resurrect without sacrificing themselves (Relay) but at a hefty cost? Something like 200 TP + a titanic RT cost + reduced range, I dunno. With the current enemy AI where, if able, they pile on every possible status effect on you (which makes Earth, Wind and Ice mages an absolute pain to deal with -- whereas Water and Fire are kind of laughable) it shouldn't be too OP to have a class able to provide a res like that. Maybe even like a 'nerfed', brings-you-back-at-25%-hp res? Just a thought! Besides that, I feel like the mages are a lot more in-line with each other right now - but I can't really 'get' where the new Spellblade is supposed to fit in. They do a little bit of everything, but having lost access to healing, Conserve MP and their mediocre stat spread they feel a little... off? They're only a bit tankier than most mages, but that seems to be about it (and Relay just leaves a bad taste in my mouth on principle). Do you think it'd be prudent to give them the ability to cast the secondary buffs for each element (Battering Ram for Ice, Boon of Swiftness for Divine, etc)? I feel like that'd help reinforce their identity of mid-range support mages that need to get relatively close to make use of their best spells (no Meditate, but Convert MP!). Anyways, keep up the great work!