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  1. Just wanted to drop a quick message that I am really excited to try this and will be doing so soon. Ogre Battle is one of my favorite series ever, and I was blown away by the work done to the PSP remake, but I really thought they flubbed the battle system. This looks like it should make the battles a lot more balanced and interesting. It doesn't necessarily have to make the game much harder as long as it fixes some of the stuff that really bugged me like skills and finishers. I'll be starting a fresh playthrough tonight and, assuming I can get it to work, probably using a code to unlock all items just so I don't have to grind so much for certain things (and obviously restraining myself on what I do with them). I suppose I'll still have to do a stupid amount of grinding for certain characters and post-game but at least the items would help with that. I wonder if there is a "sweet spot" for levels where the game is the most fun. I could use a code to lock levels at that point. Hm... Anyway thanks for your work on this. Has me excited to return to a great game.